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Remember how for a long time we were like, yeah, we’re not going to offer full patterns because a lot of costumes have sizing shenanigans? Well, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot anyway.

Coming very soon, our first full costume pattern, this one for Faye from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia! It includes patterns for her blouse, skirt, apron, bows, bag and two different cape options –– everything but the boots and cape chain, basically! It’s being offered in “one size”, which is a 30″ waist and 36″ bust, but given the loose fit of the design and easy seam lines, we figured it’s a great place to start and easy to alter. We also want to push people to try some new things, so the pattern is designed with some optional pintucking, as well as a lot of practice in bow-making and topstitching.

It’ll be available on our store in the coming week, if everything goes according to plan. We just need to format everything you see above and add in a bunch of illustrations, and then it’ll be good to go!

Ideally, we’d also like to do more patterns for FE: Echoes, as the game looks to be pretty low on accessory kit options thus far. So far we’re looking at Genny, Silque and Mae, as well as doing some generic-class patterns, but we’d love to take suggestions for consideration. Drop us a note in our askbox or hit the ? below!

- Jenn


Dragon Quest 1 was much shorter than I was expecting.

This has got to be one of the most straight forward RPGs I’ve played in a while, and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all.

The DQ series in general has added so many staples to the RPG genre that it’s scary to think of what it’d be without them alongside FF, and one of the things I have a habit of saying about them despite all the ‘new and incredible’ features they’ve incorporated over the years is that DQ always and repeatedly shows that simple isn’t a bad thing. That simple can make the games accessible and fun. And I’d say this is one of the first instances of Enix proving that. (Or should I point attention towards Chunsoft for deving this, as they helped pave the way other devs like Level5 would continue for the series)

Whether from technical limitations, or avoiding overextending themselves, the game seems to bend over backwards to AVOID straying from the main goal.

Save the princess, build a bridge (with 3 artifacts, only one of which needs an additional item to attain) defeat the Dracolord.

It’s pretty sweet to see how focused the game remains.

This spills over into the rest of the design, for better or worse in some areas, and overall made the game feel charming in it’s simplicity.

One party member, few weapons, few armor pieces, TWO accessories, ONE optional dungeon with a single reward, ONE hidden piece of equipment that you could ‘maybe’ call a side quest due to how the npcs talk of it.

It’s incredible to see how big an adventure this is when not only are there so few parts, but there isn’t artificial filler dragging those parts along either. Each was given attention and the end result is better for it.

It’s just fun.

Simple and fun.


Get suited and booted and ready to commit murder with this stylish Balaclava Man look. Baseball bat accessory optional! 

Monclear Twist Henri Bomber Jacket - £705.00

North Face Sheep’s Wool Balaclava - £390.00

Magnum Industrial Work Boots (Size 10) - £54.99

Decided to start up Stardew again with a new character, one who’s a Robot. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, (more or less since I saw the weird visor as an accessory option), and I’m glad I decided to make her, since my other files are myself, plus two Tumble files (thought the original was lost when my computer initially died).

Also she’s shapely because I want her to be.

BTS Seeing Exotic Piercings
Other Versions:

| Monsta X |


  • Positively surprised
  • He’d definitely ask if they hurt
  • And if they don’t he’d just plainly ask if it’s ok to touch
  • So yes, he would be into exotic piercings
  • Doesn’t matter where they are


  • He would be reather shy to look at them
  • He would be into them, but he’d just be flustered
  • And it would lake him time to get used to this
  • But he would find them extremely sexy


  • Extremely surprised
  • He’d be concerned as to why anyone would need them
  • He wouldn’t be a huge fan of those piercings, but they wouldn’t bother him
  • He would just feel uncomfortable seeing them just be there, in those highly sensitive areas
  • Belly button piercing is not that scary to think about but the other ones would indeed make him feel uneasy


  • He’d be speechless and would just stare
  • Wondering when and how they got there
  • If they hurt
  • But those piercings would be highly attractive to him

Rap Monster

  • Love at first sight
  • He wouldn’t really have any reaction other than an obvious boner
  • Well, I guess nearly everything kinky would be enjoyed by this guy
  • I can easily assume that those would be a turn on for him, but didn’t we all know
  • So yeah. Be careful with those cause he could get too rough with them


  • Flustered and definitely surprised if he saw those
  • It’s difficult to tell, but I think he would like nipple piercings
  • He wouldn’t love exotic piercings, but he wouldn’t hate them either
  • To him it‘d be like a nice optional accessory which could be very sexy
  • He wouldn’t know what he could do with them though. Like, should he stare? Or touch? Or pull? Will it hurt? Maybe he shouldn’t touch them?


  • He would open his eyes so wide it’s like they could fall out any moment
  • Pointing at them he’d ask if it’s ok to touch
  • Because he would be extremely curious
  • He would really like them, but to him they would be like addicting toys so again, gotta be careful

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!


Hi again, Gear Heads! I had so much fun with my first steampunk-gun that I wanted to make a second one. Here’s the supplies you’ll need:

-Nerf gun/any squirt gun or dart gun
-silver paint
-copper paint
-bronze paint
-black paint
-primer spray paint
-(optional) black spray paint (no gloss)
-a paintbrush
-a spongy brush thingy
-a cup of water
-lots of newspaper or paper towels
-gears or other accessories (optional)
-Rub n Buff (silver)

So anyways,

Here’s how it went:

1) If you don’t have a super thin screwdriver, go to your local CVS and pick up an eyeglass repair kit for $2.00. Now, unscrew all the screws. DO NOT LOSE ANY OF THE PIECES. It really helps to separate (and label) screws & internal pieces!

2) Once you’ve had everything disassembled, take the pieces that will be visible and go put a primer layer on them. Wait 45 minutes before proceeding (about 35 minutes if it’s warm outside).

3) You can totally skip this part if you want. Spray all the pieces with your black spray paint. Go back outside in 15 minutes and respray any pieces where you might have missed a spot. Then wait another 45 minutes.

Bring all your pieces inside and set them up where you can see them. Get an idea of what you want your gun to look like. Remember, it’s all about creativity. Go crazy!

4) in image #4, I’m showing that little piece you slide back to cock the gun. I put on like two or three layers of silver, and added texture and made it look super worn out by mixing silver with black, splotching it around a few random places, and blending the edges of the splotches with my finger.

5) the beginning of the barrel. I painted the barrel tubes silver, then painted between them with the silver-black mix to make it look dirty and to make the tubes visually pop out.

6-10) the gun, reassembled. There are great and descriptive videos on YouTube to help you if you can’t remember where all the pieces are supposed to go inside your gun. Here comes the fun part. If you have silver Rub n Buff (which I highly recommend), take the tiniest amount you’ve ever seen ever and rub it across certain spots, then use another finger to blend it so that it’s not just BRIGHT SILVER HERE I AM, and instead it’s “oh wow that gun looks like it’s been in a hundred battles at least!” Take a tiny bit of RnB across the flat of your finger, and carefully brush your finger across the words “Maverick Rev-6” so that it stands out and just looks so cool.

Pro tip: I read in another tutorial that if you want the gun to look realistically battle-worn, think about it as if you were in the steampunk world, carrying your gun around, throwing it in a trunk with other stuff, dropping it on the ground, getting blast marks on the metal of hour gun from bullets whizzing past during an awesome gun fight! Think about where it would be hardest to clean your gun, you know, those hard-to-reach cracks and crannies. Like when you just wipe it off quickly with a rag but didn’t clean everything. Think about it like that, and your gun will be looking like it’s straight out of science fiction!

Good luck, and please send me pictures of the steampunk guns & other accessories that you create!

Edit: I just wanted to let y’all know how much it cost to do this, and tell you the best way to do this project within your budget.

I spent:

•$10 on acrylics (x3)

•$14 on spray paint (x2)

•$14 on Rub n Buff (x2)

•$1 on one spongy brushy thingy

•$4 on large gears (set of 5)

•$12 on a Nerf gun

If I’m not too tired to count, I think I’m at $55, right? Basically, if you or a friend or parent has some of this stuff, use it! Don’t buy it! And you don’t need super top-quality paint. Look for sales, like Aaron Brothers’ Buy One Get One for One Cent sale.

as requested by @heavenxpiercing

Stats ( lvl. 200 ) 

STA: 926
ATK: 629
DEF: 323
SP: 558
FCS: 293

Optimal Build:

General: As a character that is around two year old, it is no wonder he’s outdated & terrible. He’s most likely better used as a link, like most halloween characters. his normal attacks reach far, but are at a below average speed to the eye. his strong attacks have a low range to them, only attacking enemies, generally, in the front. the best links on him would be a combination of sad & nad links. or full sad links.

Accessories: These are entirely dependent on the accessories you have, so I will be putting in two different sets for both veterans & players not focusing on accessories

hybrid option ( w/ hybrid links )

Pupples Dispenser 5* / 30% or 20% ATK or 30% SP
Yuki Dispenser 5* / 30% or 20% ATK or 30% SP
5* accessory / 30% or 20% ATK or 30% SP

Gokkon Tekko 3*
Shinten 3*
4* boosting either ATK or SP

sad options ( w/ sad links )

Yuki Dispenser 5* / 30% or 20% ATK or 30% SP
Captain’s Robe 5* / 30% or 20% ATK or 30% SP
5* accessory / 30% or 20% ATK or 30% SP

Shinten 3*
4* accessory boosting SP
Yuki Dispenser 4* or 5* / 30% SP or 30% ATK or 20% ATK

Generall Opinion: no. I don’t even have anything to say because he’s terrible at every game mode. With harder story modes & events, this Ichigo cannot hope to complete PvE.

Animal crossing new content suggestions

I went through the tags and what people on here think should be in the next animal crossing and I’ve decided to make a huge list:

A bakery extension for the coffee shop
Bat villagers
Dolphin/seal villagers
Female lion villagers
Red panda villagers
More types of dog villager
Dino villagers
Humming bird/ bee/ ladybird/ butterfly villagers
Tree houses for bird/bat/insect villagers
Being able to go underwater and visit fish/marine mammal villagers
More public works projects
More custom furniture
More villagers per town
If you have space in your town Isabelle arrives at your door when you turn on and tells you that someone wants to move in, you can choose if you want them to move in or not and you then go and choose the place that the villager has their plot (like when choosing a character’s house)
More storage space
A mini back garden with special garden furniture
A balcony for your house
More rooms in the house
More house exteriors
More types of fruit trees
Vegetable patches where you can grow cabbages, carrots, potatoes etc
Working ovens and fridges where you can make food/bake food and store fruit and food
Recipe book to make food
Cow/goat villagers give you cheese and milk to make food
Chicken/duck villagers give you eggs for food
Hybrids are easier to make
Being able to make more custom clothes/accessories
Bigger towns with more open spaces
Lakes that you can swim in
In the winter the lakes freeze so you can ice skate on then
Larger islands with more tours
Be able to send letters to people in other towns
Shelves that you can place items on
Curtains for windows
Rotatable patterns
More pattern spaces
Bikes, roller skates, ice skates
Online retail
Bigger wallet
More pocket space
Hair accessories
More hair options/ have a hair catalogue
Choose skin tone
Swim suits for characters and villagers
Hills and slopes not just cliffs
Separate storage for tools
Place things on paths
Journals and to-do lists
More special character interactions
Being able to choose what you say to villagers
More town events
Snowball fights
Stacking flowers into a bouquet
Headphones to listen to K.K.songs
More house details eg. Lights and decals
More mini games (like working for Brewster)
Back accessories eg. Wings, backpacks, capes
Shy, nerdy, boy/girl next door villagers
Shop on main street for balloons, pinwheels and ice cream
Harvestable berry bushes
Customisable villagers
Custom animal ears for characters
Custom animal tails for characters
Be able to sell designs to characters in game over wifi
Theme park
Allow editing to QR codes
Can put QR codes in ables display
Villagers pay more to PWP
More ordinances
Create your own events
Custom shoes/socks
Choose night wear at dream suit
Different town terrain eg. Dessert, forest

Tell me your thoughts and any other ideas you may have and I’ll add them to my list

anonymous asked:

Makoto's thief outfit from Persona 5 (with the mask as an optional accessory)

“It’s a bit snug, but I still think that this is a very comfortable outfit.” This is a woman that had a habit made out of leather. She’s not embarrassed by this at all.

anonymous asked:

Best character links and accessories for Ichigo (Getsuga Tenshou ver.)?

Ichigo Kurosaki ( Final Getsuga Tenshou ver. )


nad options

Chappy Dispenser 5* / 30% or 20% ATK
5* accessory / 30% or 20% ATK
Chappy Dispenser 4* or Blue Golden Chappy / 30% or 20% ATK

Character links: Full nad

hybrid options:

Pupples Dispenser 5* / 30% SP or 30% or 20% ATK
Yuki Dispenser 5* / 30% SP or 30% or 20% ATK
5* accessory / 30% SP or 30% or 20% ATK

Character links: sad & nad links. use frenzy characters like Ichigo & Grimmjow.


Capitol Look:Aristocrazy

What do you get when you mix bold, chunky, forms with the sophistication of precious metals? If you’re a connoisseur of accessorial options from District 1, you might know the answer is Aristocrazy. Barreling past traditional notions of jewelry as an afterthought, the team behind this unusual shop prefers their work front and center- in the spotlight where it belongs. With an emphasis on chains (large and small), wings, and leaves, the brand’s marriage of natural and industrial influences produces a product we here at Capitol Couture just can’t get enough of.     

When it comes to the simplistically brilliant design and form of their overstated accessories, Aristocrazy is a family affair. Beginning with opening the original shop in Spain, 1942, Emiliano Suárez Faffian laid the groundwork for his family’s legacy. Aristocrazy is the most recent iteration of this heritage, utilizing the Suárez clan’s “passion, dedication and eagerness for growth” to catapult them from fledgling company to Madrid Fashion Week in just four years. Several of the brand’s larger accessories have been seen out and about in the Capitol in recent months, no doubt catching the eyes of citizens and professed fashionistas alike. Keep your eyes open, Panem- Aristocrazy is a name to watch. 

Capitol Couture salutes Aristocrazy for their familial collaboration and continued support of the One Panem initiative.  


Almost thirty years of the misunderstood, floppy haired bad boy look, a guide:

  • Long hair that parts pretty much on its own, with no effort put in to it.
  • A white undershirt, a plaid flannel shirt above that, and denim jacket for going outside, totally optional.
  • Black leather boots over fitted but slightly loose pants or jeans.
  • A reputation that makes people afraid/intimidated by you, but really being a total softie.
  • Optional accessories: Leather fingerless gloves, Ray Bans, earrings, thin dog tag chain/cord necklace.

One of our favorite past pieces for Disney—a hand-carved wooden Snow White Cottage Cuckoo Clock. Jody’s original concept did not include the wooden Snow White cut-out, just the Dwarfs’ cottage, but the Disney merchandise managers insisted that the clock would sell poorly without the character. Maybe they were right but the piece still looked better on its own. We made Snow White an optional “accessory” that could be removed on little wooden pegs, just in case. A small bird pops out of the door every 15 minutes and whistles. The hand-carved faces of the Seven Dwarfs across the bottom are copied directly from the details of the beautiful storybook that opens the motion picture. Oh, and there is a cute little bunny carved into the swinging pendulum! 

The clock was released in 2006 as a limited edition and, of course, sold out.