Imagine Peter Maximoff

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Imagine helping out the X-Men defeat Apocalypse, but accidentally getting hurt by Scott which causes your boyfriend, Peter, to get really mad.

Your heart was pounding quickly while you dodged around all of the debris surrounding you as you searched for an opening in Apocalypse’s defenses. Every place you had targeted so far seemed to have yielded no effect, but this time you thought you had found a genuine chink in the mutants armor. Unfortunately for you, Scott seemed to have found the same chink.

As you ran around the perimeter to get a better angle for hitting the weak spot, Scott let out an optic blast which ricocheted off Apocalypse and into you. Luckily, you were not directly in the line of fire, even after the blast ricocheted. You were, however, close enough to be blown backwards into a pile of rubble that was once a building.

From across the clearing, Peter caught sight of you crashing into the building. After a quick glance around to find that most everyone else had the battle under control for the time being, Peter dashed over to you.

“Are you okay, babe?” He asked frantically as he checked you over for injuries. Upon finding that there was no serious damage, Peter helped you sit up. You winced slightly and took in a sharp breath through your teeth as your boyfriend helped you up. But after a moment of adjusting to the soreness, you nodded.

“I’m okay. Just got…” you paused to take a deep breath before continuing, “Just got a little too close to Scott’s beam. It ricocheted.”

Just as you were explaining, Scott ran up, coming to a skidding stop in front of you and checking to see if you were all right as he talked, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t mean to hit you, I just…I didn’t know it would ricochet like that and… oh god, I’m sorry.”

You began to answer, but stopped when you saw how threateningly Peter was glaring at Scott.

“You did this?” Peter demanded as he took a few steps toward Scott.

Before he could get any closer, you shot up, ignoring the protest from your sore muscles, and stepped in front of Peter while laying a hand on his balled up fist, “Whoa there. It was an accident, Peter. And besides, you can’t get into this now. We need to focus on Apocalypse.”

Peter held his glare on Scott for a beat before un-clenching his fist and looking down at you, his expression now almost back to normal aside for a hint of agitation he couldn’t hide. You turned your head to look at Scott for a moment.

“I’m so sorry,” He repeated.

The corners of your lips pulled up in a quick grin, “It’s okay, Scott.”

The guilt and worry seemed to melt off of Scott’s face as he gave you a short nod before turning and heading back to the fight raging on around you. Once he was gone, you focused your attention back on Peter.

“You sure you’re okay? Cause if not I could always speed you somewhere safe real quick.”

You shrugged, “I’m sore, but nothing I can’t deal with in order to fight.”

Peter let out a breath you hadn’t realized he had been holding, “Good, because we’re going to need all the power we can get to defeat this jerk. Although, if you weren’t here, this fight would probably already be over from me defeating Baldy over there single handed so I could get back home to my gorgeous girlfriend as fast as possible.”

He had said all of this jokingly, but you had grown used to interpreting Peter-speak.

“I love you too, Speedy,” You said with a smirk and a quick peck on your boyfriend’s cheek. “Now let’s go beat this son of a bitch.”

Peter smirked back at you, but you could tell by the look in his eyes that he reciprocated your sentiment, “Couldn’t have said it better myself, babe.”

In the End

Or, #Apocalypse

This is a short fiction piece inspired by this post.


It wasn’t funny.

But, then again, it kind of was.

Haley couldn’t stop the laughter bubbling up in her chest even as she felt a few tears escape and streak down her dark features as she posted what would probably be her last few Instagram photos ever.

Haley wondered if things like Instagram survived the end of the world. She suspected she wouldn’t be around to find out.

She glanced around the half destroyed street. No one wanted to die alone. Yet, here she was, her ankle pinned by wreckage. Even if the creature didn’t make a second sweep, she doubted she would survive to see search and rescue teams (was that something they even did after an entire city got destroyed?)

Haley closed her eyes, pretty convinced this was it. Her friends and family weren’t responding to text message, so either they were dead already or somewhere without cell service. She was going die. She resisted the urge to look up how long it takes to die from dehydration.

That’s when her smartphone chirped.

Her eyes flew open, unlocking her screen and glancing down at the likes piling up on Instagram. Her post was getting attention, people asking if she could take any more photos. Apparently she was one of the closest people to the giant, tentacle creature rampaging through New York City.

She shook her head, scrolling through the comments. Haley almost scrolled past it, but one in all caps caught her attention.


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