Jewellery - project 4 - accetate paper.
Accetate paper, folded and made into a type of building. This paper was made by designing a sheet of paper by drawing and painting on it, then photo copying this paper onto paper and then shaping it into a construction type of building, by using our imagination. this was an interesting topic to cover but wasn’t the best of fun.

Giorno 6

Ciao, sono una ragazza che si sta guardando allo specchio e intanto pensa a come vorrebbe essere se potesse cambiare qualcosa del sua aspetto. Anche se potessi cambiare qualcosa tra un anno vorrei cambiare qualcos'altro e sarei punto a capo.
Ciao, sono una ragazza che si sta guardando alla specchio e voglio imparare ad accettarmi.

“Odio esse..”

These are all the pieces that are going to make up my animation. All of them are drawn on acetate so that they are easier to move around. After giving it a lot of though I’ve realised it’s going to be difficult using acetate for this animation. Although it makes the pieces easier to move it means if I want to overlap things which I do everything else will move if I’m not careful. So when making this animation I’m going to have to keep in mind that other pieces might move that should move at that point. I think I’m most worried for when I have to make the smoke come out over all the little people as they could move. Plus it’s going to be difficult for when I need to make the people fall when the smoke is overlapped on top of them. I just hope the animation turns out well, and for it to be exhibition standard.


my friend offered me to send her answer sheet for out math homework to me today but she didn’t. now i have to do this all by myself. friendship does not exist in this world of sorrow. friendship is a concept made up by humans to coerce ourselves to think that we are not Alone in this universe. 

What am I so scared of???

I’m almost 21, I live with my husband in our own place. We have our own car, own source of income. The works. So why am I so terrified to tell my parents about being transgender? There’s very little they could do to me, and I don’t want to be rude and have them find out at the last moment. It’s something they’ll need to brace themselves for too…any advice?

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혹시 게이팝을 들을 때 의미를 모르는 말이 나왔어요?  또한 그 문장을 이해하기가 힘들어요?  Admin Tea 한국어를 잘 해서 나에게 질문을 한다면 저는 그 질문을 대답하고 짧은 설명도 할게요!!  어휘, 문법, 번역에 대한 질문을 다 할 수 있어요!! 초보자라면 괜찮아요!! 한국어를 잘 하도록 도와줄게요

Have you ever been listening to Kpop, and come across a word you did not know?  Or is that sentenace a tad difficult to understand?  Admin Tea speaks Korean pretty well, so if you ever have any language inquires, feel free to ask :) I promise to answer your question and include a short little explaination as to the use or translation :) Questions about grammar, vocab, translations are all accetable :) Even if your a beginner, I will help you in any way :)

Disclamier: For a full song translation, please allow time and also, try to stray away from that if possible, but I will gladly translate full songs if need be

foreveralone-goodbye asked:

Heeeeey ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Opening Credits: Ben Threw - Of Mice & Men
Waking Up: Congratulations - Sleeping With Sirens ft. Matty Mullins
First Day At School: Accetance Speech - Dance Gavin Dance
Falling In Love: Free Now - Sleeping With Sirens
Fight Song: A Song For The Nameless - Sworn In
Breaking Up: Number Eleven - The Devil Wears Prada
Life’s OK: Cliff Notes - Emarosa
Getting Back Together: Dearmer’s Disease - Letlive.
Wedding: Toxicity - System Of A Down
Birth of Child: High - James Blunt
Final Battle: Break Down The Walls - Asking Alexandria
Death Scene: The Show Must Go On - Queen
Funeral Song: Seen It Aall Before - Bring Me The Horizon
End Credits: I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of? - A Day To Remember 

No more please, I’m so sorry :s

so I have to get this off my mind because if I dont, Im going to go crazy!
but all my life my weight has been an semi issue ( like I have always been chubby but tried not give a damn)
But for the past few years if has really effected me in the way that I just dont feel comfortable in my own skin, I hate looking at myself, and I avoid pictures at all costs, cause who wants the fat girl ruining the photo!
and I recently just got my first job… YAY ME! but when I went to the Induction, I came home in tears when I should of been proud because of uniform sizes.
so they had to get your uniform size and I have a lot of booty and a lotof boobage so trying to fit all of it into a little piece of fabric thats society thinks is accetable is hard and when she came to me…. I said a size that I knew I wouldnt fit in because I was too ashamed to say that I need a bigger size!
when I came home crying, I knew I was being stupid… like I’m crying over a piece of fabric thats meant to cover my skin…“GET OVER IT CHLOE” but its something that really broke me and I’m sure there are heaps of peeps that probably have been through a similar situation… and its hard!
but now I have to go back and order a bigger size…so I’m trying to prepare myself for tears haha