Head Canon - Dredgen Yor

He didn’t look like Thorn.

As much as I love to think of him as wearing edgy, ragged gear that looks as savage and strained as his cursed weapon, imagine something else for a moment.

You see a tall, noble man. Everything you’ve ever imagined a Guardian to be you see reflected in this man before you - everything about him is pristine and well-kept. His armor is clean and bright and you could easily imagine him standing upon the Walls, holding the City against anything the Darkness can throw at it.

But there’s something… something in his eyes, in his stance, in the way he shushes you and lays out his syllables and talks circles and riddles around himself. He is everything you’ve imagined a Guardian to be, but there is something fundamentally wrong about him and you can’t figure it out…

And then you see Thorn.

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what are some other family-instilled values (by which I take it you mean sort of "traditional" values?) that you see Phil as subscribing to? Or did you say that mostly because he's obviously still so close to his family, so we can presume his values might align with theirs? If anything I always thought the Lesters seemed pretty progressive. I guess now I'm not sure why I think that but maybe because Martyn is older & he's been dating C for yrs with seemingly no pressure for them to get married

It’s that he’s close to his family, yes, but more so than just close - he highly prioritizes spending time with them as a family unit, to the point where he left Dan alone to do the radio show so he wouldn’t be missing a Florida vacation with them a few years back. He often repeats things his mother says without any sense of questioning them or thinking independently about them. He’s adopted superstition as a family trait, and makes his content with his family watching in mind which implies to me that their approval and not offending them means a lot to him even though the reality is that he’s a thirty year old man and has no real world obligation to keep his content at parentally-approval levels. 

To the point about them being progressive: they might adapt their attitudes to the lifestyles of their children but that doesn’t mean being progressive comes naturally to them or that they led with a progressive example when Phil and Martyn were younger. It was just a few years ago that Phil and his mum did that video together and she legitimately thought the most embarrassing moment of his childhood was when he, as a toddler, put on a hat meant for a little girl. And Phil also reacted as though that were completely and totally an embarrassing thing for him to have done. That kind of heavily gendered thinking doesn’t shout progressive to me. 

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Reasons why people need to give Mon El a break:

- He is from another planet, stuck on Earth with no one from home to understand the way he is feeling 

- He essentially has no support system other than Kara 

- Everything he thought he knew is probably wrong, such as how Kryptonians were supposed to be horrible people

- He almost died by an attack on aliens

- In the Thanksgiving episode (I think), Mon El asks how mating works on Earth and then asks if Kara has chosen her mate after being told people pick their own mate. Then, that Mxy- whatever showed up claiming to love Kara and she says she’s gonna marry him- IMAGINE HOW CONFUSED AND UPSET MON EL WAS AFTER THAT 

I get that he is a flawed character. But that is okay!!! Most characters do have flaws just like people!!! It’s okay to want Kara to end up with a different person, but maybe just cut him a little bit of a break???

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Spiritual insights with Dominick Cruz.

Dominick Cruz is a mixed martial artist and former two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion. He also is a UFC Color Commentator & Analyst on FOX.

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♡ - romantic headcanon

Since he doesn’t have a lot of money, but access to cars, he loves to take his partner to various scenic locations around or near to Salem - most often with a picnic or occasionally some wine. If he really likes somebody, he’ll offer to drive them to the highest hill at dusk and watch the stars with a blanket and some warm tea.