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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 5.28.15

theme thursday: wedding headpiece options

english net square-cut drop veil by mignonnehandmade

perpetual wedding feature fave mignonnehandmade’s veils have had many a day in the sun here on EFOTD, and this theme thursday’s no different. this ultra-traditional, ultra-romantic square-cut drop veil is a sheer stunner that pulls at my heartstrings.

Divine Eminence Etsy Shop

Embracing culture one bead at a time. ‘Divine Eminence’, was created whilst embarking on a spiritual journey to find Self and connect with my Roots. In the process thoughts became manifestations and manifestations became what people adorned themselves with. Now, my one of a kind pieces are a representation of pride and a love of Asian Culture and the African diaspora. Most of my design influences derive from a mere thought, or the appreciation of a single bead that then manifests as a form of optical poetry. I live and breathe beads and to me they are not just a business, but a spiritual journey. Therefore, I continually aspire to combine history, style and soul in each piece, using old antique and rare beads, stones, pendants and artifacts from different cultures and religions into contemporary handcrafted one of a kind wearable art pieces. It is important to me to begin each new piece I create in a meditative intuitive space. Being a perfectionist a necklace that may appear to be simple can take several days of selecting the right components, reflecting, adding, or changing elements until I achieve the right balance and energy needed. My philosophy is simple - if I wouldn’t wear it, I won’t sell it. It is my pleasure to offer you a gorgeous and sumptuous collection of jewelry that is eclectic and out of the ordinary. I’m sure you’ll find a piece that calls to you …enjoy wearing it as much as I have in its creation.