Mini Fic - The Effects of Pain Medication

Request: How about Jim asking Bones “Exactly what did you give her for pain control?” (stoned on pain meds reader)? (from star-trekkin-across-theuniverse) for your mini fics? - @jonanacoe

Word Count: 545

Warnings: mention of injury

Author’s Note: I mentioned this previously, but I’ve never been stoned/high, so I did my best, but if it doesn’t seem accurate whatsoever, I apologize. I hope I pulled it off decently for you guys :)

Shuttlecraft accidents weren’t unheard of, and during the last crew review in the field, your research mission ended in an emergency. It was by no real fault of anyone, but yet many of your friends felt it was their fault for not catching the weakness in the hull.

Now, it seemed the entire senior bridge crew was surrounding you. Ever since the shuttlecraft incident, people had been showing up in sickbay to apologize or check on you. Not that it was a particularly bad thing to have happen, but it was certainly disconcerting.

They all had very odd looks on their faces, as if something about you was different. You mostly felt fine, the medication in your system mostly just making you feel light and almost cloudlike.

“How are you feeling Lieutenant?” The Captain asks you as you struggle to sit up slightly on the biobed.

“Oh heyyyy Jim! I had a wonderful idea today! What if we added a bouncy castle to the Enterprise?”

“That’s certainly something to consider-” Jim starts, but gets cut off when you suddenly jolt up in your bed completely.

“Spockles! Are you letting your hair grow out? It looks kinda curly and cute and cuddly.”

“Lieutenant Y/L/N, I recommend that you lie back down. I believe your cognitive function may have been impaired by your injury,” the commander says with a slight tilt of the head.

“Spock! Don’t say things like that!” Leonard exclaims as he walks into the room.

“Bonesykinz, I have a question! Are my toes still, like, attached to my feet? They feel… weird,” you say while trying to kick the blanket down so you can look at your feet.

Everyone in the room glances at each other and then back at you.

“So, Bonesykinz, what exactly did you give her for pain control?” The Captain asks of the doctor.

Leonard glowers at Jim but answers, “It is a relatively new pain medication, it is one of Starfleet’s new additions to medical protocol. These side effects are completely temporary.”

“If I recall correctly, I was given this same drug a few weeks ago, but I don’t recall anything similar to this,” Uhura says with a small nod towards your direction.

“I’m just special,” you say with a smile.

“The Lieutenant isn’t wrong, something in her brain chemistry reacted to the painkillers in a particularly unique way,” Bones says as he scans you with a medical tricorder.

At this point the bridge crew vacated your room, leaving just the you and Bones. With fewer people crowding around your bed, you decided to take the opportunity to swing your legs over the side of the bed to stand up.

“Woah, woah, woah, where do you think you are going darlin’?” McCoy asks gently grabbing one of your arms to keep you on the bed.

“I thought you said I would be cleared to go back to my room, uh, today,” you say looking into Bones’ beautiful eyes and poking his chest.

“Sorry Y/N, with your reaction to the medication, I want to keep you here for observation a little longer.”

“Okay fine. But could I have some mashed potatoes and French fries? It’ll be like potato inception and I’m starving!”

“You are something else darlin’.”

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I cannot stop laughing at this, you guys. Nobody was hurt, and seriously watch all the way to the end. You’d think this city had never seen snow before, I swear…


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