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RFA plus V and Saeren reacting to an mc who refuses to let the, spend money on her. Doesn't want them to buy stuff for her cuz she's broke and she feels like she's in debt now

A/N: oh god i know these feels 50000% like dont buy me things i feel terrible ~Admin 404


           -He’s a broke college kid so it’s not like he has a ton of money

           -So whenever he offers to pay for you, you feel T E R R I B L E


           -But?? He just wants to feel like a man!! And a man buys things for his girl!!!

           -He doesn’t like making you feel bad though, so he tries his hardest not to buy things

           - won’t admit it but is lowkey relieved because??? he didnt have money to begin with

           -buT STILL MC! Can he at least buy you a candy bar, jfc ;A;


           -He wants to buy you flowers all the time!!!

           -And dinner!!!!

           -You’re his princess, he wants to be your prince and smother you with gifts

           -He may only be an actor, but he’s not extremely broke


           -He doesn’t like hand outs or help from people who are extremely rich

           -So he gets why you don’t enjoy people buying things for you

           -He’s still so sad though!!! He buys things for you anyway, and if you feel like you’re in debt, you can pay him back by giving him affection <3


           -She’s so used to working for whatever she wants in life

           -So she’s the same way

           -Doesn’t like when people buy things for her, she feels as though she needs to pay them back

           - is that ringing a bell, mc

           -“Jaehee! I bought you a coffee, here you go!” “Oh, MC, here, let me give you some cash for that” “No please it’s fine”

           -“MC! I saw this DVD I thought you’d like, so I bought it!” “Jaehee!! How much was it?? Here, let me get my wallet and pay you back” “MC it’s a gift it’s fine”

           -Literally the two of you practically pay for your own gifts because y'all!! Are!!! So!!! Stubborn!!!


           -Mr. Trustfund Kid doesn’t take “no” as an answer

           -He was blessed by his wealth so LET! HIM! SHARE! WITH! YOU!

           -Just wants to spoil you!!! Why do you have the need to pay him back!!

           -This isn’t business for once MC, please accept my gifts

           -He’ll still buy you things despite your protests

           -You wanna pay him back? Give him attention

           -He bought you a new sweater? You wanna pay him back? 75 kisses, get to it

           -Honestly thinks you’re so cute when you pout over his gifts, sometimes you buys you things just to see it


           -He’s had issues accepting help growing up as well

           -He’d rather get things on his own, so he understands your discomfort

           -But! You deserve the world! So he’s buying you things anyway!

           -Plays dumb when you talk about being in debt to him

           -“What are you talking about? I didn’t get you anything. Did you buy a new jacket today? It looks nice. I DIDN’T BUY YOU ANYTHING????? IDK WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT”

           -Pay him back by making him food!!! HE LOVES IT JUST FEED HIM

           -Usually buys you little things that he can just slip into your everyday life so you don’t even notice he’s bought you something


           -Why can’t he spoil you ;A;

           -He’ll listen and try to understand that you hate feeling like you owe people something just because they spent money on you

           -“But does that include gifts?” yes, sweetheart, that includes gifts


           -He finds a way around it though!!!!!

           -D I Y P R O J E C T S

           -He makes you gifts from time to time!! They were made by him and not bought, does that make you feel better, MC??


           -Grew up without much so he worked to get what he has

           -Completely understands how you feel, hates having people get things for him

           -Also HATES the feeling of being in debt

           -Every now and then, however, he’ll buy you a gift and tell you to suck it up

           -“I don’t care. I got it. Can’t take it back. Just take it! You don’t have to pay me back! Stop! Trying! To! Hand! It! Back! To! Me!”

           -You accept it because??? He doesn’t do it often and this is his way of telling you he was thinking of you

           -The two of you have a gift war sometimes when it gets out of hand, though, because neither of you want to be in debt to the other

There are no steps to self-realisation. There is nothing gradual about it. It happens suddenly and is irrevocably. You rotate into a new dimension, seen from which the previous ones are mere abstractions. Just like on sunrise you see things as they are, so on self-realisation you see everything as it is. The world of illusion is left behind.
—  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 

After sleeping on it, I have arrived to the conclusion that Sherlock writers just don’t like their vocal fanbase. Their fans are supposed to mindlessly enjoy what they are given, without an ounce of criticism. Or else.

Like, words cannot describe what a casual Sherlock viewer I am. I am not emotionally invested in any part of the show, because there’s only so much I can care about and Sherlock simply isn’t it.

But at the same time I’m super protective of fans. Period. Any fans. All fans. We have this incredible tendency to create communities around the things we love and the culture that grows from that is precious. Fans as a group and fans as individuals are not something to be sneered at, humiliate and use for your entertainment and/or profit.

So to the not-so-casual Sherlock fans who are devastated, angered and depressed by the season 4 and the season finale in particular: please accept this virtual hug, blanket and a cup of tea. If you want to grieve, rant or cry because you feel cheated or hurt by the show and the creators, go ahead. I will be there for you.

To the sherlolly shippers, I’m sorry you had to watch Molly get pulled through an emotional wringer, humiliated and forced to verbalize her feelings for… I know know, shits and giggles. I’m sorry your precious ship got twisted and used against both the characters and you. I really hope and am looking forward to you taking those words, reclaiming them and retelling the story the way the characters and you deserve it: in fanvids and fanfiction. Because clearly, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

To the johnlockers and tjlc-ers, I’m sorry you were used as a punchline for a joke made by people you thought you could trust. I’m sorry you had yout trust broken and your passion taken advantage of. You were ready to believe that your hopes and dreams were about to come true and my heart breaks at the devastation, sorrow and anger I see in your posts. Your metas, fics and vids are not any less valid or engaging or true just because a bunch of suits decided to play a game with your emotions.

And to the Sherlock fans who enjoyed the season and the final episode: hold onto that enjoyment, cherish that enthusiasm and be understanding of those who are hurting.

I don’t know what the future holds for the Sherlock fandom. There is a lot of hurt feelings all around and it may very well forever change that part of the fandom. But if history taught me anything is that fans are strong and they bang together. Source materials come and go, but we stay around and we learn from our past experiences. And more importantly, we make sure that the creators learn with us, or they stop being relevant. This is our very own Or Else.

Because fandom is a culture that comes with a long fucking memory and a lot of friends. SO if you feel like no words will comfort you, take comfort in that knowledge.



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because im bisexual my parents desperately hope ill one day end up marrying a woman but *kickflips* im really fucking gay and i love men 

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