Imagine if Loki accidentally turned himself into a bunny through some sort of magical mishap, and, not being able to properly care for himself, he kind of awkwardly nibbles on things and writes out what happened with the shreddings.

Tony is in hysterics, Bruce is really curious as to how the mighty trickster got himself into the predicament, Natasha is snapping photos like crazy, Steve and Bucky don’t know what to do, and Clint is being a malicious little shit and talking about how tasty fresh rabbit was in a stew.

To everyone’s great amusement, Thor seems to be the only one concerned with Loki’s strife. Not only that, but he’s also the only one who knows how to properly care for his rabbit-brother.

The only thing is: Thor constantly wants to dress Loki up in cuteie-patootie costumes like a mini sailor uniform, a tiny nurse/doctor, policeman, etc. And to everyone’s even greater shock and bemusement, Loki actually /let’s/ Thor dress him up in the cute little outfits. He shows clear favoritism to the ones that involve large bows around his neck.

Imagine going to the library and finding a book dedicated to the God of Mischief. You accidentally get locked into the library overnight having been so caught up in the book. While reading the book, you come across a passage that catches your attention. 

You read the passage aloud, unaware that it is actually a spell. Once you finish reading, a green and black mist beings to swirl and suddenly, standing before you is Loki in all his glory. 

I Summon Thee

TITLE: I Summon Thee


AUTHOR: chris-venom

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine going to the library and finding a book dedicated to the God of Mischief. You accidentally get locked into the library overnight having been so caught up in the book. While reading the book, you come across a passage that catches your attention.

You read the passage aloud, unaware that it is actually a spell. Once you finish reading, a green and black mist beings to swirl and suddenly, standing before you is Loki in all his glory.


RATING: Teen (Swearing)

NOTES/WARNINGS: I know next to nothing about Norse mythology, so information the character reads in the book is purely based on my knowledge of the MCU Loki. Apologies if anyone is offended by this!

Shivers run down my back as I shuffle into the library, shaking the rain off of my body. A crack of thunder outside causes me to jump slightly and I pull my soaked jacket off, hanging it by the door on a coat rack. As I pass through the second set of doors, a couple familiar faces of volunteers and staff smile at me from their places by the shelves. I trek up the stairs to the second floor and a smile crosses my face when I see I’m the only one up here. I hum to myself quietly as I head towards the shelves, browsing titles. 

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Imagine Loki moves his arms around when he talks. You always found it adorable, but one day he comes home rambling on about Thor and the Warriors Three. You see he’s upset and run to hug him from behind, only for him to accidentally smack you in the face. You jump back laughing, but he starts apologizing profusely.

Imagine that, when Loki has just came to the Avengers tower, you one day accidentally literally walk into him. He gets angry and snaps at you, telling you ugly, hurtful things. He expects you to yell back at him like all the others do, but to his shock, you start crying from the sheer fear right there in front of him. Not knowing what to do, but not wanting you to alert other Avengers, he quickly starts trying to calm you down so you would stop crying.

Imagine accidentally forging a contract with Loki, meaning he has to follow your every command and protect you at all costs. Loki is resentful, thinking you’ll take full advantage of him and humiliate him. However, he realises that you never ask him to do anything that’s not of his own volition and you never hold your title of being his “master” over him. As you both start researching how to reverse the contract, he starts falling harder and harder for you.

HFY Short Story- World War Xen

The task force arrived within a week of our request, a swift response, and we took this as a sign of hope.

They took one look at our home world, at live infected subjects wandering the streets, screaming out for blood and [untranslatable], at infected mercenaries of a dozen species, and they declared it all lost. There was an immediate blockade, a quarantine, and the Council’s initial promises turned to empty rhetoric. Of course they would help, in time, when this was more understood, they explained. It was unethical to ask other species to fight such an enemy, to risk contamination by a disease which had been shown to cross the species barrier with inexplicable ease, and which could be spread with as little as a bite or scratch. They took their armoured shock troops, their carriers and their aid, and they used it all to lock us into what was now our prison. All this to watch us die, and of course to save themselves.

I couldn’t blame them. Not really, even if I raged at the time. Who would come to fight such madness, to risk being turned into a mindless dead thing, to perhaps even be forced to kill others who had been turned before them? Not I, nor any I knew.

In which some humans risk their lives to save a planet, and only ask for a six pack in return.

Coffee Shop AU - Daniel Seavey

Rating: PG
Warnings: None (other than Daniel obviously)


You’ve been sitting in A&G Coffee Shop for about half an hour now, although you were already on your second cup of coffee. What could you say? A girl loves her coffee.

Your laptop sat in front of you, and you weren’t exactly sure what you were really doing. You started out writing your senior essay but quickly got sidetracked when you decided you needed music. Who could live without music? Once you found YouTube, you saw one of those ‘1000 Degree Knife Challenge’ videos, which you would usually ignore, but who had ever seen a whole stack of DVDs cut in half? Not you, until that video. As always, one video lead to six more, which is what brought you to where you are now. Watching some idiots do the ice-bucket challenge as you sip on your coco-caramel mocha.

You sit there still, trying to figure out why in the world anyone would dump ice on their heads voluntarily. It’s just plain stupid. A lot of your friends have done it, though you see no attraction to the challenge. All it does is get you wet and cold, two things you try to avoid at all costs. You can barely stand stepping out of the shower, much less standing in the afternoon air soaking wet.

Because of your mindless thinking, you don’t see a tall, lanky boy walk by you. If you had, you’d definitely still be staring. You continue to watch as people get soaked before you switch to all the channels you’ve subscribed to. You give yourself a mental pep talk before clicking a playlist and heading back to Google Docs to work on your essay. Your topic is, naturally, the consequences of hyperactivity, which you suffer from mildly. As you type away, the same lanky boy comes by, but this time not without you noticing. Before you know it, you’re the one who’s soaked, although this time it’s blended ice that smells like orange cream.

“Oh!” You stare at your lap and new jeans, which are now covered in orange-smelling coffee.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” You look up to see the boy who did this to you, and part of you is okay with it now

Stunning blue eyes are widened in extreme surprise and concern as the boys stands there for a second before running off to grab some napkins. When he comes back, you notice his small gap between his two front teeth, which would be cute if you weren’t covered in cold coffee.

“I’m so sorry! I don’t know why, but I’m just so clumsy!” The boy hands you the napkins, blushing at the thought of cleaning it up as you do.

“It-It’s okay,” you tell him as you use the napkins to try and soak up all of the drink.

“I’ll be right back! Stay here, please!” He runs off again.

'As if I have a choice,’ you think as you stare miserably down at your lap. It takes not more than five minutes for the boy to return, but with a bag this time.

“I hope you’re okay with these,” the boy says as he holds a pair of sweatpants up after he comes back. “They-They looked more comfy than anything else in the store.”

You’re speechless as he holds the folded piece of clothing out to you. He bought you sweats?

“T-Thanks,” you say and give him a quick smile before going to change.

You quickly change and come back out to the table you were sitting at to find the boy sitting in the seat across from yours. He looks up as you come near and stands up, making you realize how long his legs actually are.

“I’m so, so, SO sorry,” he starts to apologize like crazy again until he sighs. “I’m Daniel, by the way.”

You smile. “It’s fine, again. I’m Y/N.”