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which hairs of yours work with the jisoo ombre accessory thingy? ik that other hairs work but im not sure which ones

I will add a tag onto my download page so you can see which ones work w/it! But until I do, all of them have a +ombre on their little squares in the doownload page

Eating malasada in Alola


Some more previews of child units I’m editing right now.

Thirty-One Ways To Make Money With Tarot

Being a Tarot professional and hobbyist can be such a wonderful experience. For many, the exploration of Tarot is one of the best parts of their lives. Some Tarot users use divination as a means for a successful career. Some use it as a side income, while others enjoy Tarot because it is their passion. Tarot is a wonderful tool for people to connect with each other and provide services of enlightenment and understanding. But what if you don’t want to sell readings? What if Tarot reading is an introspective process for you? What if you are someone who isn’t comfortable reading Tarot for others or plain don’t like doing it? How will you make money then? In this post, I have provided thirty-one ways to make money with Tarot that isn’t offering Tarot readings.

Spread Creation Services

Do you like creating Tarot spreads for yourself or clients? If you have an online eCommerce shop, you can provide spread crafting services to other tarot readers or clients who may need help in formulating a Tarot spread of their own.

Deck Modification Services

If you are a fan and skilled in Tarot deck customization and modification, you can provide such a service to the Tarot and Divination communities. Some of these services may include removing borders off decks, edging decks with faux gilding, customizing card backs and fronts, etc.

Tarot Business Coaching

Sometimes as new tarot professionals starting out we could use some tailored guidance on our journey. One fantastic thing you can do to help other Tarot readers or upcoming Tarot professionals is to offer some form of business coaching. If you have been in this business for a significant amount of time, your voice, experience, and know-how can be very much sought after. Online webinars and one to one training seem to be popular in this line of work.

Teaching A Tarot Class, Workshop Or E-Course

Tarot is becoming much more accessible and more mainstream. Teaching a Tarot course or workshop is a fantastic way to help other Tarot readers on their journey. I have taught an introductory Tarot course at one of the metaphysical shops I have worked at previously and it was such a rewarding experience. You can also create an e-course that can be downloaded and followed through online means.

Books, E-Books, Zines

Your voice should be heard and what better way to share it than with a book. You can make money with Tarot by creating independently published books and ebooks be it through Blurb, CreateSpace, Amazon, etc. One of the most popular topics are how-to guides. You can also craft your own zine both hard copy and electronic ones and sell them online. Another very lucrative market in regards to selling books is having your books in audio book formats. Using services like Audible and Apple iTunes, or even selling your own packaged mp3 files through your e-commerce store can prove a great way to make money.

Guest Writing

Do you like writing about Tarot but aren’t ready to create a full book? Something you might want to consider is writing original blog posts and content for other bloggers or providing articles for sponsored tarot networks. The pay varies but it is a cool way to make money and get your name out there.

Sponsored Content

If you have a large social media following you can do promotional and sponsored written and video posts for deck publishing companies both large and independent. You can also write and record sponsored reviews of Tarot products, goods, and services.


Do you have a significant amount of followers on your social media platforms, Youtube, blog, and website? Something you can consider implementing is Google Adsense and tailored ads that you can run on those platforms. Running Adsense on your Youtube videos can get you money from advertisers who put ads before and after your videos.

Affiliate Programs

If you use sites like Amazon and Ebay you can sign up for their affiliate program. An affiliate program is when you share links to products and services like Tarot decks and deck bags with your following through the affiliate program links and if your following purchases that product through your specific link, you get paid a commission by the program because you brought them traffic and sales.

Being A Reseller

If you have a registered Tarot business, you can apply to be a deck and book reseller for various Tarot publishing companies. You essentially purchase products (decks, books, misc accessories) at wholesale pricing and resell them.

Deck Creation

Have you ever wanted to make your own Tarot deck? Creating and selling your very own Tarot deck can be a great way to share your creativity but also make money in the process.

Tarot Deck Artist And Illustrator

If you are an artist you can market your artistic ability and services to deck creators and publishing companies who are looking for artists to create Tarot decks.

Tarot Tattoo Artist

I know of some great tattoo artists who work solely on esoteric and tarot themed tattoos. This could be something to consider if you are interested in this line of work.

Sell Your Own Tarot Decks And Books

Do you have decks or Tarot books that you don’t use or want anymore? Are you trying to slim down your Tarot collection? A wonderful way to obtain some extra money is to sell your decks and Tarot books. You can sell unused and or out of print decks for higher rates.

Missing Card Services

Do you have a deck that is missing one or two cards? A great way to put a deck like that to use and help others is to sell individual cards of that deck for people to buy if they have also misplaced a card within that deck. If the deck is popular or one that is out of print, this can be another lucrative way to use something as simple as an incomplete deck to make some money.

Tarot Merchandise

Do you like to create your own Tarot inspired merchandise? Do you like making Tarot deck bags or cloths? Making and selling tarot inspired jewelry, clothing, deck bags, deck wallets, deck wraps, deck boxes, deck mats, deck cloths, t-shirts, hats, pins and other divination accessories can help make you a significant income. You can also offer custom pieces at much higher rates and even sell them through your own online e-commerce shop, fairs, and festivals or through local metaphysical shops.

Artisan Craft Templates

Do you have beautiful artisan designs that you are willing to share with other Tarot craft creators? You can provide paid video tutorials, and templates for your deck bags, tarot cloths, crochet and sewing deck bag techniques. You can also sell tips and tricks for your tarot inspired jewelry, etc.


Do you like creating tarot journal and planner pages? This can be a great way to help other tarot readers on their journey stay organized and implement tarot into their daily routine. You can create printable pages for a card of the day, week, and month posts, as well as journaling pages. You can also create and sell Tarot themed activity worksheets, Tarot business trackers, etc.

Private Tutorial

If you have no interest in creating and selling a large course but still want to provide a specific tutorial on a Tarot or divination topic, you can sell that tutorial.

Guided Meditations

Many of us have trouble relaxing or getting “into the zone” before a Tarot reading. Like audio books, you can also sell your Tarot and divination themed guided meditations to those who are interested in that type of meditation and relaxation resource.

Tarot Speaker

If you like to talk about Tarot, you may want to try giving talks about tarot at conventions, events and Tarot themed panels.

Photographer For Hire

Are you a photographer? Have a good camera? You can offer your photography services to Tarot businesses to take product shots, and tarot themed photography for their website or blog.

Writer For Hire

Are you proficient in copywriting services? You can offer your skills to those looking to better their web copy for their business, products, and services.

Social Media Marketer For Hire

Are you a social media marketer marvel? You can offer your services to Tarot businesses who want to better their social media platforms and drive more traffic to their business.

Graphic Designer And Web Designer For Hire

Are you a graphic artist or web designer who loves Tarot? You can offer your design services to Tarot businesses and professionals who need websites, landing pages, logos, header images, promotional graphics, and banners.

Subscription Services

If you are interested in offering monthly subscription services you can create a membership service on your own site or use websites like Patreon to supply your supporters with fresh Tarot themed content monthly. You can also use websites like cratejoy if you are interested in creating monthly subscription boxes that are Tarot themed. You can also create monthly subscription “communities” tailored to Tarot and your specific audience.

Mobile Tarot App

Are you proficient in creating mobile applications? You could create your own Tarot themed app and sell it on Apple and Android mobile marketplaces. You can also make additional income if your application has advertisements within it.

Paid Focus Groups

A focus group is when companies bring a diverse group of people together to talk about, discuss and try a product or service before it is released for feedback. The pay varies by company but it is a great way to make some money. I have been in two focus groups for Tarot applications in regards to their usability and ease of use.

Middle Man Mailing Service

For those who live in various parts of the world other than the United States, there are Tarot decks that come with large shipping fees. You can offer to purchase Tarot decks for others who live in a different part of the world or have a difficult time obtaining a certain deck because of their geological location and include a service fee and send them the deck at a much lower rate than they would have to pay if they purchased it directly.

Rent Out Your Space

Do you have a store front, office space or own your home? You can rent out your space for Tarot events and meet ups.

Virtual Assistant

Do you excel in helping other people’s businesses off the ground? You might want to consider offering virtual assistant services in helping Tarot readers and businesses who need an extra set of eyes and hands to help them run it.

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Disclaimer: The intention of this post is to share the various different ways I know of to make money with Tarot that are not Tarot readings.This isn’t the only way, the absolute right way or the way that you “should” approach this topic. I can only speak from personal experience and what I know about first hand. I encourage you to do your own research, to do what you are comfortable with and to tailor any advice provided henceforth to your specific needs and individual situation. Also please keep in mind that there are various different rules, regulations, and laws that precede your location, state, country in regards to many of these money making opportunities that may be different from my own. The services and websites mentioned in this post are not affiliated with Ivan Ambrose / and are only used as examples. No professional or personal relationship should be assumed. I encourage and open up this conversation to added commentary to supplement this post of any kind.
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And here’s the other cover!

In which Fai’s glorious gun from the previous cover makes another appearance. 

I mean you gotta admit, it’s a better plan than throwing darts. 

Also WINGS. 






old T-shirt


A/N : For my first ever Harry one shot, I hope this is good and does ‘From The Dining Table’ justice.

Word Count : 1700+

Summary : Harry sees a picture of Y/N on her new boyfriends Instagram, and it breaks his heart.

                                                       * * *

Light cascades through the half turned blinds, torching the room inside and revealing tiny dust particles dancing around Harry’s head. Behind his translucent eyelids he stirs as a disgruntled huff escapes his chapped, raw lips and the sour taste and smell of alcohol and cheap, sweaty sex floods Harry’s nostrils before he’s taken his first breath. 

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New Dolls For Girls From WWE and Mattel Can Body Slam Barbie

Move over, Barbie. There’s a new doll in the toy aisle: At this week’s Comic-Con conference in San Diego, Mattel and WWE are announcing a series of “fashion dolls” in the likeness of female wrestling champions like Nikki and Brie Bella, Sasha Banks, and Alicia Fox.

Don’t know who they are? Then you’re probably not a WWE fan. But billions of people worldwide do fall into that category—and nearly 40% of them are women. (The wrestling powerhouse is the No. 1 sports channel on YouTube, ahead of the NFL and other professional leagues.) To cater to its female fans, WWE has recently launched several new initiatives, including enhancing the character development and storylines of its female wrestlers and putting them on the main roster at events—as outlined by Stephanie McMahon, the company’s chief brand officer, at Fortune’s recent Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. For its younger female fans, WWE’s first-ever line of girl-geared dolls will launch at Toys”R”Us stores nationwide in September.

“There’s this movement towards women’s athletics,” McMahon, who also happens to be WWE owners Linda and Vince McMahon’s daughter, said in an earlier interview with Fortune. “We are noticing the interest of girls more and more.”

Mattel is also noticing the growing interest in a more diverse set of toys for girls. “We know girls expect to see empowered characters in the toy aisle,” Lori Pantel, an SVP and GM at Mattel, told Fortune in an email. “The WWE fashion dolls offer a unique play experience that allow girls to re-create the in-ring action with a doll that was designed to appeal to them.”

Indeed, one size does not fit all. Over the last year or so, Mattel has aimed at retooling its traditional Barbie line to add more diverse dolls (think curvy Barbie). Even Ken has gotten a makeover (say hello to “dad bod” Ken). And other toy lines have also branched into less gender-traditional categories. Some retailers, like Target, are taking things a step further, removing references to gender and so-called “pink” and “blue” aisles in stores.

The WWE toys, however, will be marketed specifically to girls. Each 12-inch doll will come with multiple outfits and, of course, a championship title belt with metallic medallions. Other accessories include headbands and “Legit Boss” rings. Don’t know what those are either? Go watch Wrestlemania—women athletes are now included.

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Hi! Hope you don't mind me asking but how do you do that cool 80s screenshot anime look?? ((Btw love ya keep up the good work~<3))

Not at all, dear! ((ノ〃ω〃)ノ゙ ( Btw ~ Thank you very much sweetie ~<3 )

  • Line Work -  I use a basic pencil tool, and make solid lines. I usually use a dark blue shade, or a Tanish/light brown line work ! Which ever you feel looks best (note: Solid black tends to stand out a bit to much in my opinion, so i don’t always recommend using it :0 )

Base Color - Then just fill in the base color of the drawing! Anything that’s usually Black, will be colored in that solid color, line work never really shows when it’s a dark shade like black, this is because the colors weir pretty saturated to better show on the quality of TV’s they had back then, so there was rarely ever any lines defining the details with anything of that spectrum of color ! ( Note! Since the colors weir usually pretty saturated around the late 70′s to early 80′s anime, skin tones and most colors would come out a different shade then they normally are. )
Example! If there’s a character with a light skin tone, then it would usually come out as a near white shade with dark undertone shading at most times in scenes. So you can take their normal color pallet, and either saturate it to a bright shade, or a very vibrant shade, for the type of lighting!

Note! Try to Add little shading to most of the screenshot scene’s. At the time (even in some anime in this era ) adding shading to every scene took a bunch of effort, so they always tried to minimize it if they can, to make animating quicker - and easier. Especially for action scenes that involve a lot of movement - you’ll rarely see any shading at all, even none at times with scenes like that! But you’ll see some good level of shading if the scene has hardly any motions involved. So keep that in mind when drawing out a scene for a screenshot! 

Details -  Add the shine to the hair or skin and other clothing/accessories they might have!  
Note! If the character has a colored hair of a shade that usually falls under this line on the color wheel 

(i’d say right in the center it would be)  Then I would normally give them 1 color for hair shine, and if they fall above that line, then i usually give them two shades! A darker shade the natural color that falls below the actual shine! This is usually the kind of hair shading i see used in late 80′s anime! If the hair is usually pretty dark, there’s often times never any shading or shine. ( Another note! Often times in late 80′s anime shows, character with pretty dark shades of color- would normally get their hair shaded a complete black and would only have the “Shine” of the hair define the color it is, to indicate a dark dark shade of hair - example: Blue lighting on black hair, ( usually never at times a solid white, so avoid doing that lol ) light green shine on black hair, to define that it’s green hair, ect… ! 

Background - Use a water color brush for the background - most of the time the backgrounds weir hand drawn or colored, and rarely ever computer drawn, or cell shaded. So a water color brush would be something more commonly found and used in 80′s anime, with defining lines for walls and other objects ~

Extra effects - These effects are optional if you’re trying to go for that “ fuzzy “ 80′s/90′s TV aesthetic lol! 

I hope this helps give a good idea on how i do my Screenshot redraws
 ⁽⁽ ◟(灬 ˊωˋ 灬)◞ ⁾⁾ And maybe encourage you guys to try and make some yourself ! ~

Salaam! Hello, I just wanted to share with you guys this exciting news and let you know I’ll be launching an online shop in 3 weeks (yaay). Also we will be teaming up with with this as well, super exciting!! It’ll consist of affordable prices of different types of cute stylish and the typical everyday scarves and other accessories will be featured.  I’m excited to bring this to the platform to life I’ve always wanted to for awhile being now. The reason why is cause I haven’t seen any good prices of scarves out there in the market or on other sites and its time that there is one. This will start off in the US only within the following months will be international. Also, be giving the first 5 people to shop will receive free items and free shipping. So I’m super excited to start this journey and see where it goes. I’’ll be dropping the launch date soon so stay tune. I hope your Ramadan is going as planned inshallah! (awah boutique coming soon) If you guys know of ideas for the shop things you want to see on there send me some messages.

“big hugs”



The military model of the Remington 700, the M24 was made available in a limited production collector’s edition. The barrel and action are new but the stock, scope and other accessories are all straight from the combat zone, either Iraq or Afghanistan. No two M24 Collector’s Edition rifles are the same since each rifle was customized by the sniper who used it. Many of the stocks and scopes have improvised camouflage painted on and added by the sniper. (GRH)




So this is the jacket I said I was gonna upload on MTS. I’m sharing it here first, because I still need to take screenshots and figure out the polygon counts and everything before they’ll approve it there. 

“It’s a leather jacket for your Sim gals, because they may want to be a bit cool sometimes. It’s also an accessory, which means that you’ll be able to combine it with any top.
The jacket does not come with any Create-a-Style presets; bring your own. There is one recolorable channel.”

Known Issues: 

- Since this is an accessory, it can be combined with every top. However, some tops will clip through it. 

- The jacket may appear blurry when combined with certain other accessories, since accessories use a smaller texture space than the rest of your Sim’s outfit. 

- There are some “creases” on the mesh where there shouldn’t be any. I don’t know what caused them, or how to solve it.

Anyway, I’m putting it on here early. I may change a few things before I put it up on MTS, but it’s pretty much done for now.


SimFileShare (.package)

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Can I request a McCree x Reader? The first time McCree takes off his prosthetic arm in front of his s/o. Could be nsfw or whatever you want. Thank you

THIS GOT REALLY LONG AND IT’S A BIT NSFW but like? No diddling only gentle cuddles and vulnerable kisses but you’re both naked so.

Overwatch had been your home for a while now. More than that, McCree had been your home in particular. You, after all, were the type of person to find a home in the people you cared about. Home was the person you trusted most and who could trust you most in return. The feeling of mutual love and support generated by a makeshift family patched together from people like you, like him, and like every other broken soul on this watchpoint was what you would call home any day of the week. McCree, though he sometimes never said it, felt the same way. His words were not as powerful as the actions he took to show just how much you meant to him, however.

You ran a hand through your hair for a moment, ruffling it up lightly and taking a breath, sore from the training you had been put through by your commanding officer. The room you and McCree shared was quiet save for the gentle hum of his low voice as he cleaned his pistol. Sitting up from your own spot on the bed, you waved his attention to you with a small flail of your hand, causing him to look up. Momentarily, you were grateful for a boyfriend whose eyes were so sharp.

“I’m going to take a bath, I’m sore.” You declared while sitting up and stretching, “So don’t flush the toilet or anything until I’m out or I will kick you off the bed on purpose tonight.”

McCree laughed his understanding, snickering into his human hand as you meandered your way to your shared bathroom in the room, but, you were stopped by a question that surprised you greatly.

“Can I join ya, darlin?”

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Note: Oooh lala this is kept light yet some of it is a bit suggestive if you will. It`s not fifty shades of grey but I wanted to catch a bit of sexy if that makes sense. If anyone is interested in it send me a request and I might make a picture post of what kind of underwear I can see them liking. Again this is only part 1 for BTS. GOT7 and Seventeen are up soon.

Rap Monster

He`d love it. I mean LOVE it. He`d walk to the most suggestive pieces with you, probably making you a bit blushy at his bluntness. He wouldn`t hold back telling you what he`d like to see on you. Would probably be into stockings and black lace underwear. Also positive to other accessories, and maybe a corset every now and then. You`d definitely not walk out of there with less than 5 sets.


A bit like namjoon in as he wouldn`t hold back to showing and telling you what he`d like on you, however I think he might be into something a bit cuter. Would probably like pastel colors. Lots of pinks. Also cute see through nighties. Very mature while shopping though and would find it cute if you were to be shy and blushy.


He`d be thrilled to shop for lingerie with you but wouldn`t show it. I can see him cooly searching out things, like it`s an everyday thing. However he`d also use this opportunity to tease you a bit if you were to blush for example. I can see him being into something simple and elegant but that still has it`s own charms. Mostly black or other dark colors.


He`d be very excited but probably a bit shy as well. He`d need a bit of time to get used to the situation but once he is he`d be suggesting lingerie sets to you. I think Hoseok is quite open on underwear. He`d like change every now and then but I can see him overall being into something a bit fancy looking. Would also like stockings and maybe even something complicated looking because it would fascinate him. Deep wine red would be a favorite too.


Depending on the mood he`s either like Hoseok or totally shy all the time. He`d be the type to stare at a set and when you happend to notice and pick it up he`d blush looking away a bit. That`s when you know it`s the right thing. I can imagine him being into white lace underwear. Something simple and elegant, not too childish but rather mature.


He`d probably be alot like J-Hope, shy at first and then he`d not so subtly hint to you what he`d like you to wear. Probably into something playful, something he could take off you slowly. Maybe a nightie over some underwear so it`s not too revealing at first. Something that leaves a bit to the imagination. Not too innocent but neither too mature.


Shy but mature. He wouldn`t be the one searching things out but if you asked for his opinion he`d be honest. Would stay close to you with a hint of a blush on his cheeks the whole time. I can see him liking something simple but sexy. Not too revealing or complicated yet something that catches his eyes. Color isnt too important but I can see him being into black.