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Beta Launch!!

Hello everyone! Exciting news: we are ready to announce that we will be launching the Pillowfort beta this Friday, February 3rd, at 3PM EST! We’ll be sending out emails to everyone who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign with access keys you can use to create an account– you’ll get one key for each $5 you contributed, so if you receive more than one key you can create several accounts for yourself (with different emails or the same email), or give the extra keys to friends so they can sign up. We’ll also be releasing our community policies and details about the moderation system within the next couple days, so stay tuned for that. And as always, thanks to all of you for supporting us all this time, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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#whyisign #deaftalent learning ASL is incredibly fun and super beneficial but i didn’t always see it that way!! here i chronicle the struggle of accepting my Deaf identity and why i wanted to learn ASL!

important caveat to my earlier post is that if you have directly relevant professional skills, even if you’re new in political work, you should definitely offer those to smaller organizations. If you’re a lawyer, a journalist (or former journalist - the point is more someone with media connections or knowledge about how to get media), a social worker, a graphic designer, a licensed childcare provider, a grant-writer, a videographer, a photographer, or an accountant – and you are willing to volunteer in that capacity – please go to a small organization first. Heck, if you’re a doctor or nurse, please volunteer with organizations where that is useful (tent city unions, environmental justice groups that study pollution impacts, students’ organizations fighting budget cuts that reduce nurse access, universal healthcare campaigns). 

I don’t have a problem getting former NYT employees or lawyers involved, and we actually have strict limits on volunteer labor in those capacities – because we have our own legal department, for example – so you will be able to use your skills more in a small organization and that organization will also disproportionately benefit. 

A simple typo gave Russian hackers access to Clinton campaign emails

  • Russian hackers sent Clinton campaign manager John Podesta a falsified (phishing) message asking him to provide his email password.
  • Campaign aide Charles Delavan advised that the email was “legitimate” and “John needs to change his password immediately." 
  • Delavan says he knew it was a phishing attack and meant to type "illegitimate." Read more
Trump Promises to Cut Funding to Climate Change Programs in First 100 Days
In Gettysburg this weekend, Trump unveiled his agenda for first 100 days in office.

Donald Trump promised he would immediately redistribute funds earmarked for UN climate change programs and channel them to domestic projects. In a speech in Gettysburg, Trump said during his first 100 days in office, he would also lift restrictions on energy production, including oil, natural gas and “clean coal,” and greenlight projects such as the Keystone XL Pipeline.

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wait, what even happened with benedict arnold???

Historically, he was manipulated into betraying the US army during the Revolutionary war.
In the AU, back in the summer/fall, he helped hackers gain access to Washington Campaign emails etc. However, because Washington was an active Senator at the time, this included somewhat classified govt info. On top of that, he was embezzling campaign funds.
So yeah.

One other thing I’d like to remind people is that the next president could nominate up to four Supreme Court Justices. I know that’s not a sexy issue and it doesn’t tend to dominate the headlines, but it really, really should. Whatever issues you’re passionate about (voting rights, access to abortion, campaign finance, health care, etc.) the Supreme Court wreaks massive influence on them all. The Court is composed of a mere (usually) nine people who together decide things like whether you should be able to vote in Alabama if you’re black or if you should have to drive 300 miles to get an abortion if you’ve been raped. So in the coming weeks and months you have to decide if you’d like Hillary Clinton to nominate the people who make those decisions for you or if you’d prefer Donald Trump to do that. To illustrate, Donald Trump could substantively influence critical decisions your granddaughter has to make about her reproductive health care, long after you’re dead. And that’s not a silly thought exercise, that’s an elementary understanding of how the Supreme Court, whose Justices are appointed for life, shapes American lives through law.

So my hope in writing all this is that somebody might read it and move past the cult of personality nonsense that makes up the bulk of election “news” and think about what matters to them, on an issue-by-issue basis and vote based on that.


The DNC just punished Bernie Sanders in a big way

The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders suffered a major setback after the Democratic National Committee removed the campaign’s access to the DNC master list of likely Democratic voters. The penalty is in response to findings that Sanders’ campaign had improperly accessed voter information from the rival campaign of Hillary Clinton. This bad news for the Sanders campaign.

Bernie Sanders addresses the breach of campaign information and his lawsuit against the DNC

Moderator: “We want to address the controversy of the last 24 hours right off the top because we heard some of the most heated rhetoric of the campaign so far between two of the campaigns on this stage tonight. Senator Sanders, you fired a campaign staffer. You have sued the Democratic National Committee. All of this after your campaign acknowledged that some of your staffers, ‘irresponsibly accessed data from another campaign.’ The Clinton campaign called this a very egregious breach of data and said, ‘our data was stolen.’ Did they overstate this, or were your staffers essentially stealing part of the Clinton playbook?”

Bernie Sanders: “Let me give you a little bit of background here. The DNC has hired vendors. On two occasions, there were breaches in information. Two months ago, our staff found information on our computers from the Clinton campaign. And when our staffers said, ‘Woah, what’s goin’ on here?’ they went to the DNC quietly, they went the vendor and said, ‘Hey, something is wrong.’ And that was quietly dealt with. None of that information was looked at. Our staff at that point did exactly the right thing. A few days ago, a similar incident happened. There was a breach because the DNC vendor screwed up. Information came to our campaign. In this case, our staff did the wrong thing. They looked at that information. As soon as we learned that they looked at that information, we fired that person. We are now doing an independent, internal investigation to see who else was involved. Thirdly, what I have a real problem with, and as you mentioned, this is a problem, I recognize it as a problem, but what the DNC did, arbitrarily, without discussing it with us, is shut off our access to our own information, crippling our campaign. That is an egregious act. I’m glad that late last night that was resolved. Fourthy, I look forward to working with Secretary Clinton for an independent investigation about all of the breaches that have occurred from day one in this campaign because I am not convinced that information form our campaign may not have ended up in her campaign. Don’t know that, but we need an independent investigation and I hope Secretary Clinton will agree with me for the need of that. […]”

Tuesday, MSF marched in the streets of DC with other organizations at the Internetional AIDS Conference. We told pharma to put people before profits. Millions die without access to affordable generic meds, we marched and will continue to march for them.

Demonstrators in Delhi, India, protest against proposed provisions for a free-trade agreement between India and the EU that would limit access to lifesaving generic medicines in the developing world.

MSF spoke out for neglected patients in 2011 by waging campaigns for better practices around childhood malnutrition, for greater access to medicines for those who need them most, for the medical needs that exist in ever-expanding slums, and more.

Photo: India © Rico Gustva/APN+


Dear Supporters,

Thank you for joining our call to action urging Johnson & Johnson to license the company’s patents on three lifesaving HIV/AIDS drugs to the Medicines Patent Pool, a mechanism designed to lower prices of HIV medicines and increase access to them for people in the developing world.

Despite continuing to earn record profits and a company credo that calls for putting patients first, on December 19, Johnson & Johnson continued to turn its back on people living with HIV/AIDS in many developing countries by telling the Pool it refused to license its patents on the HIV drugs rilpivirine, darunavir, and etravirine.

Over the past two years, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been urging Johnson & Johnson, and other companies holding HIV drug patents, to take this critical step of joining the Pool. The Pool would license patents on HIV drugs to other manufacturers and the resulting competition would dramatically reduce prices, making them much more affordable in the developing world and allow new combination medicines.

In refusing to join the Medicines Patent Pool, Johnson & Johnson says there is no urgency for making these drugs widely available in developing countries. That’s simply not true. MSF now provides treatment to more than 180,000 people living with HIV worldwide, and is beginning to witness the inevitable, natural phenomenon of treatment failure, whereby people develop resistance to the drugs they are taking and need to graduate to newer medicines.

Furthermore, rilpivirine, darunavir, and etravirine were identified among the key drug formulations needed for HIV treatment by the Medicines Patent Pool, UNITAID and the World Health Organization’s HIV/AIDS Department.

The fight for our patients does not end here with this announcement from Johnson & Johnson. MSF will continue to press Johnson & Johnson and other companies holding patents on essential HIV/AIDS medicines to join the Medicines Patent Pool.

Ultimately, it is about breaking the double standard of access to essential medicines for patients living with HIV/AIDS in developing countries. For the sake of patients who are resistant to today’s treatment as well as patients of tomorrow who are still waiting for access to improved drugs, MSF will continue to call for real access to affordable medicines.