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a smol list of the memes pidge is always accepting like u don’t even need to wonder if it’s okay to send it, just send it & give me life pls ;
- the “ accidental ” nudes meme
- reaction to hearing abt my muse’s death
- affection & fluff of any sort
- k i d a n o n s

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Senpai, Do you know where I can watch bsd comics....? Cause I really want to know who Fordor is.

Dazaiscans is ur lord n savior they’re vry caught up with the current chapters pls go show them some love for their hard work.

Akutagawaprize usually vry kindly provide us with raws if u can read japanese so go show them love as well.

considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

“as we were driving into times square, our tour bus driver started playing ‘new york, new york’ by frank sinatra!”

“it was like being in a movie, except my knees hurt slightly because we were kneeling at the front of our bus.”

people with psychosis deserve more support tbh

im here for people with short psychotic episodes 

im here for people who are always psychotic

im here for people who are unsure if they are psychotic or not

im here for people who struggle with reality and delusions

im here for people who stop talking to people for days or even weeks because they are so paranoid

im here for people who have to deal with people casually throwing around the words “crazy” and “psycho” (who arent reclaiming it)

im here for people who are constantly doubting if what they are seeing is real or not

and im here for people who have lost friends for having a “scary” mental illness

i love each and every one of you and you are all amazing. you all dont deserve the stigma you get. stay strong,, you’ll pull through this.

you wanna know why I love vixx??

bc they go from this

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and I love it so much


more doodles from today’s chapter  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧