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service dogs on hotel beds..

i absolutely let my SD on the bed with me in a hotel? I’m not willing to haul around a kennel for that. 

She’s a 60 ish lb Poodle/Lab mix and is well groomed/hygienic (as all SDs should be in the first place). the floor is hotel property too?? like. if some one gets sand or dirt on a motel/hotel sheets or bed they just…wash them. that’s it. unless your dog is filthy and rolling in mud, does damage to the bed, pees or poops constantly in the room……….you’re probably in the clear.  

Housemates (Calum Hood x Reader) Chapter Eleven


Warnings: Mild expletives, references to abuse and manipulation.

A/N: First of all, I would just like to apologise for the lack of writing I’ve been doing over the past few weeks, I’m lame, I know. I’m back at uni now for my second semester and I go in for an extra day, and then on top of that I have to do reading and assignment prep and stuff, so I get less time to write. ANYWAY, this chapter is big!! Hope you enjoy! :)


Your P.O.V.

Jess paces from one side of the bedroom to the other, clearly with something weighing heavy on her mind. Any other day you would be patient as hell, but today you’re just not feeling it. It’s only been three hours since Calum left, despite you putting yourself out there like that. You guess you should have expected it – you haven’t exactly been the nicest person to him, so it’s a bit pathetic for you to turn around and expect him to drop everything he’s doing for you. Still, it would have been nicer than this intense feeling of rejection.

Anyway, Jess’ pacing is getting on your nerves. You’re on edge, and it’s like she hasn’t even been bothered to notice that you, too, have a lot weighing on your mind.

“WOULD YOU JUST STOP STILL AND TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON?!” You scream at full volume, at the exact same time as she says, “Calum threatened me!”

You’re surprised you even heard her speak over the top of your voice, but when you realise what she’s said you’re thrown into a state of panic and confusion all wrapped in one. “wh-wh-what?” You stutter back to her, as she finally stands still and faces me.

She sighs, before flopping onto your bed. “I’m so sorry. He stopped off at mine before heading to his hotel…and he told me that if I didn’t lie and tell you that he didn’t cheat on me, he’d tell John how I’m a manipulative bitch, a cheat and a liar!”

You furrow my eyebrows out of shock. You know Calum can sometimes be hot-headed and easily-angered, but it goes against everything you’ve known him to be. Despite the fact you were always really harsh towards him, he never once snapped back. He might have got agitated with you or showed he was pissed off, but never once did he threaten you or make you feel scared.

Your eyes begin to water. You don’t know what to do or what to say. You thought Calum was a decent guy – that he had matured since he was sixteen but, you guess you were wrong. You shuffle closer to Jess and take her into a hug, not saying anything to her in the process.

“He didn’t…hurt you, did he?” You ask her.

You feel her shake her head into your shoulder. “No, thank God. I did think that perhaps he was going to but, I don’t know, he just didn’t.”

“Oh Jess, I’m so sorry.” You whisper to her, “If I had known that by telling him how I feel would lead to him laying into you, then I would never have done it in the first place.”

Jess squeezes you tight. “Hey, you don’t have to apologise. It’s not your fault. Just…promise me you’ll stay away from him from now on. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

You gulp, hesitating before answering. “Yeah…yeah…of course…don’t worry, I’m not going to have anything more to do with Calum, I swear.”

Jess stays until early evening. She stayed for dinner and then you had a chat, but I think she left when she realised your mind was elsewhere. Your mind, should she ask, was on Calum – the entire time. You just couldn’t stop thinking about the way he treated you in comparison to the way he treated Jess. It made you so mad and, you know you promised to would stay away from him, but you don’t think you can keep away.

Throwing your shoes on and heading to the door, you have never been more determined to give someone a piece of your mind. You collect the information on Calum’s location on your way out, and your parents don’t so much as question your motives. When you’re in a mood like this, you don’t think anyone in their right mind would.

When you eventually make it to Calum’s hotel room at about half nine, you’ve managed to calm yourself down a bit, given the time you’ve had to think over exactly what it is you want to say to him. You know you were confident before, but now you’re bricking it.

You pick up the courage and knock on the door. He doesn’t open the door straight away, which makes you worry that he might be in the bar or the restaurant grabbing food, but just as you’re about to leave, the door opens.

He stares at you dumbfounded for a moment or two, as if he’s just woken up from a nap. “Hi…erm…I wasn’t expecting you.”

You gulp, “Can I come in? I think we need to talk.”

He sighs heavily, before stepping aside and allowing you access to his hotel room. It’s a bit of a mess with clothes lying across the floor and his phone charger lying on his bed.

“Sorry for the mess.” He speaks, closing the door. “…I was sleeping and, had to find something to throw on.”

“Sorry.” You apologise, “I didn’t think you’d be in bed by now.”

Calum shrugs, “Early start tomorrow.”

You nod, looking to the ground, wanting more than anything to avoid eye contact. Even though you’re supposed to be mad at him, he still sends butterflies shooting through your stomach.

“Is…there something I can help you with?” He questions, clearly wanting you to get to the point.

“Yeah, actually there is.” You admit, “Do you mind telling me why Jess turned up on my door crying her eyes out and telling me you’d threatened her?”
Calum stares back at me in confusion for a moment, until the slightest sign of realisation shows on his face. “I wouldn’t call it a threat.”

You furrow your eyebrows, “Then what would you call it?”

Calum shrugs his shoulders back casually, “I don’t know. A manipulation technique?”

You sigh loudly, letting him know you’re not impressed. “Because that is so much better.”

Calum tuts, “Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have threatened to tell John, but you’ve gotta admit I had every right to be mad.”

You look back at him with narrowed eyes. “What do you mean you had every right to be mad? Jess had nothing to do with you moving out.”

This time, Calum looks even more confused, until he suddenly clenches his jaw. “She didn’t tell you the truth, did she?”

“And what truth would that be?” You spit, folding your arms.

Calum takes a deep breath, before sitting down on the edge of his bed. “You’re not going to like it…probably won’t even listen to it.”

You soften up a little, “I came here, despite promising Jess I’d stay away from you, because I wanted to hear you out. You could at least have the decency of giving me something to hear.”

Calum looks up at you with a hopeful expression. “You came to see me even though you promised Jess you wouldn’t? I don’t understand.”

You gulp, removing your eyes from his, beginning to feel slightly uncomfortable. “I wasn’t bluffing, you know…when I said what I said about why you should stay.”

Calum bites his lip, before simply nodding his head. “About that…”

“I don’t know what Jess told you, but I can almost guarantee that she’s exaggerating it massively…” He begins nervously, “I didn’t threaten Jess to be abusive, or manipulative…I just needed you to know the truth.”

“The truth about what?” You sigh exasperatedly. “You keep going on and on and on about me knowing the truth but you never actually tell me the truth!”

Calum sighs in response, “I didn’t cheat on Jess.”

He glances up at me briefly, “I never did.”

“So, why would Jess tell everyone that you did?” You ask him, confused.

“I don’t know.” He shrugs, “Maybe because she didn’t want you to know that it was actually the other way around?”

Your eyes widen at his implication. You shake your head in disbelief. “No. No. Jess would never. She loved you. You’re the one who cheated Calum.”

Calum looks up at you, as if all his hope is lost. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me” he mumbles, before standing up and turning his back to you.

“I just don’t understand why neither of you have told me sooner.” You explain yourself.

“I wanted to.” He confesses, “I wanted you to know so bad, because I just needed you to believe me…but she made me promise; I think she’s just scared of losing you, and judging by the way you treated me when I came to stay with you, she has every right to feel that way.”

“But why didn’t you just tell me?” You argue, trying to hold back the tears from falling. “I came here despite me promising Jess I’d have nothing more to do with you…you couldn’t do the same for me?”

Calum gulps, “I guess you’re just a better person than me.”

You shake your head slowly. “Are you meaning to tell me that my best friend has been lying to me for the past five years?”

“It never really mattered up until now. As far as any of us knew, I’d only be coming back here for weekend trips every now and again. There was no reason for her to tell you the truth and have no-one left when she could have just lied and kept you close.” He shrugs.

You look at him in disgust. “You’re defending her?”

Calum takes a deep breath. “I don’t know. I guess I’m just done arguing. I’m over it.”

You take a deep breath, the tears beginning to fall. “I was so mean to you…”

Calum looks back at you, concern written all over his face. “No, no, no. I know it’s only because you didn’t know, it’s okay.”

“No, it’s not!” You argue, “You’ve been so patient with me, Cal. Even today, when I crossed a line and accused you of finding hurting my feelings entertainment…I know that upset you, and you had every right to yell at me and call me all sorts, but you didn’t. You silently made the decision to move out, and never once did you have a go at me. I’ve been such a bitch to you, and you have the right to hate me for forever.”

A small smirk appears on Calum’s face. “I could never hate you.”

You let out a nervous laugh, and you think he can tell there are a lot more tears to fall.

“I don’t know what to do about Jess.” You confess, “I kinda feel sorry for her…but at the same time, she’s wasted so much of our time.”

“Let’s not worry about that right now.” Calum advises, shaking his head. “It’s getting late, and I think the both of us could do with some sleep. So, how about you stay the night, and we’ll work out where to go next tomorrow?”

An excited smile hits your face, “Sounds good.”

“Yeah?” He questions, to be sure.

You nod, confirming you’re okay with his suggestion. He lets go of your hands and rummages through his suitcase and picks out a T-Shirt. He hands it over to you, and tells you you can sleep in it for the night. He allows you access to the bathroom to get changed, and before you know it, the two of you are lying next to each other in bed. He’s sleeping fully clothed so not to make it weird, but in all honesty, you didn’t mind if he wanted to sleep in just his underwear like he normally would.

You’re lying close to each other, with his arm draped over your body. The sound of his light snores escaping his lips not long after his head hit his pillow soothes you, and you can’t help but laugh at how much things have changed. You never thought, when he started living with you, that you’d end up feeling this way about him.

You also never thought Jess would betray you like this, but you guess there’s a first time for everything. You were tempted to storm straight over to Jess’ and confront her, but being with Calum has calmed you down. Although, you know the confrontation is going to come sometime soon, you just need to work out what you want to say.

You fall asleep picturing the many different scenarios that could play out, but surprisingly, you know it’ll all work out for the best in the end – as long as you have Calum by your side.

                                                                                 CHATER TWELVE >>

Reasons why OJ is probably the Worst Hotel Manager Ever
  • No evidence of a staff or any other guests
  • Just sorta lets the past contestants crash there without paying for anything
  • Keeps Balloon’s the public’s access to the hotel restricted based on whether or not some of the “guests” like said person
  • Seriously, it’s a public area, I don’t think he’s legally allowed to do that
  • Exploits free labor to repair his hotel instead of hiring a professional cleaning/construction crew
  • Established his location on a seemingly remote island that no potential costumers can get to, thereby generating zero revenue
  • Also built the whole thing with only a million dollars, so it’s probably barely 1-star quality
  • Hosts way to many frikkin’ parties
FaceTime *Finn Balor Imagine*

Originally posted by finnfreezedemon

*First post on Tumblr let me know what ya think!

The card slot flashed green, granting me access into my hotel room. Sighing heavily I tossed my luggage near the door and shed my jacket muffling a yawn as I stretched my arms above my head successfully hearing a couple pops from my back. It felt that with every pop more exhaustion was leaking into my body.  I fell face forward into the bed toeing off my sneakers as I adjusted my head on a pillow.

After a long workday and even longer drive my body craved just to relax and fall into the sweet surrender of sleep. Working as a WWE trainer was incredible. I was able to travel the world and work with some of the best talent in the world not only in wrestling but in the medical field as well. However, the scheduling was grueling. Just after returning from a European tour I was thrown right back into the hustle of the weekly tapings, house shows and paper-views accompanied with the hours and hours of driving.

Just as the heaviness of my eyes became too much to bear and I could feel my body relaxing into the embrace of the mattress. I felt a vibration erupt from my pocket and I felt tears prick my eyes in frustration. I was just so tired. Groaning loudly I pulled my phone from my pocket and had to blink repeatedly for my vision to clear enough to read off the name and register the face smiling at me from the screen. I felt a smile pull at my lips and my fatigue subside a bit.


“hey baby” I yawned into the phone.

“There’s my girl” his cheery, Irish accent filled my ear. I could practically see the smile he was wearing. “Did you get in a’right?”

“yeah I just got in just a few minutes ago.” I sighed softly readjusting on the bed to get more comfortable. “I wish you were here Finn. I miss traveling with you and having this bed to myself is way overrated.”

I heard him chuckle softly. “I know what you mean, love. Its been hell with you not being here. I miss seeing yer face.”

“Well we could fix that.” I chuckled. “Facetime?”

“Absolutely love. Give me about 20, I’m heading back from therapy.”

With enough time to spare I raced through a shower to clean away the grime of hours on the road and threw one of Finn’s tshirts over my head. Within a few moments I had my phone charging at bedside and my Ipad pulled into my lap waiting for the call to connect.  Suddenly the screen came to life and the face of my loving boyfriend appeared. His dark hair was tousled atop his head and his bright blue eyes squinting as his dazzlingly, devastating smile shone at me. I noticed that his beard was a little thicker and that he was lacking a shirt.

“There she is” Finn drawled at me. “my beautiful girl.”

I rolled my eyes “You need your eyes checked Devitt I look like death warmed over. These bags under my eyes are not designer.”

“Don’t play naïve you know you’re gorgeous.”

I scoffed feeling my cheeks heat up. “How was therapy?”

“Great! No more arm sling!” Finn exclaimed happily.

“That’s great baby! I’m so proud of you.”

Finn’s smile widened at my praise. “One step closer to getting back on the road with you, sweetheart.”

“I can’t wait” I smiled leaning in closer to the screen as if it would bring me even closer to him.

Finn’s eyes squinted in focus before he chuckled. “Are you wearing one of my shirts?”

I sat back and looked down at it. “Yeah it smells like your cologne and it helps me fall asleep.”

“Dear God you know how much I love you in my clothes.” Finn chuckled and I smiled back at him. “But I think they would look even better off of you.”

I felt my eyes widen as I choked out his name in shock.  The farthest we had gone was phone sex and a few suggestive pictures never had we video chatted. I felt anxiety and nerves crawl through my spine trailed by a lingering feeling of excitement.

“We don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable. Just a thou-“

“Do you want to?” I asked shyly the thought sounding more tempting the more I thought about it. God I had missed him.

Finn’s face had taken on a dark blush as he stumbled over his words.

“It’s ok” I said softly the sultriness of my voice surprising even me. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Finn’s eyes widened slightly as shock washed over him before he quickly recovered.

“Take off my shirt love. Slowly.” Finn’s voice was rough and deep as the blue in his eyes flashed something primal sending a shiver down my spine and a throbbing in my core.

I straightened up and reached for the hem of the oversized shirt slowly pulling it up. I heard Finn suck in a rush of breath and glanced at the Ipad to see him covering his mouth with a hand his eyes fixed intently on me. Once I removed the shirt, my damp hair falling around me I tossed it to the floor.  The coolness of the hotel room making my breast harden into peaks.

“Fuck” Finn shuddered a breath dragging his hand down his beard. “God I love ya tits”

I leaned back into the pillows I had propped up and let my hands fall to my breasts gently massaging them and twisting my hardened nipples as soft sighs and mewls fell from my lips. Finn had always loved my breasts always being sure to pay special attention to them during sex. His favorite is when we would cuddle and he would use my chest as his own personal pillow. I tried to mimic the way his hands would jump into action, imagine my hands were his as they explored, massaged and tweaked .

“Dats it baby” Finn growled biting his lip eyes locked on me. “Imagine me sucking on ya tits biting as I blow a breath on them.” I felt a shudder run through my body at his description. “ I’ll run my hands up and down your sides, trace over your stomach…” I whimpered and looked at the screen. I could see the muscles of his bicep flexing as his hand disappeared below the screen.

“I want to see you Finn.” I whispered. “I want to see all of you.”

Suddenly the screen shifted as Finn adjusted his screen to the side of him where I could see the length of his torso. His chiseled frame was reclined against pillows and I recognized he was settled in our bedroom. A hand was wrapped around his hard dick pumping slowly spreading a thin layer of precum along his shaft.  God I was a lucky woman.

“I expect the same courtesy darlin’ “

I used the case my Ipad was in and teepeed it beside me in bed like Finn had done positioning it so he could see my torso up to my face.

“Shit. No panties sweetheart?” Finn growled. “So fuckin’ sexy.”

I hummed my approval of his accented words, my hand trailing down my body as the other continued to play with my breast. My fingers swirled in the slick wetness between my thighs a whimper falling out of my lips. With Finn out on injury sex had been hard to come by, Finn hadn’t even been cleared for physical activity like sex until a couple weeks ago and with my traveling finding time for intimacy was hard.

I rest my head on the pillow and watched Finn as his hand pumped his dick. I matched his rhythm and speed as my fingers slipped inside of me with ease the cry leaving my lips one of ecstasy.

“oh God Finn” I whined throwing my back into the pillows arching myself further into my hand.

“Fuck I love hearing ya moan my name sweetheart. God I want to be inside ya darlin’ buried deep in you. I’d pull ya on top of me and let you ride me so I could touch ya tits and see your face. God ya look so beautiful when I make ya cum.” Finn threw his head back, veins popping across his neck as he groaned in pleasure.

I moaned feeling the familiar pleasure lick at the pit of my stomach. I urged my fingers faster and harder.

“Oh God Fin” I moaned “Im gonna cum”

“Dats it baby” Finn cooed “Come with me. Feel my dick thrustin’ in and out of ya.”

I squeezed my eyes tight feeling Finn’s words wash over me as my fingers worked myself over the edge and I felt the bubble burst.

“Oh Finn fuck! Mmm” I cried out as I reached my high, my body arched off the bed and my hair tossed around me as my mouth fell open gasping as the orgasm washed over me.

“Shit darlin’!” Finn grunted shortly after and I opened my eyes in time to see Finn give himself a few more good strokes before cum shot from his dick coating his stomach in pearly splatters.

I hummed softly content as my chest rose and fall rapidly as my high began to decrease. Finn was in a similar state his chest rising and falling as he reached for the Ipad and brought it back closer to his face giving me a lopsided grin. I retrieved my Ipad as well.

“That was great” Finn laughed running a hand through his hair.  “Thank God fer facetime.”

“Mm” I hummed sucking my fingers, still coated in my juices, into my mouth. 

“Fuck ya killin’ me” Finn groaned out but gave me a blinding grin as he dropped his head onto the pillow. I smiled as he reminding me of a giddy school boy.

“Well I don’t wanna do that” I cooed “cause no matter how good that was It will never beat the real thing.”

“I love you sweetheart.”

“I love you Finn.”

‘I Told You So’


Super short thing for snarkysurana and inconueniens-ludos because you’ve both had a pretty rough time recently and I love you and you deserve all the happiness in the world. I wish I could give you that, but unfortunately, due to the fact that we live in different countries, this is the best I can do. I hope you like it anyway. I love you! <3

Ragnor discovers Raphael and Simon are dating.

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The Book of Souls World Tour 2016 highlights

since the last show of the year will be at Wacken on Thursday I thought I’d make a list of my favorite moments this tour

• Bruce making a complete recovery from his cancer ordeal and sounding better than he ever has
• Everyone being so happy and relaxed and genuinely enjoying each other’s company onstage, especially Adrian with Janick
• Ed Force One. Enough said ♥️
• Nicko being denied access to their hotel in Mexico because he looked like a homeless person 😂
• A South American fan crowdsurfing in his wheelchair
• The whole “climb like a monkey phenomenon” that Bruce started that went from simple hand motions to stuffed monkeys to a full-on monkey mask
• Bruce taking off Janick’s shoe and throwing it across the stage in Los Angeles during Blood Brothers
• Bruce having a “jet lag moment” in Tokyo during The Trooper; he had the flag but no microphone 😂
• Bruce doing the shoulder shimmy with Adrian and messing with his microphone during Wasted Years in Tokyo
• Bruce running across the stage with a fire extinguisher and assaulting Janick and Adrian with it during Tears of a Clown in Hungary

Awkward U-KISS Fan Fiction Facts

- The reason that nobody writes porn fics that take place in Kevin’s room is because we have seen Kevin’s room. The decor in that particular location is the only reason we might believe Kevin is a virgin.

- Weirdly Monogamous Hoon. If someone else in the story is cheating on their significant other, Hoon will be monogamous. If nobody else is cheating, Hoon will be. 

- You know all of those really bad fics on AFF? The good authors read them. Frequently. And enjoy them. Quite a few enjoy sending excerpts back and forth in an attempt to one-up the awfulness of stories that other authors have discovered.

- People still read Kemaru fan fiction.

- People still read ElVin fan fiction.

- There’s a strange sub-genre of fics that involves one particular, oddly specific fetish: Eli in maid costumes. The costumes are usually too small, but he wears them anyway. 

-  U-KISS authors never have to try hard when coming up with a setting. We only have six. For canon stories, we have: dorm/hotel, apartment/house or concert venue. AU stories have access to coffee shop, hotel or college.

- The definition of trying too hard: Writing a story where AJ hooks people up with Kevin.

- AJ is most frequently paired with Kevin or Hoon. Want to know the creepy third place? Dongho. 

- People still ship 2Shin.

 - There exists a story in which UKISS are shape-shifting feline spaceship captains. No punctuation is missing from that sentence. 

- Most authors describe Kevin as a blonde. Not due to preference, but due to the fact that describing him as a brunet frequently confuses readers. 

- It’s been three months since Jun was introduced. People still aren’t regularly including him. 

- Koikoi’s fic Blonde Ambition, no longer available, is still a popular ElVin fan fiction search.

- Behind the Sex, despite having now-yearly updates and being a Kemaru fic, is also popular still.

- Most of the fan fics based directly on music videos older than Standing Still have been removed from online archives. 

- The oldest U-KISS story on AsianFanFics is a four chapter You fic. It was published in 2010. Here’s the summary:

So, BASICALLY, U-KISS live in Rainboworld. Ethan, the king of Rainboworld, sends the 7 members down to earth to fufill a mission: get back the key stolen in order to bring back colors in Rainboworld. But what if their enemy has a secret weapon? And they can’t help but fall under it?

- This is the summary for another story, published about a month later:

Dear Heavenly Father Thank You for This Day And Thank You For Your Love Bless My Soul And Deliver Me From This Evil I Want What I Can’t Have Take And Steal From The Weak My Heart Aches And Burns From Pure Lust Confused With Love I Have One Mind And One Thousand Fantasies Have Mercy On Me Oh Lord. I Am Consumed With Desire Yet Grief. Yet My Bones Are Vexed. My Soul…. Deliver My Soul Put Them In Fear Oh Lord

- ElVin is still the most popular pairing. Especially when vampires are involved.

- Strangely, I think there’re only two UKISS/Harry Potter crossovers.

- LittleLoveStories is one of the most prolific authors in the U-KISS fandom. Unfortunately, most people haven’t heard of her – she rarely, if ever, tags her stories as U-KISS. She writes VinSeop pretty much exclusively.

- And, to top it all off, most of these stories in this fandom are written about a bunch of seemingly mostly-gay guys by a bunch of girls who, well, mostly like girls.

I am currently at an anime convention and only have internet access at the hotel at night, but I just need to make this post XD

@notesandthoughtsofawannabewriter has informed me that Yen Press has decided to publish AxK in print due to popular demand~ As of when let me see if Yen Press has a booth at Sakura Con and I can ask them tomorrow OvO

Track 61

Part of the Metro-North Railroad in New York City, Track 61 served as a private railroad platform located underneath the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in order to provide easier access to the hotel.  Although it is dirty and not in much use, the track has never been officially abandoned due to its continued use as a place to hide old train or subway cars and its use as a powerhouse.

The first person to use Track 61 to gain access to the hotel was General Pershing in 1938 and it was later used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he needed a more secluded way to move about the city on business.   In reality, the track was never meant to be utilized as a station but its location was simply too good to pass up for those special guests of the hotel who had private rail cars.  Those select few could opt to use their cars to get to the station and then leave them close to a private elevator so they could skip the front lobby in favor of something more fitting of their stature.

Track 61 now lies behind a locked door on 49th street, just a breath away from exploration by legend trippers.

Do you see this beautiful pool?

This is the beautiful pool at the beautiful hotel which we are staying at in beautiful Anaheim, California. 

I just found out that said hotel recently installed (for the pool AND the jacuzzi) one of these beautiful inventions: 

Now I can float and swim and relax to my heart’s content and not have to worry about how to get out of the water!! 

The ADA is a beautiful fucking thing. 

sadgaywerewolf  asked:

Hi! So I'm trying to put together a list of spoonie friendly/helpful/fun products and was wondering if you or your followers had any recommendations!

Oooo!  That’s awesome!  I’ve always wanted to do this on my blog, but always seem to forget.  I can’t wait to see what people come up with!  Please tag me in the final list and I’ll reblog it here!

  I’ll post my list, and then I’m sure people will share their own awesome finds through replies or reblogs. :0)

-Electric Heating Pads!  (I got mine at CVS, but you can also get them online or other places.)  I’m going to nerd out here for a minute because I’m studying for the occupational therapy boards right now….So temperature and pain are communicated through the same track in your nervous system.  If you are flooding the tract with temperature sensory information, there isn’t as much room for pain information.  That is why exposing the ouchy area to a change in temperature seems to help (and why mums blow on a booboo to make it feel better).  But aside from that, heat and ice do other cool stuff.  Heat relaxes tissues/spasms and cold reduced inflammation (in addition to numbing the heck out of the surface tissues haha).  There are contraindications for both heat and cold, so make sure you use these things safely!  If you aren’t sure, ask your doctor, OT, or PT!  :0)

-Pilates Reformer: I was skeptical about the whole pilates thing.  But my mom found one for super cheap on groupon or woot or one of those discount places and it’s fab!  Since it’s all laying down, it’s great for someone who is orthostatically challenged or needs low impact activities.  Plus, it’s kind of fun.

-Weighted Blanket: (Sorry, it’s my OT showing again.)  Weighted blankets provide deep pressure which can be very calming.  They are great for people with anxiety or who have trouble calming down enough to sleep and/or do quiet work.  They are kind of expensive to buy, so I make my own using rice.  Easy peasy!  

-Fit Bit: I just borrowed my friends for a weekend and I got SO much more exercise without it feeling like work.  Fit Bit counts how many steps you take each day and you can have competitions with friends/family.  It made me realize how much each step I take helps.  I found myself parking farther away from stores and getting up to pace during TV shows.  I’m a very competitive person, so besting my friend’s score and/or meeting my personal goal each day was great motivation.  I like how I can adjust daily step goals based on how I am feeling too.  Because some days, doing ANY steps is an accomplishment!  Some models also keep track of heart rate, calories burned, and probably other helpful stuffs.

-Cruises!  Why are cruises listed as a spoonie product?  Because they are a great first step for a Spoonie who wants to travel!  On cruises, everything is taken care of for you and there are healthcare people on board.  They are used to customers with all kinds of medical needs and disabilities (dialysis, mobility difficulties, low vision/hearing, IV meddies, etc.) and have the ability to ensure a safe and fun experience. You have a home base so you don’t have to worry about booking accessible hotels or how to get health care in other countries.  And many of the excursions are completely accessible (or can become so with requested accommodations)!  

I’m sure there are more things, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.  :0)

The Model Series #53: Big Surprises Part One of Two

Harry: Harry had been fidgeting throughout the entire interview. I mean, it was Piers Morgan of COURSE he was going to ask about it. The interview was coming to a close when Piers turned to him and Harry knew he was going to bring it up. “So, Harry. There have been a lot of rumors lately about you and [Y/N]. Would you like to confirm or deny any of them?” Harry took a deep breath to keep calm before answering. “Yes. It’s true, [Y/N] and I are having a baby.” The audience goes crazy as a huge smile breaks out on Harry’s face. Piers waits for the audience excitement to calm down before asking his next question. “So…are you and [Y/N] planning a wedding?” Harry’s smile wavers a bit. “Actually no, we’re not planning on getting married.” This time there are no cheers and Piers looks stricken. “So….you’re having a baby but not getting married?” Harry forces himself to smile. “Yes, that’s correct.” Piers smiles fakely and turns to the camera. “Well you’ve heard it here first, Harry Styles and supermodel girlfriend [Y/N] [Y/L/N] are having a baby! Congratulations Harry, all the best.” Harry smiles and nods a ‘thank you’.

Louis: “So Louis….who is this?” The interviewer flashes a collage of photos on the screen of Louis embracing a woman who clearly wasn’t you and entering/leaving her house. You dig your nails into your palm as you sit in the dressing room and watch the boys during their interview on the TV. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat and the rest of the boys watch on, not offering any support. “She’s a friend of mine.” The interviewer raises their eyebrows and the screen changes to one large photo of Louis kissing the woman passionately. Backstage you narrow your eyes and look away from the monitor until the picture goes away. “She was….a mistake.” Louis clarifies. “I love my girlfriend [Y/N] very much and she has been generous enough to forgive me where I couldn’t forgive myself. I won’t blame this on anyone else, this was completely my fault and my decision. Thankfully these lads here and [Y/N] brought me to my senses and I’m in a much better place than I was.” The audience applauses weakly and the interviewer moves on. Backstage you exhale a long breath you weren’t aware you were holding and text Louis, knowing he has his phone. He discreetly checks his messages and nearly cries when he sees yours. “I love you and you love me and that’s what matters. I’m in love with you Lou." 

Zayn: "She said yes, that’s the important part.” Zayn laughs over the phone as he is interviewed by a radio show. “I mean it’s totally up to you mate but an engagement is a big thing! Tell us how you did it!” Zayn laughs again and thinks back. You and Zayn were visiting friends in NYC one weekend and you stayed in the Ritz Carlton–a hotel that neither of you had ever stayed in before, too “high risk” for him and the boys when they were on tour (all the fans and such) and you never thought it worthwhile to book a hotel suite in the fanciest hotel. Zayn knew this was the weekend he wanted to propose but he was at a loss as to how to do it. Eventually he couldn’t take the waiting so he asked your friends how to do it. They were full of suggestions but eventually they came up with a plan. Your friends stole you away for the day before leading you to a secret place in Central Park. Zayn had decorated the park (outfitted with hundreds of security guards to keep fans and paps away) with twinkling lights, candles, and gorgeous food. A band played music in the corner as he bent down on one knee in front of you, gently holding your hands. You cried, your friends cried, even Zayn cried before sitting down for a scrumptious dinner prepared by the chefs at the Ritz, your new engagement ring sparkling in the light.

Niall: He didn’t want to do the interview and spent hours arguing with management on the phone. Finally he agreed to do it, after you encouraged him to. “I’ll be back in a few hours baby…..will you be okay?” You nod stiffly, the tubes stuck in your arms preventing you from hugging him. Niall was clearly uncomfortable the entire interview, not sure what management told this interviewer not to ask. Clearly you weren’t on the list and the interviewer turned to him. “So Niall…..we’re all curious as to what has happened with [Y/N]. Last we all heard she was admitted to the hospital?” Niall feels Harry’s hand squeeze his knee, as if trying to transfer his courage to Niall. “S-She is in the hospital yes. We’re still waiting for the final prognosis but they think…..they think…..” Niall swallows hard past the lump in his throat and forces himself to continue. “They think [Y/N] has cancer.” The audience is clearly shocked and Niall is breathing hard, trying to keep himself from bawling on TV. The interviewer respectfully changes the topic and that’s the last time Niall speaks during the entire thing. He rushes back to your hospital room after the interview, after basically moving into the hospital with you. You’re sleeping peacefully in your bed and Niall sinks down on the couch by the window. He watches you sleep, IVs and monitors stuck in you like a pincushion. He starts crying and doesn’t stop until he lulls himself to sleep. 

Liam: Liam blinks as if in shock during the interviewer, the news having only dropped the day before. You were both still in shock that it had actually happened. Liam doesn’t even hear the interviewer say his name and only responds when Zayn elbows him in the side. “Now Liam….do you want to talk about the tape?” He actually doesn’t, no. But management made it clear he would talk about it or face “serious consequences”. “There isn’t much to say. Someone stole something very private from [Y/N] and me and published it online.” The rest of the boys were just as outraged as you and Liam when your sex tape was leaked online. Of all the privacy invasions both you and the boys have to face, you never imagined that would be one of them. Especially considering it wasn’t on an iCloud device, someone physically stole the camera and published the video. Someone who had access to your hotel room. The possibilities were confined to the boys’ security team, all of whom you trusted, and management. You certainly didn’t trust them and as soon as the tape started garnering views, it started generating rumors that Modest leaked it to keep the boys’ names in the public eye. Your twitter feed blew up with disgusting comments, name-calling, and parallels drawn to Kim Kardashian. Late night comedians already started making fun of it on their show and you hadn’t left the house in two days, ignoring everyone’s phone calls including your mother. You weren’t able to talk to her yet.

Part One of Two! The next one will be an interview with you.


Chapter 3 of Futatabi is now up on AO3!

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Beatles press conference ahead of their concerts at Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas on August 19th 1965. The conference was held at the Sheraton-Lincoln hotel, where the Beatles were staying. During this stay, some Beatle fans got the idea of dressing as maids to try and gain access to the Beatles hotel rooms. Sadly they were thwarted before they reached the boys! 

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