5 Things You May Want To Know About The Designers Of Ela Handbags, Ela and Martin.

1) Where did you two meet?

“Martin and I met in passing in London, England at a restaurant in Notting Hill called The Oak. I was moving from London to Toronto and Martin was moving from New York City to London. Martin stayed in Europe for another few months before moving to Toronto.”

2) When did you decide you wanted to be a handbag designer?

“Both Martin and I had spent almost 10 years working for other companies in the business so we were ready for the venture. The reason for launching a handbag brand was the opportunity that we saw in the affordable luxury segment of the business that bridged the gap between fast fashion and luxury. We wanted to offer pieces that were high in quality, authentic in design, functional and approachable that I myself was looking for.”

3) Can you give us a hint into any future collections by Ela?

"New finishes for fall ‘14 include our custom camouflage and marble leather prints. Many are adorned with our signature stamps like the studs, stars and tiger."

4) If you could travel to any country or city, where would it be?

"Our next  "inspiration trip" would be to Japan - I have been many times and I have always had such a great experience there, and Martin have been wanting to go for a long time." 5)  Do you have any advice for new designers just starting out? "1. Do your research  - is there a void in the current marketplace that your idea/design can fill?  2. Start small - find local retail partners that will give you direct and honest feedback from customers on price, quality and what to tweak in order to improve your product/design.  3.stay away from consignment deals.”

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