Pinoko-ism. Omg. I died.

Up until literally this episode, the only subbed versions of Black Jack that I’ve seen have been done by Froth-Bite/Frostii/whichever variation they changed to throughout the decade, so ‘acchonburike’ has always been ‘OHMIGEWDNESS’ instead of a ‘pinoko-ism’ bwawhaha

Damn you, Anime!!

*internally screaming*

It’s just been one of those nights where I’m supposed to be finishing things up, and I get sucked into a show on crunchyroll (i need stuff to listen to sometimes) and it turned out to be the exact kind of show that I WON’T. STOP. WATCHING.

This show. It makes me FEEL THINGS… TT_TT 

I’d put some kind of adorable gif here but I am so damn tired :’( 

One more episode… And I ain’t gonna say what it is, because then people will poke fun.