Bookowls Lieblingstücke

So here it is, the first edition of Bookowls Lieblingstücke (German for favourite pieces) and this month’s theme is owl bags, beautiful, beautiful owl bags of all kinds.

1: Tote bag ‘Cute Owl’
This bag from etsy user hellopenny is one I instantly fell in love with, not only is simple and cute but with $15 (Australian dollar) it is also very affordable. (I already own the bag and love it to pieces)

2: Owl shopper
Found on dawanda, price: 25€, personally I love the colours and especially the pattern used for this bag

3: Owl suitcase
Not a bag, technically, but it’s awesome. If so happen to have £250 you don’t know how to spend, here is your chance!

4: In a nutshell satchel
Would you just look at this little beauty? Disaster designs has lots of beautiful bags, this is just one of them, it’s yours for £43,50

5: Montague owl shoulder bag
Look at it! Isn’t it the cutest you’ve ever seen? Sass and Belle have thousands of beautiful owl cushions of which I so happen to own only ten, so someone buy me the rest =P, most of them also available as door stop and shoulder bags, a must-have with their beautiful floral pattern, they are going to cost you about £10

6: Owl with heart eyes crossbody bag
This one isn’t going to be cheap, it costs $60 but it’s worth it, I own the corresponding wallet and it’s beautiful.

7: Hola owl satchel
This one is another bag by Disaster Design, very pretty as all of their products are but not the cheapest, it’s yours for £37,50

8: Owl Laminate Shopper Bag
Last but not least, here’s one by Accessorize which happens to be on sale right now, from £22 down to £11!


10 Reasons To Buy Your Next Bag From Accessorize:

Dome Backpack, Leather Clara Double Zip Shoulder Bag, Emily Duffle Bag, Shearling Slouchy Backpack, Finchley Lock Handheld Bag, Leanne Shoulder Bag, Victoria Double Sided Across Body BagGuilford Satchel, Fur Backpack, Frances Zip Top Across Body Bag

10 Questions to Ask Canadians:
Is the name mounties an innuendo?
Is your blood really maple syrup?
Where’s the beaver army hiding?
Which state is Canada again?
What the hell is ice hockey?
How big is your igloo, and how do you accessorize it?
Why is bagged milk a thing?
Have you ever seen the sun before?
Are you afraid of the dark?
Canada is a country???