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You are the Fashion Editor

Did you know by being on Tumblr that you’ve become a fashion editor? Yes you, who curates some of the wildest and most beautiful images found on the internet, who has a genuine sense of style, who only likes and reblogs things that are honestly attractive; you are a fashion editor on Wantering’s tumblr. You get to decide what is showcased, and what is not.

You’ve probably already stumbled on our tumblr, and wondered why the fashion pieces are in different sizes. No, they aren’t just randomly sized for effect. Tumblr users actually decide which fashion items are displayed large and which ones remain small.

How do Tumblr users decide? By reblogging the fashion pieces you think are hot.

The more notes a fashion post gets, the more it is featured on the tumblr page. For example, the Wildfox Couture sweater above with 176 notes takes up more space on the page than the Cole Haan oxford with only 58 notes and the Jack Spade hoodie that has even less.

So go ahead, follow our tumblr and exercise your power to decide which fashion pieces are hot, and which ones are not. With the Wantering tumblr, you are the fashion editor, and you are the one that passes judgement. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the fashion pieces on this blog post’s gif cover, here are the details:

Burberry Down-Filled Parka with Shearling Collar
Ralph Lauren Stretch-Leather Pant
Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Guilford Sport Coat
Anthropologie Gwen Booties
Stephen Webster Tiger’s Eye Bead Bracelet
Nasty Gal Dylan Fringed Kimono

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Casual-Cool Caps

10 must-have hats for everyday style

Leaving the house in a hurry? Just put a cap on it!

One of the easiest ways to get that casual-cool vibe is by throwing on a hat. From panel and sporting styles to trucker hats and snap backs, update your cap collection with a variety of prints and colors.

Editors’ Pick

ASOS 5 Panel Cap in Tweed Contrast, $27

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