accidental marathon

Coruscant City Marathon (accidentally inspired by @commonplacecaz)

  • 60+ year old Qui-Gon in a sweatband and running shorts, casually loping past everyone
  • Someone from the CPD attempting to run it in full uniform
  • Anakin keeping pace slightly behind Padme, so he can stare at her ass in yoga pants (and trip other people he catches looking)
  • Echo with a pair of sweet running legs
  • Fives good-naturedly “complaining” because said legs make Echo slightly taller than him for once
  • Actually considering the ridiculous amount of shit Fives has strapped to his ARC armor in canon, he’s probably the one in full uniform
  • Nearly everyone boggling at Obi-Wan in workout clothes because they just couldn’t conceive of him not wrapped up in several layers of business casual
  • Kit Fisto wearing nothing but spandex shorts and a Fitbit (well and shoes I guess)
  • Numa and her uncle helping man one of the many water stops
  • I’d go on but I ran out of ideas

I accidentally ran through / marathoned season one of Ode To Joy last night/this morning till 8 something. I have to sleep some before I take on season 2.

*sigh* friendship dramas always make me want to have a sisterhood of friends….

Where do you find ppl who will honestly be your friend for years on end? Not just surface bullshit…

The Surgery - Part Two - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said to rogerthat-bucky: Hey for the prompts can you do Sebastian Stan and number 1?

24. “That’s… Not mine?”


Sebastian had stuck to his word and been with you through every step of the way. You needed to remain in the hospital for another day and he came in once again to keep you company. You mostly played cards seen as there wasn’t exactly much you could do in such a dull hospital.

For a short while you did complain to Sebastian about how he should be on the set of his latest movie and not in a gross hospital with you. To which he asked, “if I ended up in hospital would you be here with me?”

“Of course,” you’d replied without a second thought. This made Sebastian get a rather smug lug on his face as he got cocky about proving a point. You dropped the subject after that, returning to playing cards and kicking Sebastian’s arse as you did so.

When it got to day three you were finally able to return home and Sebastian had decided he would be the one to take you home. For some reason he decided you were incapable of walking and so he carried you everywhere; you tried not to complain too much, realising you were quite lucky to be the girl in Sebastian’s arms, there were probably thousands of women who wanted to be in your position.

“What’s the plan, Stan?” You quipped, giggling at your own rhyme as Sebastian entered the flat with you pressed against his chest.

The two of you had earned a look from the bitter old lady that lived across from you; Sebastian had never had the displeasure of meeting her before and so he was unprepared for the snarl she sent him after he wished her a good afternoon. You simply rushed to unlock the door with your key and push it open so that Sebastian could get in and away from from Beatrice. You didn’t want the situation to escalate like it had done in the past with her, it seemed she always had a rant prepared.

Seb placed you down on the couch and then went back to shut the door, “is it just me or is that woman a real cliche?” He muttered, obviously feeling a little stung that a complete stranger had been so rude to him for no good reason.

“Um excuse me,” you hummed disapprovingly at him, taking his attention away from his thoughts on the bitter old lady, “don’t ignore my amazing rhyme crime.”

“I’m sorry,” he apologised, though you sensed that the apology had no meaning. Rather than proceeding to praise the amazing rhyme, he started moving around your flat. He went into the kitchen and checked what food you had; he went and got you a couple of blankets whilst also managing to carry about five pillows. He busied himself with getting you into a comfortable position.

Once he was finished, he looked to marvel at his work. Though from your point of view, you felt overly warm and stuffy thanks to the blankets he was drowning you under. “You know I don’t have a cold, right?” You asked, trying to get out from underneath all the blankets but struggling because your stitching would hurt every time you moved that part of your body.

“Oh, sorry,” he rushed whilst also being very gentle with sitting you up and getting all the blankets off. You thought it was kind of cute how panicked he got over something so small and the more evil side of you was tempted to create more situations just to see that adorable expression of worry again.

“The plan,” he began, calmer once you’d gotten in a less painful situation, “is takeaway and a movie. Seen as most of your foods gone off and, to be honest, I can’t cook all that well. Other than my prized cheese toastie but obviously you’re not a fan.”

You nodded, agreeing with his statement about the lack of cooking abilities he possessed. “You can have the honour of picking a movie then, seen as you won’t let me walk.”

“I could carry you,” he suggested, a smirk forming on his lips.

You shook your head, “i’m good,” you then kicked his butt in order to push him to get up and pick a movie, and also to get away from the subject. Whilst you could appreciate that being in Sebastian’s arms is a pretty amazing position to be in, you just felt so useless (and rather embarrassed) because you couldn’t walk a short distance.

He had to leave for a moment to go into your bedroom which is where all your dvd’s were. He was gone for about three minutes when he returned with a large collection of DVD’s and they all had one thing in common. Seb sent you a judgemental look as he allowed you to read the titles. “Barbie movies, really?”

“That’s… not mine?” Seb simply gave you another look which stated: ‘I don’t believe you’ very loud and very clear. Your shoulders visibly deflated at the realisation that Sebastian knew you were lying. “They were good when I was a kid, okay? I found a massive pack in a store and… splurged.”

“Okay,” rather than returning to your bedroom and picking a different film, he instead put in Barbie Rapunzel and then sat with you.  

The entire time your mouth had just fallen open and remained that way until he came to rest beside you. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, now scootch up so that I can sit down.” You ended up positioned in his lap as the both of you laid on the couch, atop a mass of pillows.

Takeaway ended up being forgotten about as an accidental Barbie marathon began, it was mostly just the two of you snuggled up making adult jokes about a childhood movie. Laughing hurt, but with Sebastian the pain was worth it. It got to one in the morning when you started feeling tired and so you turned away from the TV and snuggled into Sebastian’s chest.

“Want me to take you to bed?” His actions went against his words as he placed a blanket over the two of you and wrapped his arms around your waist, securing you onto the couch.  

You shook your head, “no,” you whispered, your voice coming out gentle and heavy. “Let’s just stay here.”

This was the first time you’d slept with Sebastian in the same ‘bed’ as you, and it was nice. He only let out quiet snores, and his body heat against yours didn’t overheat you like it had with past partners. You just wish it could have lasted, but a few hours later, at around six in the morning, you were woken up by incomprehensible pain.

It was weird, you’d fallen asleep feeling cool and serene, yet you woke up a complete mess; everything was hazy because of the mix of sleep and pain, your stitches burnt with pain and you felt a cold sweat all around your body. You were so out of it when you woke up that you started thrashing against Sebastian.

This action drove him to wake up in a panic and arms instinctively lifted off of you, causing you to fall harshly onto the (thankfully) carpeted floor. You heard Sebastian release multiple curse words, some of which you believe were said in another language, and then you were picked up and put back onto the couch. “Y/N? Speak to me baby, are you okay?”

“My stitching hurts. Pain killers.” It was hard for you to speak as your mouth felt so dry. Sleeping on the couch had seemed like a good idea at the time but now you realise that you were very wrong. Not only that, but you’d also forgotten about your pain killers so the situation had worsened because of your stupidity. All this made you really grateful to have Sebastian there with you as he was quick to get your drugs and a glass of water. Once you’d consumed those, he began to lift up your shirt. “At least take me on a date first,” you giggled, though his serious exterior wasn’t cracked by your light heartedness, Seb was extremely worried about your wellbeing.

“I’m going to need to change your dressing, okay?” You nodded your head, leaving him to be serious as it was probably for the best whilst he handled your stitches.

It was a simple job, all he had to do was clean it, rub some cream onto it and then put a new dressing on. Yet, somehow, he managed to make it intensely sexual. It helped that he was extremely attractive, you supposed. He had this intense expression on his face as his cold fingers gingerly worked their way around your stitches. His other hand was placed flat against your belly and that alone was enough to make your brain go haywire.

By the end of the experience you were sat with your eyes closed and your lip being harshly bitten into. “Y/N,” he called to wake you out of your daydream, “time for bed.”

“Okay,” you swallowed, willingly allowing him to pick you up and take you to your bed. Once he’d placed you down onto the bed he went to leave but you were quick to grab his arm, “please stay.”


ahhh yesss nothing better than OOC crack shipping in an Alternate Universe

i know you didn’t ask for merman!sasuke but there ya go

maybe he was left in the lab over the weekend with a remote in a ziplock bag and a tv left on the disney channel so he accidentally marathoned disney movies for two days straight xD

“it worked for the naked forest man so i will pull her in an try it out”

“ok it didn’t quite work out with her IN the water maybe i should get out of the tank first. aw yes she’s even wet just like the banana-dress human this is perf”

So I accidentally marathoned the entire season of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. the other day and I don’t know what to do with myself now so have a drawing of Skye in her S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform.


Happy birthday to @chloebennet4 ! (◕‿◕✿)


Steve and Rory love each other dearly, but they don’t really hang with the same crowds at school. (Steve doesn’t want his bad reputation to bother Rory.)

Steve adores Lane, though. They talk about music and he makes sure she knows she can always rifle through his CD collection, even when he’s not home.

80% of the signs in Star’s Hallow are painted or have been renovated by Steve. Pretty much all the posters and announcements for town festivals have been designed by Steve. He also makes extra cash painting murals and houses.

Steve is weirdly capable of handing Taylor, because he can be painfully earnest about town hall meetings.

Steve draws the way Rory reads: with utter concentration.

All of Stars Hallow thinks Steve and Bucky are boyfriends, about 5 years before they actually become boyfriends.

Lorelai and Steve finally have a deal where she makes him a bingosheet and if he keeps quiet and crosses off the things instead of arguing and gets bingo, they can go to Luke’s for coffee and whatever he wants for breakfast the next day. (They pretty much do that anyway, but Steve knows it’s important to his mother and sister that he shut up sometimes so he just sits fuming as he crosses off ‘classist comment’ and ‘obnoxious comment on punk hair’.)

Imagine Lorelai giving Steve the sex talk. (There is at least one mention of not getting pregnant in there. Probably several.)

Steve going through a plaid grunge-y phase until someone asked him why he was dressed as Luke. Then he may have tone down the plaid a little.

Bucky sneaks in through Steve’s window all the time. Steve and Bucky are the only ones who think nobody knows. (Meanwhile Lorelai is all: let’s turn the TV up so we can pretend we can’t hear Steve and Bucky.)

Pretty much every complaint Rory has about mean kids is followed by Steve going: want me to kick their ass? It’s their in-joke because 1) Steve would totally try it if she said yes. 2) Steve would promptly get his ass whooped. 3) This is why Rory never says yes.

Luke keeps the ‘coffee stunts growth’ comments to a mimimum when Steve is around because with Steve it’s probably true.

Bucky Barnes is Miss Patty’s favourite.

Sometimes Steve thinks that he’s the reason Lorelai hasn’t bought her inn yet, or the reason she has to borrrow money from her parents. He was sick a lot as a kid (still is sick a lot) and his trips to the hospital and ER and medication and surgeries were really fucking expensive.

The first time Lorelai bailed Steve out of jail he was 15 and arrested at a gay rights protest for defending someone (aka putting his face between someone’s fist and another protester). She got him a milkshake at Luke’s afterwards.

There’s a cute piggybank on the mantle which says ‘Steve’s Bail Fund’.

Luke has a system for Steve. Bailed out? Mocha-coffee milkshake. Black eye? Pie. Busted nose? Doughnuts. Looks like he’ll fall over because he’s sick but refusing to go lie down? Luke’s special spicy soup. (He keeps a container in the freezer especially for Steve and he will never, ever admit that.)

Rory and Steve going to museums together.

Bucky Barnes lurking on the porch every Friday so that when Steve comes home from Friday Night Dinners they can take a walk and he can rant for an hour and Bucky can stare at him in adoration. Lorelai and Rory are so very grateful.

Steve has a very weird relationship with his grandparents. He’s not as kind and sweet as Rory, he’s not going to Chilton, his Tiny Angry Chihuahua Of Justice rears up at every comment they make at Lorelai, he mutters under his breath about the one percent and classism and sexism during dinner. Sometimes he’s too sick to go to dinner and he’s pretty sure his grandparents think he’s faking, which makes him even angrier. He is utterly, utterly shocked one day when they arrange for him to get a behind the scenes tour of a museum he loves because they know the curator or something.

Bucky and Steve being super giant adorable dorks at all the Stars Hallow festivals. Steve dyes his punk hair festive colours. Bucky wins him stuffed animals. Steve volunteers to help carry things which really means he’s volunteering Bucky mosty.

Steve gets into an amazing small libral arts college because he has a giant extensive portfolio full of work he did for Stars Hallow, along with portraits of a lot of the people who live there and gorgeous watercolours of the scenery.

The time Miss Patty offered to be a nude model is one Steve would like to never ever talk about ever again.

The time Bucky offered he also does not talk about but for very different reasons.


anonymous asked:

Hey if you don't mind me asking, what are some good tv series to watch? I got sick so I kinda accidentally marathoned through everything I was watching so now I have nothing to watch..

Here’s a few:

Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones



Pushing Daisies (Sadly cancelled, amazing series by the same guy who does Hannibal. It’s one of my all time favorites. )

Dead like Me (Also from the Hannibal and Pushing Daisies guy, got cancelled after a few seasons but is still very much worth watching.)

Mad Men

Orphan Black

The Walking Dead (Though the quality of the series is a rollercoaster of ups and downs.)

True Detective

Orange is the new Black

The Thick of it

Bored to Death (It’s good AND has Jason Schwartzman.)

My Mad Fat Diary

American Horror Story (All seasons are seperate from each other, so take a pick out of a murder house, insane asylum and a witch coven.)

Twin Peaks

Hustle (Got all the seasons on dvd. Nobody ever really talks about it but it’s pretty great.)



Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (I recommend everyone to try this series out it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.)

The first season of Homeland (It all goes downhill in season 3 but the first season was good and the second was pretty alright.)

Band of Brothers 

How to take a nap during a homework marathon without accidentally sleeping through everything:

1) Set an alarm for an appropriate amount of time (use to help).
2) Make sure you choose that alarm sound that sounds like a bomb is going off so you get the shit scared out of you and wake up.
3) Sleep on the floor. You’ll probably be sufficiently uncomfortable that you won’t feel compelled to ignore the alarm.

Today, I accidentally marathoned a bunch of Sullivan Stapleton. I had no plan ahead of time of doing that but now that I have, I have no regrets. ;)

Spent time in the Strike Back tag (and planned series rewatch)? Check!

Damien: *spin-kicks away all of Ais’ free time*


Discovered a free movie of his available on Amazon Prime? Check!

Watched some “300: Rise of an Empire” (courtesy of the Blu-ray I got on a great sale the other day, woo! \o/ )? Check!

Fangirled over Jeller because of feels (and plotted out some more of the vid I’m working on)? Check!

And now I’m just wibbly-wobbly in the knees from it all!

No, I don’t think I can walk. I think somebody should come and carry me. Yep. Either you or your shirtless friend there. *nodnods very seriously* :P ;)

Hey, it’s not MY fault you make me all wibbly-wobbly in the knees, now is it?

Exactly my point! ;) After all of this awesomeness for today, I… feel like I’m a different person from who I was this morning.

Yes, I knew you’d understand! I think we’ve really had a moment here!

Thanks for an awesome marathon of a day! ;)

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