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Heyyyyy guysssss I’ve updated the quill section on my store and renewed all the listings so it you want a fancy but affordable birthday gift, larping accessory, general harry potter memorabilia, or have a nerdy niece/nephew who’s due for a bat/bar mitzvah pen cmon over!

 I ship out of Canada and do USA and International


Collection includes: 
- PUNK AS FUCK VEST accesory
Both located under bracelets


The mesh I used for the vest belongs to Salem2342. It’s a retexture of her denim vest acc but I couldn’t find the download link anywhere anymore so I included the mesh. I hope it’s okay. Plz don’t sue me.

Just like I promised, the gift is here! Also I know it mostly looks shitty but I had fun doing it so yeah. ENJOY!

credits: salem2342, @coloresurbanos, random google search images 

▼▼▼ See all the swatches below ▼▼▼

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Woaaahh a lot of people liked it so here’s a progress breakdown!

And also, I love reading everyone’s tags! Not many of them, but they still make me so happy! Thank you guys!


today I bring to you guys , a special gift for 1000+ followers I hit !

 I am very happy and just wanted to thank all of you who share my content and help me grow here, I greatly appreciate it! 

Create items for the sims has been a very rewarding experience, and see that people really like my content is PRICELESS…

so here it is…


  • new mesh
  • custom thumbnail
  • 12 colors + 4 patterns
  • HQ Compatible


  • new mesh
  • compatible with sliders
  • compatible with HQ mod
  • 4 colors 
  • custom thumbnail

wcif friendly!

I’ll put the link of the folder and you can choose which item you want to download



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Photography: Lily Glass


Sale!!!! Have someone you cherish?! Make sure to pick up a Paopu Fruit set to remind them you’ll stay with them forever! I’m having a small sale for Valentine’s Day, so if you purchase these from my store and use the coupon code LURVE you’ll get 10% off! Please note that this is only available on my Paopu fruit so if you use it on other necklaces your order will be canceled.

If you order by 8 February and live in the US, you’ll be guaranteed a before Valentine’s Day delivery! If you contact me on Etsy I can also upgrade you to have initial engravings put on the back of the charms for only $3 total (includes up to three letters per side)! You have to mention that you saw my Tumblr post to receive this as it’s normally $6!