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What I find amusing about fandom’s absolute hatred for Orihime’s feeling for Ichigo is that she rarely acts on her romantic inclinations but she’s portrayed as being obsessed with getting together with Ichigo. 

I mean apart from her confession scene, Orihime never actively pursued Ichigo. She spends more time being concerned about his well being than whether he liked her romantically. 

Looking at the last few arcs, Orihime spent time supporting him with this quest to protect others, trained with Sado, worried about the state of the worlds, was concerned about Uryu, hung out with Ichigo when she could and reflectively stayed with him when he needed her to.

Did she squee and blush when he was being nice to her? Did she have a few silly daydreams? 


Nevertheless, she didn’t badger him with her feelings.

She did not aggressively pursue him.

She didn’t flirt with him. Or drop hints. Or asks Sado to drop in a good word for her. 

Even in those instances when people accused her of being sexual to get his attention (*cough chapter 589*) it was clearly stated in the chapter itself that other people had tricked her into wearing something provocative. Using her sexuality to ‘trap’ Ichigo has never been a Orihime thing (I will discuss why this whole obsession with boobs has been a root of rather disgusting arguments in Bleach fandom in a different post).

I mean, in the third chapter Tatsuki told Orihime to ‘tackle’ Ichigo and she spat out her water. Why has she been characterised as someone who easily try to seduce him out of desperation?

Perhaps its an easier pill to swallow that Orihime, a character who has her own set of flaws and weaknesses, somehow tricked Ichigo into marrying her through boobs and sheer persistence.

But that’s not the case. Orihime loved Ichigo but she was also his friend. Someone she supported and cared for. Someone she didn’t want to see get hurt. 

She had romantic feelings for him but more than anything wanted to help him. And that’s what she primarily focused on. Helping him. Not trying to get him to fall in love with her. 

But fandom is determined to convince themselves she stalked him? That she waited for him to change his mind????

When all she did was be a friend to someone she loved? 


tl:dr version: Orihime was more preoccupied in Ichigo’s wellbeing and being there for him than pursuing him aggressively. But peeps continue to argue she was obsessed with Ichigo returning her affections which is not the case. 

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I headcanon Riza to have a very good singing voice (I mean, her Japanese voice in FMAB is very light and angelic). She would sometimes hum and sing in the office or doing chores in her apartment unknowingly. Anyone who hears it actually gets very fascinated and never points it out to her so she won't stop. One time, Al noticed it and complimented her. And she was like, "oh, was I really singing? I didn't realize." P.S. A dorky colonel loves it when she sings.

ASDjklajdfklfj YES! YES YES YES headcanon freaking accepted YE S.

Her dorky Colonel absolutely loves it. After the Promised Day her humming/singing under her breath is what lulls him to sleep and chases the nightmares away.

Happy 1st Anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles X!

So here’s my little story on the game:

My friend had gotten me interested in Xenoblade Chronicles (not X), and I had asked for that for Christmas. However, my uncle didn’t understand that the new one, X, had just come out, and he assumed that this was the game I wanted. Thus, I received X, and unsure of what to do with it, I didn’t play it until February Break of 2016.

But when I did pick it up and play it…I knew I would never be able to put it down. Not only did I love the story, I felt myself loving the characters, the soundtrack, the amazing details and all of the possibilities for your own character. I know this has been a small complaint: your character should’ve been able to talk, given that they had voice actors chosen for them. But the story isn’t about you - it’s about her.

You all know who I mean.

She has shown us the way through all of our tough decisions in the game. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, she’s an amazing fighter, and in both forms, she’s the most beautiful character - inside and out.

So, as said in game, maybe it’s something about this planet. To us, it’s something about this game that has led us to become such amazing fans.

But I’d also like to think that it’s something about our favorite Elma that has led us to love this game so much.

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Headcanon that Riza stress bakes. The Mustgang knows something's up when she brings cookies to work

I love it! I can so see them instantly becoming more alert and, while they don’t push her, they try to find out what’s up and how they can help. Maybe they’re more complimentary than normal about her baking to start a conversation and hopefully to the bottom of things.

And in the end, Roy goes to her apartment at the end of the work day to help her work through it.

Imagine the first time he happened to swing by her apartment and find her elbow deep in flour and eggs. Maybe her saying ‘I’m thinking about baking something tonight’ becomes a subtle cue to him that something is up.