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3/25/17 heavy bench (NEW BENCH PR!!!)

YO GIRL CAN BENCH 150!!! My body still feels a lil wrecked form heavy deadlifts, but I just wanted to finish this training cycle. My stomach was feeling weird and only my first single felt super tight and amazing. All my other sets were fine, but my arch was definitely not as strong. Knowing that I can bench 150 with sub par mechanics is still comforting, in a way. Under perfect condition, I definitely would be able to bench more.

I did tng bench for volume and two other accessories to keep building my bench. I really love the group of people I’ve met so far at the gym. All of us are pretty much off season and are starting to powerbuild for summer. It’s just really fun having people to mob the cables with and complain about high volume accessories with.


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Can you do 5 and 12 for Spots character development :)

5. How do they dress? What styles, colors, accessories, and other possessions do they favor? Why?

He’s got his silver tipped cane (for protection and sophistication). He’s got his slingshot (the better to shoot things with). He wears old shirts with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and the top buttons frequently undone. Then there’s his red suspenders and his newsies cap. He’s ideologically opposed to suits and ties. If he’s going to clean up and make nice, it certainly won’t be to please any grown ups. He likes his clothes to be comfortable and not too fussy. 

12. How are they bodily expressive? How do they use nonverbal cues such as their posture, stance, eyes, eyebrows, mouths, and hands?

He’s one of those people who always seems poised to spring at you. He can be unnervingly still, and he’s got his death glare perfected down to an art form. That’s not to say that he doesn’t smile and joke around, but this happens after he’s established that he’s the one in charge. He’s small, but he gravitates towards high places, and commands the space that he is in. He doesn’t fidget, except on rare occasions when he’s angry and trying to keep it in long enough to asses the situation.


Some more previews of child units I’m editing right now.

- Everything is fine, I promise.

Phoenix is still here! Did you missed her?
I received some gorgeous clothes from @kalcia.workshop and I thought I should take a picture.
I made her some bags from leather to go with the outfit. The antlers are also made by me but they are not for her but my incoming soony.
List of items;
Model; minifee mirwen tan

Shirt,skirt,corset,socks, dragonfly necklace; Kalcia
-Antlers, boots, bags, other accessories; me
-Face up; me
-Alpaca wig; me
-Eyes; mehiart

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To the dude that stole £70 of Playstation and Xbox accessories from us the other day: the security guards in the shopping centre (and, by extension, us) know your name. We checked on Facebook and you were literally wearing the same thing that you are in your profile picture, so it didn't take long to find you. I hope next time you steal you get caught and end up back in prison - it's been, what, a month or two?

A friend of mine always tells me when I complain about dumb criminals “if criminals were smart they wouldn’t be criminals” or always makes me laugh.


2017.03.21 sukekiyo at Shinjuku ReNY

sukekiyo played as a second and it was quite surprising that fans actually pushed a lot, so we were pretty squeezed under the stage at least (I ended up in the 5th row, in front of Kyo), but as soon as the beep announced the start fans went still and it was dead quiet.

There was a curtain when staff was changing the stage, so we didn’t know what will welcome us as the curtain went up. Smoke started to come out and with the sounds of Takumi playing on the piano we were greeted by all band members already present on the stage. Kyo was standing behind his mic stand. Anticipation was increasing with every second.

Soan Kunisaki. Kyo was wearing a plain red furisode kimono that was tinted black at the bottom, with a black belt (men’s style) and no shoes or other accessories. When he turned around later in the show we could see the huge DUMMY printed on the back with two smaller hands below. His head and partially his face were wrapped in bandages, dirty with blood. On the left side of his head there was a long strand of black hair free from bandages. Kyo also had his hands wrapped with bandages, with long ends tangled in the long sleeves of his kimono. Bandages went over his nose and ears, the only parts of his face we could see were his eyes and mouth, he had eye makeup and wore his labret.

Very quiet melody on piano continued as Kyo joined. Melody gradually got faster and other instruments joined. After a moment of silence they started the first song. It is a truly amazing piece. There’s a steady rhythm and the song keeps building up till the there’s heavier part closer to the end. Kyo mostly stayed behind the mic stand during this song.

Next song was new new, as I only heard it once tonight it’s hard to give more detailed description. Kyo went deeper on the stage where he used a voice changer. He was singing/screaming a lot, but his voice was changed a lot, it was very electronic and dark. If I remembered right Yuchi used his electronic gadget (I don’t remember what’s it called, it works like a drum in a way). Also there was a lot of smoke used. The song finished with Kyo’s wails and cries.

During 12時20分金輪際 and 斑人間 there was much more moving. Kyo came back to the front of the stage and was moving with the melody, raising his arms and pulling us closer. I love the moment when Kyo is singing almost without any accompaniment in 12時20分金輪際. 斑人間 started with the instrumental intro, drums + bass. Uta came to the front for a moment, Yuchi was head banding here a lot. Kyo was dancing during some parts, almost jumping with energy. Some fans around me couldn’t help but move their heads with the melody a little.

Takumi was coming to the front as well when he had guitar parts. Sometimes Takumi looked at Mika and they shared a smile, same with Mika and Uta. During ANIMA Takumi seemed very happy, he also kept looking at the audience. Kyo didn’t interact with any members, it was like he was too deep into this new world. The last part of ANIMA “sore demo watashi soba ni ite ii desuka?” was sang differently, much stronger and lower.

I generally had this feeling already at the last sukekiyo tour, that all feminine parts that built the worldview before were abandoned, and it became masculine. When I say feminine I mean that last year Kyo removed the male presence from the story by his outfit, behaviour and way of singing, but it is changing now. Rapidly.

Another new new song was not electronic, I think all members were actually using their “standard” instruments? It felt heavier, the type that would make you want to head band and jump (but we didn’t). But despite that Kyo’s singing was mostly clean, not much shouting (I think), but it was still very strong. Finished with piano quite abruptly.

During Vandal they used smoke again. And there was a lot of energy from the band. Kyo was moving a lot, sometimes crouching over the speakers in the front (heh no, he didn’t wear pants). Madness commence. There was a lot of staring at people or at some point he chose. Kyo played with his mic cord licking it and touching his arm tenderly, giving kisses and licks. He started to smile and it was quite scary. leather field continued the high energy and madness. Here too Kyo’s singing felt different.
Literally every time Kyo came closer to the edge of scene or he crouched by the speaker the photographer would be there so I really hope for some good shots from some official report!

Leather field finished with a moan, followed all of a sudden by Kyo throwing his mic on the stage which resulted in a loud noise and he stomped off the stage.
The rest of the band stayed bit longer and actually smiled, waved and nodded to fans when leaving the stage.


So I vaguely remember the hamster cage and aquarium, don’t remember ever seeing them in store or I would have definitely owned those cause they are SO CUTE.

I showed my sister the post about the other moving accessories and she lost her shit cause those were everything back then 😂

There are a few on ebay that are slightly cheaper I just wanted to show you how hard it is to re-buy your childhood SAVE YOUR TOYS KIDS.TAKE GOOD CARE OF THEM.

This famous scene from the north wall of Medinet Habu is often used to illustrate the Egyptian campaign against the “Sea Peoples” in what has come to be known as the Battle of the Delta. Whilst accompanying hieroglyphs don’t name these enemies, describing them simply as being from “northern countries”, early scholars noted the similarities between their hairstyles and accessories and other reliefs in which such groups are named.

Various “Sea Peoples” have been proposed to have originated either from Anatolia in what is now Turkey or from the European South. Although archaeological inscriptions don’t include reference to a migration, the “Sea Peoples” are conjectured to have sailed around the eastern Mediterranean and invaded Anatolia, Syria, Canaan, Cyprus, and Egypt toward the end of the Bronze Age. Some say they were refugees from the mysterious “Atlantis” after it went under.