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Crash Course on the Holographic & Iridescent Trend

Walk into any Forever21, Urban Outfitters, or Steve Madden right now, and you’re sure to see unusually shiny, reflective items pushing into your peripheral vision. Holographic iridescent fabrics have walked down numerous runways since late 2013 and early 2014, and yet, the web is somehow completely lacking in tips on how to actually wear them. Not to worry. Grab a pen, notebook, and your debit card because you are about to learn the ABC’s of this psychedelic trend.

Start Out Small

Details count, so if you’re ready to move beyond painting your nails with iridescent nail polish, accessorize away. Try carrying a holographic bag with a black-and-white monochrome outfit, or pop on an iridescent necklace with a black blouse. If you’re still wary, limit the reflective surfaces to sunglasses, which can be paired with anything regardless of your clothing colors or patterns.

Milly Crosby Mini Iridescent Crossbody Bag
Ray-Ban Large Metal Flash Lense Aviator
Topshop Iridescent Thick Curb Chain

Let the Shoes Take Center Stage

Feeling lazy? Shoes can elevate your outfit on days when all you want to do is lounge around in sweatpants and a collegiate sweater. Here’s an effortlessly cool look that works for both guys and girls: swap out those sweats for a pair of black pants, leave the sweater on and throw on a black leather jacket or oversized denim jacket, and finish off with some highly metallic boots or sneakers. If it’s warmer out, opt for a white t-shirt (ladies, go for one a bit oversized) instead of the sweatshirt. Let your shoes do the talking, and keep the rest of the outfit as simple and basic as possible by avoiding too many patterns or loud colors.

Dr. Martens Pascal 8-Eye Boot
Topshop MOTO Ripped Denim Jacket
Unif Logo Beanie

Look for Casual Silhouettes

People usually associate shiny things with the night, but there really isn’t a rule against wearing light-reflecting items during the day. It’s all about the silhouette. Go for a casual t-shirt cut or sweaters with holographic detailing to avoid looking too formal or like you’re about to head into a club. Look for an A-line skirt and tuck in a plain t-shirt or top off with a graphic black-and-white crop top to dress it down. Finish everything off with black booties (if you want a heel on it, opt for something chunkier instead of a stiletto). The foolproof way to toning down the flashiness for anything is by sticking to neutrals for everything else—white, black, black-and-white, grays, and beige.

Milly Iridescent Leather Front Sweater
Topshop Holographic Aline Skirt
Forever 21 Fresh Perforated Crop Top

Go All In

Here’s the thing about having an entirely holographic outfit: it’s super easy if you just wear a dress. Does that mean guys have to stick to the guidelines we’ve listed above? Of course not. Pair a holographic sweater with iridescent shoes if you’re feeling brave—just make sure the colors don’t clash! But beware of overdoing it because less is definitely more when it comes to this trend. However, girls can have a bit more fun with the trend on nights out by pairing a fitted holographic dress with a blazer and black or nude pumps. Forego necklaces, flashy earrings, and too many bracelets with this look. You want all the attention on the dress.

Dress the Population Sequin Dress

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The biggest lesson here is that neutrals (especially black and white) and simple pieces are your friends when it comes to the iridescence trend. Head over to Wantering now, and find your favorite holographic fashion and iridescent pieces before they sell out!