accidental overlaying

i have a massive hankering for a yuuboys-bracelet girls role swap

Yuzu the pendulum pioneer, while Yuya begs Sora to teach him fusion summoning

Yuya meets the mysterious Ruri, who is here with her older brother looking for her lost friend Yuto, who apparently looks remarkably similar to Yuya

Yuzu accidentally overlays with Ruri after Ruri duels Sora, and she gets Ruri’s Assembled Nightingale card which she uses in battle against Kachidoki

Yuya meets Yuuri, who’s tracking down Shun and Ruri, and manages to convince him to meet with Shun; only to be tracked down himself by Selena, until Rin shows up and accidentally pops to Synchro with him

Selena is the one who kidnapped Yuto and Yugo

idk man i just have Ideas and i like the aesthetic of this too much and i kinda wanna do some screencap redraws