accessories matter

“ppl who wear makeup are lying” is such bullshit like its not a fake passport its an accessory calm tf down

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Mind while trying to think of what Barba's secret is: ... Maybe he did some stripping on the side during his college years. Harvard ain't cheap, and Counselor Cutiepie, Atoorney at Love could potentially pay the bills with some well-placed hip action.

“Counselor Cutiepie, Attorney at Love“

You know, I had a full cup of coffee. Had. You know what happened to it? I dropped it on my desk the moment I read this and it spilled. I also have coffee in my nose and on my shirt sleeves. 

Further; I can’t shake the mental image of poor College-Harvard-Barba going Coyote Ugly for squealing college girls at bachelorette parties. Is this where his love of suspenders came from; a collection was required since the accessories matter more than the… wrappings in those, uhm, circumstances? You’ve infiltrated my brain with Chippendale-Legal-Aides and Magic Mike Members Of The Bar

“You have the right to remain silent and sexy.” 

“The prosecution rests, but the party does not!”

“Objection! Overdressed!”

“Can someone help me go through these briefs?”

“Call me when you need the divorce.”

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this is your fault I need to stop now.

Awesome Gifts For Mermaidkin
  • Hair accessories!!! It does not matter if we never wear them. We want them. Ribbons, flowers, hats, scarves, headbands, anything! 
  • Jewelry!!!! Even if we only wear the same bracelet and necklace day in and day out, we LOVE to hoard jewelry and shiny things.
  • Speaking of shiny thing…. 
  • Other things we love in gifts: Bright colors, Cool colors, smooth texture, ocean themes, thoughtfulness, smells good, handmade
  • Pool toys, like diving toys, goggles, those long blow up beds for napping, blow ups in general, fish that swim in the water, etc. 
  • Pretty stones, shells and gems, preferably hand picked from a beach. Even if they don’t look ‘interesting’ we will love them. 
  • Mirrors!! 
  • Little things like beads, coins, and string. 
  • Nail polish, preferably in cool colors. Also, makeup. And face masks and scrubs, especially if they have something sea related in them. In fact, just take us to a beauty store and give us twenty bucks to run wild. 
  • Candles. Fire is fascinating.
  • Chocolate. 
  • Gift cards to book stores, beauty stores, salons, nail salons, massage places, etc. Or, if possible, passes to beaches. 
  • CLOTHES!!!!!!! You know boho and indie? We like boho and indie. White tops, colorful leggings, peasant style skirts and blouses, anything with an ocean theme, anything that is super light and airy, lacy undergarments, sandals, sunglasses, totes and purses, really, I could go on.

InstyleMagazine: I just made my own pair of sandals for the very first time with the help of the women at @ssekodesigns. Their level of craftsmanship is unreal. And they are the first women in Uganda operating machinery that has traditionally been used only by men. Chic accessories meet women’s empowerment, while transforming gender stereotypes? Sign. Me. Up. –@sophiabush #UgandaBeInspired #WhereItsMadeMatters | photo by @hazelandpine

Who’s up for a game?

I’ve been thinking of doing a flash doll challenge! I’m currently snowed in, and if you’re in the DMV area, I’m sure you are too.

What is a flash doll challenge?

A flash doll challenge is a fancy name I’m coming up with for a doll that is made in the period of 24 hours. Think of it as something like those hourly comics! The 24 hour rule isn’t hard and fast, but the goal is to only spend a day on development and creation.

Mal, why? Who cares? What makes this jazzy and not something that swallows up my time?!

Woah buddy, calm down! This is something fun. This is something relaxing and fun, meant to be done as an… internet sewing club! Each week (Or bi weekly, or whenever there’s a lull in life) a prompt will be put up. Everyone participating will have 24 hours to create a character based on a short description. Descriptions will either be created by me, or submitted to the blog and posted. (No OCs please, you goons!!) The goal is to create a character based on this description. The world they live in, personality, and anything else, is up to you unless otherwise described! These characters are open territory. (See, you don’t want someone taking your OC, yeah?)

Alright, well what can I and can I not submit?

You can submit whatever you want!

Since people are creating their own takes on the description and possibly developing it into a character of their own, please do not use any existing characters, created by yourself or someone else.

For artwork to take something existing and not essentially be stealing it, the original creator should not be able to recognize their work in your own.

So, are there any rules for how my doll has to look?

Nope! No size or materials are specified. Try something new! This is something that’s meant to be relaxing and exploratory. If you’ve never worked with quilting cotton before, go nuts! Hate trying your hand at accessories? Doesn’t matter if this doll flops!! Grow from what other create. This is an open community meant for sharing and encouragement.

I will try and upload a prompt once a week, most likely every Friday to keep things consistent. Participation is optional. Everyone has rough times! Please understand where priorities lie. Nobody expects full participation each week. This is relaxing, not taxing!

Now, a last request from myself…

I would adore for people coming up with something new or unusual to submit some kind of tutorial! This is a sharing community, with a focus on collaboration, fun, and exploration. Please feel free to submit or link me in any tutorials you would like to share! I will do my best to stay up to date with all posts, but sending me images through submission is the best way. Or messaging me with a link. Let’s get real, you want those notes and a link to your blog!!