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Tuesday, MSF marched in the streets of DC with other organizations at the Internetional AIDS Conference. We told pharma to put people before profits. Millions die without access to affordable generic meds, we marched and will continue to march for them.

Bayer Attempting To Block Affordable Patented Drugs In India

German pharmaceutical company Bayer is challenging an intellectual property decision in India that allows more affordable generic drugs to be produced in the interests of public health. You can see the extent of the price differences in this image.

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Graphic by Will Owen

India Issues First Compulsory Licence

Groundbreaking Move Sets Precedent for Overcoming Drug Price Barriers

12 March 2012, New Delhi/Geneva – In a landmark case, the Indian Patent Office has issued the first-ever compulsory licence in India to a generic drug manufacturer. This effectively ends German pharmaceutical company Bayer’s monopoly in India on the drug sorafenib tosylate used to treat kidney and liver cancer. The Patent Office acted on the basis that not only had Bayer failed to price the drug at a level that made it accessible and affordable, it also was unable to ensure that the medicine was available in sufficient and sustainable quantities within India.

New Delhi/Geneva, 5 September 2012 Bayer compulsory licence hearing has concluded and the judgment order will be issued in the coming weeks.

Photo: India 2008 © Jean-Marc Giboux/Getty Images