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Werewolf Hunter Au Klance

Half ass story as the other one I accidentally deleted. (So sad)


For story idea.


Lance swallowed hard as he felt teeth hold tight to his neck. The pistol in his hand, pressed tight to the werewolf’s chest.

It was a standstill.

Either move on both ends, would result in death, Lance knew that. His dark blue eyes gazed up at the angry ones the peered down at him. Lance gave a soft sigh as he lowered his weapon, knowing it was a lost cause.

“Just get it over with will you? ”

Lance didn’t care anymore about life. As far as he was concerned, it was over the moment he lost his loved one. The moment he was taken away and turned into a Vampire. The moment his lover pleaded for him to end him. The moment Lance held nothing but ash in his hands did he want to die. Now a werewolf’s teeth at his throat, was the best way to go.

He flashed the werewolf a broken, yet honest smile, leaving the creature above him to look confused by the hunter’s action.

Lance felt as the jaws let him go, the pressure that once was on his body down , release. The werewolf moving away with a questioning look.

“I have no intention on killing you. Find your death elsewhere Hunter.”

Lance pushed himself up, anger in his eyes as he glared at the monster before him. The werewolf turned his back towards the hunter, his eyes fixed on the full moon as his body started to change from beast to beauty.

The anger in Lance’s eyes faded a bit, seeing a naked being before him. The beauty turned towards him.

“Leave now before another shows to claim what you want.”

Dark violet eyes, just as dead and empty as his. Lance knew that look, all to well.

The look of loss.

“I have a price.”

The werewolf seemed interested in that comment.

“Do tell, what am I buying? ”

Lance smiled.

“My services to kill whatever hurt you. ”

The werewolf gave a laugh, amused by the broken hunter.

“What would the price be? Hunter? ”

Lance bowed his head, somewhat pleased to capture the monsters attention.

“For you to grant me death.”

The werewolf seemed amused by this deal.

“And what do I call you Hunter.”

Lance knew the monster before him would kill him eventually.

“Lance McClain. And what do I dare call you?”

Lance watched as the creature thought for a bit, as if he hadn’t been called upon in years.

“Keith. …Keith Kogane. ”

Lance stood tall, eyes still empty, but a new goal at hand.

Death by a beast he was supposed to kill, but didn’t.

“I do hope you can carry your end of the deal, Keith. ”

The werewolf gave a dark grin.

“Trust me McClain, I have no intention of backing out. Just don’t die in the process. ”


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✴ Leslie Odom Jr gif pack 2

Under the cut, you will find 130 gifs of American actor and singer Leslie Odom Jr. who is best known for his Broadway career, most notably in Hamilton as Aaron Burr. I couldn’t find anything about his ethnicity, so my best guess is unspecified African American; he was born August 6, 1981.  

All of these gifs are 245px by 160px and were made by me from various interviews. Please use these gifs for roleplaying purposes only; please do not use in edits, for crackships, add to your own gif hunt, edit into icons (without asking), remove the watermark, or repost and claim as your own. If you use these gifs, please like or reblog this post so I know you found it helpful.

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