accf hack

I think I broke something since for some reason it loaded up as if I was visiting a town with just the body model and some unknown map.

Especially weird if it’s trying to load up a character and town when there is no save for it load so it’s trying to use something like a model part and unused/made-up map Idk. Real strange side-effect I never intended when I erased some data probably whatever was supposed to lead to the next dialog set that was supposed to load instead but still interesting to see if the game didn’t know what it was supposed to load.

A non-existing town with a map that has repeating acre tiles and nothing else

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So heres my progress sheet of Minky! I spent all day working on her.

I had a few concepts in mind for Minky.

  1. Make a teddy villager who isnt as scary as Stitches.
  2. Give Kashew a friend
  3. and to keep her as close to her beta art as possible.

You can see she changed quite a bit, and I’ve still got to fix her nose. But she looks perfectly cute and cuddley, (and her arms and legs are different colours! 8D) and I hope you guys love her as much as you all loved Kashew!