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overwatch lgbt+ icons (200x200)! if u would like a specific flag for a specific character, hmu bc requests are open ✌ ✌ color variations

update: i was unaware but due to this comment, zarya has been updated to the gay flag (instead of the triangle lesbian flag) 

klance kid headcanons (i accidentally deleted this)

headcanon lance was that annoying kid who used to whip around and stare wide-eyed at people when they got yelled at by the teacher and keith was the first one to the stick his middle finger up back at him

headcanon lance and keith raced each other home everyday on their bikes, and then the one day the other was sick they raced their bikes over to their house to go see them after school

headcanon whenever they got sent to the principals office for ‘fighting’ they’d either immediately blame each other and then nothing got resolved or say, with complete faith, that they weren’t fighting and that they are friends

headcanon keith and lance were the first to get fake married in their school year (after lance begged and begged, keith was quick to give in - he can’t refuse his pout, or pretty large blue eyes), complete with fake sweet rings and everything, pidge officiated and hunk cried in the front row

headcanon at the top of the slide they’d both fight over who got to go down first, sometimes they’d both end up tumbling down it together (sometimes pushed by pidge), they’d push each other on the swings, trying to get the other as high as it could go (one time keith pushed lance so hard he went flying off them).

headcanon lance was on the baseball team and keith was on the football team. they used to duke it out after school (or help each other practice) by keith kicking footballs at lance and lance hitting them back with his bat. they broke many bats and balls this way and were always told to stop, but they’d inevitably be back at it next week

headcanon lance and the gang throw keith his first birthday party at lance’s house, complete with a birthday cake they all made together and was only saved by hunk’s expert cooking skills. keith cried and lance hugged him, laughing good-naturedly 

headcanon at their first group sleepover lance made them all watch ‘the little mermaid which was his favourite film at the time, and still is (’doesn’t prince eric sort of look like keith?’ ‘no! keith is way prettier’ *silence* *lance sucking in air* ‘i meant to say eric is prettier!! stop laughing pidge!!’)


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