*meeting the bias*
  • me:*hands them a piece of paper*
  • me:can you-
  • them:give you an autograph? sur-
  • me:no.
  • me:play the paper kissing game
  • me:with me
  • me:right now

Bad Boy! Michael walking into school with his famous leather jacket with his name etched on the back, somehow always getting the eyes of everyone there. All the eyes except one, yours. Which is actually quite funny because you are the one that always has his eye. But you didn’t know that, you are just his clueless neighbor that he couldn’t ever stop thinking about. Luckily for him, his window was right across from yours. However, sometimes he wished you didn’t have a window across because you somehow always forget to close the blinds when you change your clothes and he obviously didn’t want to be such a creep but his eyes always seem to be glued to your body while he would involuntarily start palming himself. 
Michael being so in love with you that he always keeps tabs on you, whether it was having Calum and Luke be like your absolute best friends and Ashton treating you like a princess during classes and even in the halls or your brother reporting to him whenever someone was bothering you, resulting in Michael beating the shit out of them and telling them to treat you like the princess you are, because he is just so whipped for you. 
But little did Michael know, you liked him back, god you were head over heels in love with this boy. You’d always have your eye on him and since he was best friends with your brother and lived right next door, it wasn’t that hard to keep an eye on him. Plus, you also knew he was protecting you because Ashton, Luke & Calum suck at keeping secrets especially from you because their ‘brother’ was in love with you, so they instantly thought they where all to protect you like as if you were a ‘sister’ to them. And you weren’t incredibly shy you would always greet Michael when you saw him, which made me grin ear to ear like an idiot. You don’t even know how much power you have over Michael, the boy everyone seemed to fear. 
One day you see Michael is frustrated by the way he walks into your house and aggressively shuts the door. You walk down stairs to see chaos, you see Michael screaming throwing things and your brother trying to calm him. Michael was full of anger because Dylan Reynolds asked you to the dance. Little did Michael know, you had declined Dylan’s offer because you wanted Michael to ask you. Instinctively you said Michael name, and almost in an instant his anger subsided and he turned to look at you, red face and tears streaming down. “Why don’t you love me y/n! why are you going with Dylan, when I can treat you so much better” he cried, Dylan’s name burning his tongue like acid. You walked up to him and place him into a hug, His muscles relax in your arms and he wraps his arms around your waist, “I don’t recall ever saying that I’m not head-over heels in love with you because why would I lie about how I feel towards you, Michael ?”