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BTS High School!AU

Jin ~ The Preppy Kid

  • Drives everywhere in a Mercedes Benz
  • Never seen without a Gucci accessory
  • The most ecstatic mom friend you will ever meet
  • Dyes his hair blonde every other week

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Suga ~ The Sleeper

  • Never awake during classes
  • Literally brings a neck pillow everywhere
  • Sits in the back and just sleeps
  • People forget that he exists
  • The star of the basketball team when he’s actually awake
  • Somehow manages to get good grades

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J-Hope ~ The Class Clown

  • Friends with E V E R Y B O D Y
  • Always the loudest in the class
  • Does weirdly accurate but not?  impressions of the teachers at lunch
  • Bursts out laughing during serious times
  • Wins the talent show every year because of his dancing
  • Honestly this boy just loves to make people smile

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Rapmonster ~ The Overachieving Nerd

  • Every teacher’s favourite student
  • What is even sleep?
  • The infuriating know-it-all that corrects everybody
  • Floats around to different cliques at lunch
  • Will suddenly look up from a book and say some random ass fact
  • The Romans used to crush mouse brains for toothpaste.”
  • Gets a lot of awkward looks and hesitant “Thats great…”s

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Jimin ~ The Glee Geek

  • Joined the Glee Club in his first week of freshman year
  • Really good at singing
  • Participates in the annual school musical
  • Does the talent show every year and always gets second place damn that dancing machine
  • He did beat Hobi twice though
  • Did I mention he’s good at singing?
  • Lowkey Highkey wishes life was like High School Musical

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V~ The Teacher’s Pet

  • Leaves apples on every teacher’s desk along with a sweet ‘Thank You’ note
  • Is friends with most of the teachers
  • Has permission to eat lunch in the staff lounge
  • Sits at the front of the class
  • Answers all of the questions
  • First one to offer help whenever a teacher needs it
  • He’s just such a sweetheart

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Jungkook ~ The Gamer

  • Cosplays as his favourite characters every Halloween McCree
  • Sits with the other dorks/gamers at lunch
  • Tries to act like one of those chill gamers but is actually very salty and hardcore
  • Gets tickets to watch LCS live calling all my league players
  • Knows everything about every game ever
  • Will give you advice as to which games to play and which ones to not

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me, working on ro.le cosplays: maybe i could start on one for keyl.eth!!
dark me: do deli.lah briar.wood because you already have 99% of it

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oh my goddddd girl don't be stupid. lexa didn't fucking brownface or wore a bindi, that shit WASN'T a bindi, some indian girl on tumblr already explained that and guess what? cultural appropriation is not a REAL THING. it only exists on the internet bye

(before we get started I would like to state that I am Indian, hence the bindi is part of my culture) 

A girl on tumblr may have said that what Lexa was wearing wasn’t a bindi and if you want to send me the link to that post please do because I would really like to see her point of view. It may state something about the bindi that I don’t know or something the part of India I’m from doesn’t follow. Now I shall get on with what I have to say to this. 

Ok first the bindi 

A bindi is a is red dot worn on the center of the forehead, commonly by Hindu and Jain women and that is in the most simple of forms. Many Indian women wear this simple red dot on a daily basis. However, there are different forms of the bindi, meaning different styles but no matter what size or style, they have cultural and religious value. If you’re interested the wikipedia has the information formatted in an understandable way if you would like to read it. This person does a cool interpretation of why the bindi should be worn or not worn. 

^^ some bindi designs. Some look very very (read: almost identical) to what Lexa has worn in the show. So I, an Indian girl, one who has worn bindis since she was born for different occasions, considers the decoration Lexa wears a bindi or at least an  imitation of one. 

As for brownface, what makes you think ADC and Lexa for that matter aren’t sporting brownface. 

So this is lexa 

and this is ADC 

Please note the difference in skin tone. ADC didn’t magically get a tan every time she stepped onto set to play Lexa and then magically get rid of the tan. She was so brown, for the first few episodes she was in I thought she was a Latina or Indian actress, and then I looked it up and saw how fucking pale ADC was, so please go on about how she isn’t sporting brown face, bc all I see is you crashing and burning trying to explain that. 

Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture. ( and bitch that’s not even my definition, it’s google’s, go look it up) - an article - if you need a video  

some beautiful (read: disgusting) examples of cultural appropriation. It’s using a cultural or religious part of a group of people and using it as a fucking costume. It’s white people wearing bindis at coachella when I am 99.9% they have no idea what it means. It’s claire's advertising bindis with white chicks and saying they’re some coachella accessories. It’s my mom being disappointed in the country she worked so hard to come to and work in, even though it wasn’t always fair to her. It’s her not having a fiery outrage in her like I do, because  she’s fucking used to her culture being dragged around like a costume by white people who don’t know shit.  It’s Native American culture being used as fashion accessories. (bc karlie kloss knows the meaning behind the headdress and she isn’t in a fashion show and is wearing it an appropriate time and place) 

If you were completely confident on your stance on these issues, you would’ve sent me this ask off of anon. Now @ anon  if you are indian or native american and you disagree with this, that’s fine, each one to his own. But my opinions are not unique to myself, cultural appropriation is real and please next time, don’t do this to yourself. I’m going to include some people who may have something to say to me, and if you want to have a civil discussion about this, sent me another ask, and we can do this again. Bye now. 

@thelovelylights - my lovely older sis who will probs drag your sorry ass. 

@residentdelinquentfather - my fellow indian who understands my outrage. 


*screaming in the distance* HOW DO KIDS WORK

Japanese Magazine Non-no Kai Interview Trans

Japanese Magazine Non-no Kai Interview Trans ©Kimjongmelle Twitter
“-Question: Favorite scent?
Jongin: During award shows I often received flower bouquets, so I really enjoy the scent of flowers.
-Question: Favorite body parts?
Jongin: Left hand’s index fingernail. During elementary school, there was a time when it stuck on a car’s door. It broke & didn’t grow & since it brings bad memory I really hate it. But then lately I think it looks kinda cute.
-Question: What did you collect nowadays?
Jongin: Fan letters. I keep them in a box & sometimes I read them. When I feel like replying, I’ll make sure I’d write it on official website.
-Question: What did you keep as your charm?
Jongin: I usually wear my mom’s handmade bracelet but now I treasure it my room. I easily lose things so that’s why I didn’t wear any accessories. My mom keeps on reminding me about this & dad told me to treasure them and make sure it won’t lose next time.
-Question: If you can choose different job for 1 day?
Jongin: I want to appear in front of everybody not as EXO’s Kai but as a normal man. I wonder if people will like me. But well since it’s only for 1 day, I don’t mind getting involved in some platonic relationships lol
-Question: If you can have a date with fans for 1 day?
Jongin: For many fans, I would perform a solo stage for them. While if I could date only one fan, I would bring her to an abandoned amusement park and enjoy our time alone.
-Question: Favorite Japanese production of art?
Jongin: Keigo Higashino’s novel esp. “The Devotion of Suspect X” novel in a “TOP 5 NOVEL” shelf in my school library & I loved the way it made my imagination goes wild when I read it. It was also my first time shedding tears over imagining a story in the novel.
-Jongin said he owned all higashino keigo’s novels.
-Jongin’s message to his Japanese fans:
To Japanese fans who gave us such warm supports, I love you guys so much!” 💕💕💕

10 Stylish Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, help showcase the inner supermodel in every mom with stylish gifts they’ll love to use. Whether you’re finding a gift for a mother who has a strong grasp of her personal style, or someone who might have forgotten about the elegant beauty queen inside her, check out these 10 stylish Mother’s Day gift ideas.

1. Brooks Brothers Medallion Print Silk Square

This elegant piece from Brooks Brothers is a versatile accessory that mom can wear as a light scarf for spring and summer for any type of outfit. 

2. Burberry Check Stamped Round Leather Strap Watch

For the mom that enjoys splashes of color with her ensembles, this chic watch has a bubbly plush-stitched leather strap with subtle golden glitter detail.

3. Flight 001 Neatnik Passport Case

Are you able to give mom a nice, well-deserved, relaxing vacation? She’ll need a beautiful passport case to bring along! 

4. Maje Manches Belted Cardigan

Spring and summer still have their chilly days, and this belted cardigan is an excellent way for mom to stay warm and cozy. The neutral color makes it easy to pair, and its simple details make it appropriate for different age groups.

5. Pandora Moments Mother’s Heart Charm

This highly polished heart charm is an adorable addition to any bracelet. Why not customize a charm bracelet for mom with a theme that is close to her heart?

6. MICHAEL Michael Kors Carter Shimmery Plush Slipper

Something to let mom walk stylishly and comfortably around the house. This plush creation from Michael Kors will make her the envy among her visiting girlfriends. 

7. Neiman Marcus Snake-Embossed Panel Tote Bag

Whether she’s the type that brings along tech gadgets, books, different makeup, or all of the above, this tote is the perfect size for mom to use as an everyday carry. 

8. Vita Fede Eclipse Bracelet

Here’s a simple accessory that is oozing with chic and confidence. Mom can wear this on her casual days with the family, or for more dressy galas. 

9. Graphic Image Medium Jewelry Box

Of course mom will need a place to store new jewelry. If you know the siblings are getting mom other fashion trinkets, be the smart one and supply the case that will keep them secure.

10. Gap Border Stripe Floppy Straw Hat

Last but not least, a bonafide warm weather and vacation accessory that any mom can rock! This charming wide-brim hat puts the spotlight on mom in a very mod way.

There are 10 listed here, but you can find more stylish gift inspirations for mom in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. And remember, you don’t have to wait for the second Sunday of May each year to show mom your love and appreciation; this should be an everyday thing! No matter how awesome it is for you to gift mom with something stylish, genuine hugs and kisses from you might be the things she’ll treasure most.