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who allowed him to be beautiful


designers worn by princess madeleine: ida sjösted

august 26th, 2014: polar music prize banquet

september 9th, 2014: benefit dinner for the world childhood foundation

december 20th, 2015: annual swedish academy meeting

june 15th, 2017: polar music prize awards & banquet 

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designers worn by princess madeleine: elie saab

june 7th, 2013: pre wedding dinner before her wedding to christopher o’neill

june 13th, 2015: wedding of prince carl philip to miss sofia hellqvist

april 30th, 2016: king carl xvi gustaf’s 70th birthday gala dinner

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Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2017 - 0052 by Franz-Michael S. Mellbin

Three Proofs: Coda

Continuation from Three Proofs, of the Accessor Bracelets AU

Warnings: nsfw but not explicit? Words: 2,050


Dean’s fingertips dragged more softly than in any session with ropes and bonds, as though the game was seduction rather than conquest already won.

Castiel shivered under his touch. This was wrong, it had to be; Accessories weren’t for enjoyment. They existed to temper their masters, not to beguile them with whispering touches and murmurs of surrender. The room seemed swaddled in a dreamlike haze, and Castiel wondered if this was what blasphemy felt like.

For all the fantasies he had entertained – because it was coming clear that’s what they were, fantasies, not nightmare-daydreams as he had so adroitly convinced himself before this evening – none had ever been so hushed. His illusions featured multiple levels of restraint, fantastical tools, ticklish torments Castiel hardly believed could even be, and all had stoked in him sharp flares of thrill. But this that Dean imposed on him now was nothing so garish. Rather than a roaring bonfire that consumed itself in fervor, this was a slow river of coals glowing orange-hot, with curving shores shaped by skilled, guiding hands. Dean’s touch was half a step from incorporeality, brushing as a ghostly feather up Castiel’s belly and dividing out over his chest and curving back down his sides, then turning in on his hips to repeat the loop, except snaking a deviation out to the sensitive places below his ribs and passing thumbs over his nipples, then gliding a slow serpentine course leading to the juncture of his thighs, only to turn away and trace the curving geography between his pelvic bones.

Castiel twitched helplessly, his breath drawn out like long, sinuous pulls of crystalline sugar. His skin felt as though it were dusted with sun motes that stirred and tingled whenever Dean’s touch passed by. The embers in his belly were simmering, a low pulsing heat that suffused his bones and laid a thick blanket over his dwindling thoughts of dissent. Perhaps it was still a game of seduction, with Dean teasing out the last of his reservations by persuading him into the base pleasure of soft touch.

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Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2016 - 0231 by Franz-Michael S. Mellbin