accidental marathon


Steve and Rory love each other dearly, but they don’t really hang with the same crowds at school. (Steve doesn’t want his bad reputation to bother Rory.)

Steve adores Lane, though. They talk about music and he makes sure she knows she can always rifle through his CD collection, even when he’s not home.

80% of the signs in Star’s Hallow are painted or have been renovated by Steve. Pretty much all the posters and announcements for town festivals have been designed by Steve. He also makes extra cash painting murals and houses.

Steve is weirdly capable of handing Taylor, because he can be painfully earnest about town hall meetings.

Steve draws the way Rory reads: with utter concentration.

All of Stars Hallow thinks Steve and Bucky are boyfriends, about 5 years before they actually become boyfriends.

Lorelai and Steve finally have a deal where she makes him a bingosheet and if he keeps quiet and crosses off the things instead of arguing and gets bingo, they can go to Luke’s for coffee and whatever he wants for breakfast the next day. (They pretty much do that anyway, but Steve knows it’s important to his mother and sister that he shut up sometimes so he just sits fuming as he crosses off ‘classist comment’ and ‘obnoxious comment on punk hair’.)

Imagine Lorelai giving Steve the sex talk. (There is at least one mention of not getting pregnant in there. Probably several.)

Steve going through a plaid grunge-y phase until someone asked him why he was dressed as Luke. Then he may have tone down the plaid a little.

Bucky sneaks in through Steve’s window all the time. Steve and Bucky are the only ones who think nobody knows. (Meanwhile Lorelai is all: let’s turn the TV up so we can pretend we can’t hear Steve and Bucky.)

Pretty much every complaint Rory has about mean kids is followed by Steve going: want me to kick their ass? It’s their in-joke because 1) Steve would totally try it if she said yes. 2) Steve would promptly get his ass whooped. 3) This is why Rory never says yes.

Luke keeps the ‘coffee stunts growth’ comments to a mimimum when Steve is around because with Steve it’s probably true.

Bucky Barnes is Miss Patty’s favourite.

Sometimes Steve thinks that he’s the reason Lorelai hasn’t bought her inn yet, or the reason she has to borrrow money from her parents. He was sick a lot as a kid (still is sick a lot) and his trips to the hospital and ER and medication and surgeries were really fucking expensive.

The first time Lorelai bailed Steve out of jail he was 15 and arrested at a gay rights protest for defending someone (aka putting his face between someone’s fist and another protester). She got him a milkshake at Luke’s afterwards.

There’s a cute piggybank on the mantle which says ‘Steve’s Bail Fund’.

Luke has a system for Steve. Bailed out? Mocha-coffee milkshake. Black eye? Pie. Busted nose? Doughnuts. Looks like he’ll fall over because he’s sick but refusing to go lie down? Luke’s special spicy soup. (He keeps a container in the freezer especially for Steve and he will never, ever admit that.)

Rory and Steve going to museums together.

Bucky Barnes lurking on the porch every Friday so that when Steve comes home from Friday Night Dinners they can take a walk and he can rant for an hour and Bucky can stare at him in adoration. Lorelai and Rory are so very grateful.

Steve has a very weird relationship with his grandparents. He’s not as kind and sweet as Rory, he’s not going to Chilton, his Tiny Angry Chihuahua Of Justice rears up at every comment they make at Lorelai, he mutters under his breath about the one percent and classism and sexism during dinner. Sometimes he’s too sick to go to dinner and he’s pretty sure his grandparents think he’s faking, which makes him even angrier. He is utterly, utterly shocked one day when they arrange for him to get a behind the scenes tour of a museum he loves because they know the curator or something.

Bucky and Steve being super giant adorable dorks at all the Stars Hallow festivals. Steve dyes his punk hair festive colours. Bucky wins him stuffed animals. Steve volunteers to help carry things which really means he’s volunteering Bucky mosty.

Steve gets into an amazing small libral arts college because he has a giant extensive portfolio full of work he did for Stars Hallow, along with portraits of a lot of the people who live there and gorgeous watercolours of the scenery.

The time Miss Patty offered to be a nude model is one Steve would like to never ever talk about ever again.

The time Bucky offered he also does not talk about but for very different reasons.


Coruscant City Marathon (accidentally inspired by @commonplacecaz)

  • 60+ year old Qui-Gon in a sweatband and running shorts, casually loping past everyone
  • Someone from the CPD attempting to run it in full uniform
  • Anakin keeping pace slightly behind Padme, so he can stare at her ass in yoga pants (and trip other people he catches looking)
  • Echo with a pair of sweet running legs
  • Fives good-naturedly “complaining” because said legs make Echo slightly taller than him for once
  • Actually considering the ridiculous amount of shit Fives has strapped to his ARC armor in canon, he’s probably the one in full uniform
  • Nearly everyone boggling at Obi-Wan in workout clothes because they just couldn’t conceive of him not wrapped up in several layers of business casual
  • Kit Fisto wearing nothing but spandex shorts and a Fitbit (well and shoes I guess)
  • Numa and her uncle helping man one of the many water stops
  • I’d go on but I ran out of ideas

Long time, no anything.

I’m in San Francisco. My marathon is in the morning.

Here is the short version: I went to the summer camp where I work, this year in a leadership capacity. I was up until about two every night for four weeks and had to be in front of children by 8:30. Waking up before six to run for a couple of hours on four hours of sleep for weeks at a time wasn’t possible. I may be soft, but I know my limits.

So I fell off the training wagon during the long-run buildup from seven to fifteen or so miles. Then my old iPhone, with tracking app, ran away. Then I stayed for two weeks with a friend in Texas, and tried to climb back on the training wagon in 90+ degree weather, for some of the most horrendous runs I’ve ever done. Most were a third or more walked in total.

Then I came back to Chicago, and went from six to thirteen to twenty mile (BODY-DESTROYING) long runs. In that order, consecutively. Which was deeply foolish, and also not necessary, except that I miscounted week numbers in my training program. And also I didn’t do really any hill training. Which was stupid.

My speed (never much) and endurance were shot when I started running again, although my muscles didn’t get sore like they did at first. For a long time I was afraid it wouldn’t be fun or feel good anymore. It’s still not quite the same as before the long gap. But I had a couple of long runs–a twelve-miler, a seven-miler–that felt like flying. So I’m hopeful for tomorrow, even though I’m not as prepared as I could be, even though I’m hilariously out of my league terrain-wise. I’m hopeful.