Some people drink themselves sick night after night.
Others get high almost as often as they take in oxygen.
And some find a new lover every other month.
And the sad part of that isn’t the fact that they’re destroying themselves, though it may be true.
The saddest part of all of it is that each of those people are just looking for a remedy for whatever bullshit they’re forced to feel.
Lets be honest, we’re all just looking for a pain-killer. And mine just so happened to be you.
—  You were the only remedy.
Hey guys!

Here’s a little post for Fic Rec Days.

I’ve decided to focus on tumblr fics, because they can easily be swept away amongst dozens of other posts. So here are some personal favourite Check Please fics for you to enjoy! And don’t forget, after you’ve given them a read, hit reblog! The authors will love you.

Note: a lot do not have names so I’ve just done a vague summary; my top recs get an asterix.

Additional note: do you know how many times I was thwarted in my quest because people don’t live at the same URL anymore?


Pick It Up Slow*, by brandnewfashion (nsfw)

Bitty crashes his bike into Jack, by omgittybits

French Practice, by mydearboy

Political Talk Show AU, by tiptoe39

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, by dereknursey

Holster and Bitty prank call Jack, by lirapheus

Oh no, it can’t be you*, by zimsbitty (soulmate au)

Bitty’s First Kiss(es), by omgericzimmermann

Jack comes out and Bitty overhears, but it’s in French*, by sadquebecois

Bitty navigates sex with Jack*, by heyfightme

Bitty accidentally sexts Bob, by poetry-protest-pornography

Roadside Rescue, by iboatedhere


What Are You Waiting For?*, by marswithghosts (nsfw)


Traffic Jam AU, by imaginethehaus

Accidentally knocked a hole in our shared wall AU, by omgericzimmermann

And if that wasn’t enough, + I’ve got 40+ pages of reblogged fic (where there’ll be other pairings). A bit of weekend reading maybe…

Haven’t written anything for awhile so while I was cleaning out some old magazines, I started circling words to try and kick start something. Got some interesting combos out of it.

From REALSIMPLE magazine Dec. 2015-

I’m the stress
navigating harmony
in seven sticky situations

run wild
it’s such a triumph
it’s  worth disrupting
periodic check-ins
to let the good times roll

Fabulous sparkling festive mix

Delight the details
Bring simple scene-stealing guaranteed win
Nice shimmery polished panache
Sparkles mean go

From Live Happy magazine April 2015

maximize ritual
touch fulfillment
time to soak
noiseless stillness
inevitable answers
include design
achieving riches

Sweet groove like
in step of happy habit
Wire in a reward
Shift connection to gain

Lobbying the foolish man

Exact Services by the NYC Dentists

excerpts from a thesaurus-generated spambot text ad

There are lots of bourgeoisie based in New York, who can’t afford a high-paying dentist. In aid of these people, low afford NYC dentists are plausible solutions. They can make contacts with these dentists and come to terms themselves treated out-of-doors having to pay bundles of cash. This is a chief further that New York based dentists are paving their bag toward notice so steadily.

Question is what bastard type of services can be expected from a dentist, who belongs to Current York. Yourself are able on offer almost steady-state universe types of services, be them small dental surgeries, dental checkup or time consuming and advanced dental operations. And the good news is there is then than one window up clear the way out poor people, who screw problems in spending for maintaining their health…

How, a service’s being illiberal isn’t the only criterion of its innermost being corrosive and sought after. The same thing applies to dentistry. Just as there are people, who only should their labiodental problems to be fixed, there are people, who hand-to-mouth existence their teeth on look stainless. These people are mainly a party to about the aesthetic aspects of the teeth. They retire and they commit spend a good deal of amount in enhancing the looker related aspects of their teeth. As far as these common man, NYC dentists heap up lend a pointe