I accidentally made my family’s crab salad too spicy so my mom went, ‘You wont be able to eat all of that, its going to be too spicy’ I dont like being told what i can and cant do so I’m going to prove her wrong by eating all of it.

The Accident- Part 8

Part 8 of 11 (biweekly series)
Rating: PG 13?
Word Count: 2342
Disclaimer: This fanfic is purely fictional.
Warnings: none
Summary: Teenage Rhett and Link take Link’s new truck for a spin when they end up in an accident. When they meet again after years apart, Rhett finds out that Link is in a wheelchair and has a new life with a wife and kids.

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On a warm summer morning, Christy opened the door when Rhett had arrived early at the Neal house.

“Hey Rhett. How are you? Come on in. Link is still running some errands with Lincoln but they should be back any minute. Can I get you anything to drink while you wait? I just made some coffee.” Christy greeted the tall man.

“Actually, a cup of coffee would be nice.” Rhett replied and stepped into the kitchen.

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19 July 2015 - After the KKK rally in South Carolina is cut short the KKK members are escorted by cops as they leave in their cars. One KKK member in a black SUV was so busy shouting at counterprotesters and making obscene gestures that he immediately crashes into a lamp, knocking it down and deploying his airbags. The counterprotesters proceed to raise a big cheer and surround his car to laugh at him. [video]

Because I kept staring at two hot chicks walking down the street I didn’t notice a banana peel. I slipped on it and almost fell into an opened manhole. I thank Saint Charbel who didn’t let me fall into this manhole and break my bones. I promise him not to show off in front of the girls and not to give them the glad eye.

Fulgencio Robledo, 1981

In this video, a woman in China was fatally dragged into an escalator in a horrifying incident caught on camera at a department store in Jingzhou City in central China. The woman was riding up the escalator with her young son when a floor panel gave out as soon as she stepped off. She was able to throw her son to safety before being tragically swallowed by the escalator. So sad. We send our condolences.