accidental spy

Imagine hacker!you and hacker!Woozi simultaneously shaking your head and facepalming yourselves when spy!Mingyu accidentally set off a hidden trap.

submission - accidental spy au

Person A is a spy whos set to meet with their new Partner Person C,  but Person A doesnt know what Person C looks like and ends up telling their half of a password to Person B, who accidently gives the correct response. Person A then procceeds to drag Person B around on their case while Person C is running around trying to find their partner


Ben Whishaw in London Spy (Empire, September 2015)

“It’s an interesting geographical fluke,” [Tom Rob Smith] muses. “You have MI6 there, and the hub of gay clubbing on the other side of the river, so I thought, ‘Let’s take one person from that side, and one from the other, and have them collide.’ It’s an accidental love story.”

London Spy airs on BBC Two on Monday, 9 November 2015 at 9pm !!!

The Signs as Spies
  • <b> Aries:</b> The spy that shoots EVERYONE.
  • <b> Taurus:</b> The spy that has no idea what they're doing
  • <b> Gemini:</b> The freakin' AMAZING interrogator
  • <b> Cancer:</b> The spy that gets lost in the enemy's base
  • <b> Leo:</b> The spy who dies
  • <b> Virgo:</b> The spy who's actually on the bad side dunduNDUUUUN
  • <b> Libra:</b> The spy who just can't comprehend rUNNING? Like seriously? They didn't sign up for that.
  • <b> Scorpio:</b> The spy who accidentally gets blowN UP
  • <b> Sagittarius:</b> The spy who actually does well.
  • <b> Capricorn:</b> The spy who is incredibly boring.
  • <b> Aquarius:</b> The spy who does parkour before dying a horrendous death
  • <b> Pisces:</b> The spy who drowns and is "swimming with the fishes" lol get it
have a thing. about thesauruses.

Okay, so, thesauruses are great. But they are subject to constant abuse. Evidence of thesaurus abuse abounds all over the internet. So let’s try a thing.

1. Excellent use of a thesaurus:

“… Alexandria found herself spying….” Nope. Not spying, dammit, there’s a word, it’s right there…

Miss Brown: Thesaurus - Please help me!
Roget: Of course, Miss Brown. What can I do for you today?
Miss Brown: I need a word. A synonym for ‘seeing’. It’s sort of a deliberate thing, but accidental… Fortuitous. Not spying, spying sounds sort of dirty. This is more like… watching carefully, paying attention…
Roget: I have a number of options. Monitoring?
Miss Brown: No, that sounds like it happens over a long period of time.
Roget: I see, a more immediate synonym. Perhaps you prefer ‘contemplating’?
Miss Brown: Oh, that’s so close, but it’s more important than that; she’s seen something of vital importance, and she’s been stopped in her tracks… she is thinking, but probably not at that level…
Roget: I have it; perhaps you would prefer ‘observing’? It implies thought as well as action, some analysis of content, but no conclusions.
Miss Brown: Roget, you are amazing and I love you.

2. Less than ideal use of a thesaurus:

Miss Green: Thesaurus - Please help me!
Roget: Of course, Miss Green. What can I do for you today?
Miss Green: Everyone uses ‘saw’. I need something different.
Roget: I see. Perhaps you would like to expound on the context?
Miss Green: Just a rare word. And long.
Roget: ‘Apprehended’ is an interesting word; of course, it implies analysis, and some judgment, perhaps neg-
Miss Green: That’ll do, see you tomorrow.

Make your unusual words count! Make them stop the audience in their tracks! Protect your thesaurus!

*personal opinion and something to consider; i’m not pretending to be the expert, but a number of sad thesauruses have sought refuge at my place lately, so… think about it. ;)

Person A just moved in to the house next to Person B and discovers that their bedrooms are opposite each other too. They discover this because Person B doesn’t shut their curtains, leaving Person A to accidentally spy on them: getting dressed/undressed, coming out of the shower, doing embarrassing stuff, Eventually Person A gets caught spying, bonus points if Person B knew all along and was doing things intentionally.

I have been meaning to make this for months but I am a professional procrastinator.

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(If any of the authors are on tumblr or Twitter feel free to send me your @ and I will add it) All of these are completed. 

 My all time favourites (part1)

 Erta- Defining moments in Bellamy & Clarke’s relationship from multiple POVs

There’s something in the water - Bellarke + mermaids= amazingness!

The seas will roar at the sound of your name-They met between the shelves in a library. Bellamy has been deaf since he was thirteen and Clarke meets him and wants to go back for more.

My true name is a growl- the 100- teen wolf style

Excuse Me, That’s Mr. Princess To You- The one where things get a little political, a little personal, and a little, uh, rhythmical. 3 part series.

Hello kitty tattoo- I have x-ray vision but I can’t control it very well so I keep accidentally spying on my hot neighbor

The conversation- Clarke left her phone number in a library book that one time and Bellamy finds it a couple of years later and decides that he has nothing better to do

Meet me in the morning-Clarke is trapped in a stupid time loop, and guess who’s trapped with her?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it - @bis Clarke decides to try tinder, and ends up with a slightly unexpected result.

The supreme art of war- Camp Half-Blood AU where Bellamy Blake is a badass son of Ares, and Clarke Griffin is a prissy daughter of Athena that he just can’t get out of his head

The daily grind- “I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU” 

Wingwoman-“You crouched down to coo at my baby but I forgot to tell you their favorite thing to do is to play with people’s hair and now they won’t let go of you.”

Let sleeping dragons lie- hogwarts AU

We’re young enough to try and build a better life- secret agents AU

Fake dating Blake- Clarke settled that, by the end of tomorrow, she would have a fake boyfriend to take home for Christmas. Even if it was Bellamy B

Girl, ya can’t conceal it (we know how ya feel and who you’re thinking of)- Clarke sees Bellamy sitting around the campfire with some Grounder kids, the little ones engrossed in the story he’s telling, and Clarke knows she’s a goner.

I make my own luck- Modern AU- delinquents poker night

New Year’s Eve with Hamlet- Bellamy goes to Clarke for help when Octavia’s pet pig gets hurt

The feel good hit of the summer- Rock band tour article.

I’ll Surrender Up My Heart (And Swap It For Yours)- Clarke didn’t intend to adopt a baby, and she didn’t intend to become co-parents with Bellamy. But that didn’t stop it from happening.

 Sweet tooth- 3 parts- Bellamy and his Son and their adventures with Clarke (really cute)

Tell me no stories and I’ll tell you no lies- Octavia Blake steals a rose, and her brother goes to live with a beast. Beauty and the beast AU.

Have you tried turning it on and back on off again- Bellamy and Clarke babysitting.

anything written by Chash is amazing