accidental nyx haul


And so continues the saga of reviewing my accidental Nyx haul, and let me say that this was the first time I was just overjoyed.  All of the shadows I chose went on beautifully and had wonderful color payoff.  These are three shadows I would ABSOLUTELY recommend.

I will say that I used my LORAC Pro palette for a highlight under my browbone, for my liner, and for my brows, but I do that for literally all of my makeup looks so like well there’s that.

Metallic shimmer blueish silver
This, um, I was expecting to go on much lighter, so when it went on my upper lid, I was all, “OH WOAH WOWZA YOU ARE NOT A HIGHLIGHT SHADE, YOU ARE A BASE SHADE” but I think it worked out in the end.  This shadow went on smooth as a dream, and the metallic finish is just great.  It seriously looks like a perfect mix between pure silver and smoke.  I absolutely adore it.

Metallic shimmer slate purple
This shade goes on a bit more purple than comes across in the pictures, but only just.  This is the one I used on the base of my eyelid.  Again, I just absolutely adore this one.  It’s fantastic. The color payoff is great.  I had to layer a little, but not enough to annoy me–maybe passing over my lid two or three times.  I will say it didn’t stuck to my brush very well, but mostly I think it’s because the brush I use for that is garbage.  I really need to buy some decent eyeshadow brushes sometime soon.

Dark metallic gray with green shimmer
Okay, so if the Evil Queen from Snow White had a shade, this would be it.  Enchanted is the perfect name–it feels like some evil ominous forest with horrifying trees that come out and grab you, and that is literally all I could ask for in a smoky eye crease shade.  I will say that this shadow has a LOT of fallout and blended away really fast, but those are quick fixes.  This shadow is, basically, the shit.