Wicked Games (6)

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Part 1 | Part 2 (M) | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


“How was your last night?” Sehun asks as you got into the passenger seat of his car. Tonight had been the last time you would ever have to set foot into that strip club. You were no longer a stripper and as happy as you were for that part of your life to be over, you were nervous about what was to come.

You’ve had to deal with change all your life and by now, you thought you would be accustomed to that, but everything was happening so fast that you could hardly manage to keep up. You had gotten a reply from the dancing school, informing you about the upcoming audition that you had to take part in. If you were successful, you would go through two more rounds of auditions before being accepted. Your first audition was a few days away and to say you were terrified was an understatement. This was all you ever wanted, and if you failed, you didn’t know what you would do with yourself. You had no plan B, that’s why you were so determined to make it. You practiced every day to perfect every move. There could be no mistakes.

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Dream Team

Taehyung (V) x female reader (part 1), Mafia au
(slight J-hope x reader)

angst, humor?

Warnings: it’s mafia so violence, blood, death, cussing, everything you’d expect from a mafia au

Word Count: 6605

Summary: you audition for the Bangtan gang and the rest is history

Note: I was too lazy to make this into a scenario so i made this instead and got a bit carried away forgive me

PS. since it’s so long it most probably has mistakes i haven’t noticed

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  • so you got accepted into an audition for the bangtan gang after your experiences with guns and some small gang activity in the past
  • you had decided you wanted more, you wanted to be in the gang
  • you were good and you liked money so why tf not
  • so
  • all the new trainees are invited to a training hall where they are supposed to audition
  • if you get accepted you’d officially become a trainee for the bangtan gang
  • the training has different steps to test when the trainee is ready to officially join
  • the last step is the final test where the trainees are put into action with their chosen mentors
  • they get to choose one of the three mentors and then be guided by them
  • then the mentors will together decide who will get accepted
  • the ones that don’t will have to continue training
  • you were hoping you’d get through on your first try
  • you were pretty confident in your own skills
  • your specialties being handguns
  • you were a reaaal good shot with them
  • like real good
  • anyways
  • as you get to the training hall, you’re surprised to find out you’re the only girl there
  • so does everyone else
  • they’re like ‘wtf dis chikc doin here’
  • but they don’t know what is about to hit ‘em
  • you stand a good distance away from the other male trainees not expecting anyone to approach you
  • but you can feel them all staring at you and snickering but you stand tall and proud
  • from the corner of your eye you can see one of them starts to approach you
  • but then someone walks into the room and steps next to you, blocking the other guy
  • you mentally thank the guy since he just kindly stands still next to you almost like protectively
  • then the big guys walk in
  • you see the leader, mr. Kim
  • and his son, who is also a part of the clan, to be the next leader, Kim Namjoon
  • along with them walk in the mentors
  • Min Yoongi
  • and Kim Seokjin
  • they were all pretty famous around gangs and very feared for their skills
  • you all bow at them and they start explaining stuff for the audition
  • you learn everyone will take turns and perform in front of everyone
  • you see shooting ranges and all kinds of equipment
  • the mentors encourage everyone to do something where they are their strongest at
  • “ladies first”
  • it takes you a second to realize that’s you
  • so you step forward
  • you hear someone say “don’t shoot the mentors” and snicker
  • so you reply with “i’m about to shoot you” and you know the fucker heard you

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So Far Away, My First Love

“Dream, I will be here to see your creation and be with you in the future. Keep dreaming. Don’t give up on me, Yoongi. I’ll fight this, and you’ll fight too. I believe in you.”

Warnings: Angst with a pinch of salt to go into the open wounds

AU: High School

Word Count: 1137 (drabble)

Min Yoongi was depressed.

He had so much talent inside of him that he felt he would never get recognized, his family never gave him a chance, his friends disapproved of his rapping. “It won’t bring you anywhere,” they always said. He needed to focus on getting a good career. It didn’t matter if he would be unhappy, it didn’t matter if he would turn out to be a bitter asshole. No, all that would matter is that he didn’t bring shame onto the Min family.

That’s all they cared about.

His parents loved him, they cared about him. But they didn’t believe in him. And that was one thing he didn’t know would hurt so much.

But then she came along.

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Mite art by @powerfulpomegranate


Are you a fan of podcasts? Superheroes? Tokusatsu? High School antics?

Are you an aspiring voice actor?

Well we’re looking for a volunteers to help bring our podcast to life. We’re looking for Asian (specifically Japanese American), Latin@, and African American voice actors to help with the first episode of our diverse superhero podcast.

We will be accepting auditions via submission so be sure that you are okay with having your work posted online. If not, feel free to send an ask and we can figure out an alternative way to accept your audition.

Our current team includes myself at @bobbytriesatlife​ and @wevegotshittoavenge​. I am currently handling sound work and have already written up a script for the 1st episode based on a comic pitch from my original idea for the series.

Below the cut is the cast of characters appearing in the first episode and who we will be accepting auditions for.  Good luck to everyone and we look forward to working with you!

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Clinging to This Hating Game 6/?

For the @prompt-a-klainefic blog’s 2017 Reverse Bang

Link to the art by @datshitrandom

the prompt:

Kurt and Blaine couldn’t stand each other in high school, maybe one was a jock/cheerleader and the other a nerd/glee clubber. Or they were bitter rivals for competition solos if they were both in glee club. Now they both live in NY and their friends set them up on a blind date, not knowing they went to the same high school.

High School AU, Cheerio!Kurt, Jock!Blaine
Rating: Explicit
Warnings:  some bullying and homophobic language, teenage sex
Word Count: ~3900 (this chapter)

Forever thanks to @mshoneysucklepink of course

Everything wonky is my fault.

AO3 link Chapter 6

On tumblr: Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5


So I was considering adding to this part, which is why I was going to hold it a few days, but on reflection I think I like it as is. And I think they go better closer together.

WARNINGS FOR THIS CHAPTER: Attempted sexual assault, homophobic slurs


Chapter 6

Kurt cut school on Friday too. Rachel had texted him to tell him that Blaine had also been accepted and asking him if he’d gotten a letter. Kurt ignored her.

His family had indulged him, and Finn had even been kind enough not to tell Rachel Kurt had been rejected, until Kurt had decided it would be easier for Finn to do it and then he wouldn’t have to answer any questions on Monday. Kurt turned his phone off completely after her seventh text asking how he was and what was he going to do now.

Monday turned out to be unbearable anyway. He managed to avoid talking to Rachel until glee club, but she went on and on until Kurt had to stop her.

“Rachel. You need to stop. You and Blaine can run off to New York together and be Broadway besties and I will stay here in Lima and become the first flaming midwestern car mechanic of Ohio.” The whole class went silent. “But until then could you keep your thrilling futures to yourselves? Please?” He wasn’t probably being unfair to Blaine. He hadn’t gloated about anything. He hadn’t really said anything at all in fact.

Until now.

“I’m not going to NYADA.”

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Dear everyone who are complaining about Skip beat's slow pace

Let me remind you guys that, other than the fact that this slow pace is what is actually making this story more realistic and relatable, and gives us the chance to see how beautiful these characters are developing and changing, slowly, one step at a time, the whole point of the show WAS NEVER about kyoko trying to find love again. It was, and has always been about Kyoko trying to prove her worth as an individual. Her hatred to Sho only fueled this ambition.

Remember when at the auditions (at the very beginning of the manga) her talent was making a flower out of raddish? And how did she react afterwards?

She was upset to find out that the thing that got her accepted into the audition (which, in case you guys forgot, she entered to take revenge of Shotaro in the first place) was actually something she learnt for his sake, to become his future wife.

For her entire life, all that she used to think about was love, how to please shotaro, putting herself and her needs in second place compared to Shotaro.

However, acting has allowed her to become someone important, and she’s actually doing it for herself. Not for Sho. Not for Ren. But for herself.

Ren did encourage her, of course, but the reason why she was trying so hard was because she wanted to prove her worth as a person, not to make someone else happy, which is a big character development, and a huge improvement. And it did not happen overnight, it took her a lot to get there. and even now she kind of still hasn’t completely let go of her old habit of wanting to please others which means that she’s still the same Kyoko, but she’s improving.

She learnt to love along the way, the love story in Skip beat was not the main focus in the series, unlike many shoujo mangas where the story forgets the original plot and becomes purely romantic once the couple start going out.

Kyoko is a strong, independant woman, and to get there she went through a lot. And the whole fandom walked with her step by step until she got there. We didn’t just get a random time skip where we saw the “before” and “after”. And I think that this is just beautiful. I’ll love this manga and pass this love to my great grandchildren because it is one of the few mangas that was perfect from the beginning to the end. 

Conclusion : If you want some shallow, love story where the characters fall in love after two or three chapters, then skip beat is not the manga for you.

End of rant.


anonymous asked:

Is there any particular reason certain roles have reopened on CCC? For instance, Cross-Chara was cast and I *saw* that and they still have a VA in the credits section here, but the role is reopened. Is this a bug on CCC's part or is the role actually reopened

It’s re-opened. We’re accepting auditions until the end of the month just in case our current VA is unable to fix an issue on their end.

Soft [Yoongi Fluff]

Requested by: @lovelyyyoongi

Words: 1.5K

A/N: sorry for the long wait, lovely. And my apologies if this is bad but I was finishing it at 3 am in the car on the way home across Europe😂 I hope you like it x

• • •

A tear curled in your eye when you found a stash of old photos from your childhood leading into your teenage years. You and Yoongi have been best friends since you joined kindergarten and you loved spending every free moment you got with him. You remembered how soft Yoongi was when he was around you and how his gummy smile was plastered onto his face all the time. When Yoongi debuted you didn’t see each often anymore, three times a year at most, considering you lived in Daegu and Yoongi moved to Seoul after he got accepted after his audition. You placed the photos back into the box and laid down in bed and pulled out your phone, dialling your girl best friend’s number.

After discussing your feelings with your best friend, you decided that you will travel to Seoul to visit Yoongi because you missed him so much. You finished the call and packed a small stay-over bag, before getting in the shower and going to bed, considering you had an early train the next morning. When you woke up in the morning you felt elavated and giddy, you were sure that you’ll start crying when you see Yoongi. You got your phone and sent Seokjin a quick text asking if they were busy that weekend and if it’s okay for you to come over. After getting your reply of ‘yes’, you got ready and exitted you apartment with your bag slung over your shoulder and a coffee filled travel mug in your hand.

Your earbuds were pushed in your ear canals, playing some Jay Park songs and your head lulled against the window as the train made its way to Seoul. Your phone buzzed in your hand and you unlocked it to see a text from Soekjin saying he’ll pick you up from the train station. You smiled to yourself at his kindness and typed out a reply. Seokjin and you became good friends after the boys debuted and you kept in contact because of how well you got along.

Soon the train got to its destination and you got ready to exit. As soon as you stepped out and looked around you saw the broad shouldered man standing on the platform and you quickly attacked him with a hug. Seokjin greeted you and returned the hug and after pulling away, he wrapped his arm around your shoulders and led you to his car. On the way to the dorm, you and Seokjin made small talk about life and he asked how your studies were going and talked about their recent comeback and how incredibly busy they were. After arriving at your destination, you got out from the blac SUV and Seokjin lead you upstairs to the dorm. Upon unlocking and entering through the door, you heard,

“Well.. I see you everyday. So nothing is special,”

It was Yoongi talking to Jimin, who gasped. You weren’t sure if it was because he saw you or because of what Yoongi said, but you decided on the latter considering he was too short to see you over Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Yikes, Yoongs. When did you become such a savage?” You asked, trying to hold back a giggle. The black-haired man turned around and his features automatically softened and he squealed when he saw you. He ran towards you and attacked you in what seemed like the biggest hug you ever received. Your arms snaked around his waist and your head rested on his shoulder, inhaling his scent that you missed so much.

“Y/N~ What are you doing here?” He pulled back, holding you by the shoulders, his eyes searching your face with the biggest smile on his face.

"I’ve come to see you because I missed you,” You grinned, “The boys too, but mostly you.” Yoongi squealed at your answer and enveloped you in a hug again.

When he pulled away from you, you saw Jungkook in the living room doorway alongside with Hoseok and Jimin, all with mouths agape. Yoongi had turned soft, his savage facade gone and vanished and all the boys had just witnessed it. Soft Yoongi was what you were used to, but then the boys. Yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you to the living room, stopping in front of Jungkook, Hobi and Jimin who baracaded the door. He spat out a ‘move’ and turned to you, giving a gummy eye smile. You couldn’t help but laugh at him.

Later that day the eight of you sat in the living room, watching movies and Yoongi used your chest as a pillow and when you were too engrossed into the movie, he’d poke your cheek with his finger. The boys were giving Yoongi weird looks and were probably confused as ever, but you were totally used to it. During the second movie Yoongi fell asleep, his head resting on your lap and you threaded yours fingers through his hair as he snoozed.

The next day, you woke up later than everyone else and when you walked to the living room, you saw all the boys practically ganging up on Yoongi and teasing him about how soft he was around you.

“You like her, hyung,” Taehyung said and your eyes widened at the statement. Yoongi scoffed and shot them his famous disgusted look. You sort of felt hurt at his response, but you knew that you’d always just be best friends.

“Good morning,” You said with a smile and Yoongi immediately pushed past the boys to hug you, clinging to you like a koala. You giggled and tried to pry Yoongi off of you saying that you were hungry and Jin immediately ran to the kitchen to get you food.

The rest of the day was spent with the boys continuously teasing Yoongi about being soft and it came to the point where he wasn’t denying it anymore. His soft side had resurfaced ever since you came to visit and the boys thought it was the weirdest thing ever.

Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin where playing video games, sitting on the floor with their eyes glued to the large screen hanging off the wall, whilst Seokjin made food. Namjoon was reading a philosophy book and Hoseok scrolled through his phone. You watched the game that the maknae line were playing and wondered where Yoongi was, as he disappeared not long before.

Suddenly, Yoongi was stood in front of you with his hand outstretched for you to grab. You accepted his hand and he led you out of the room and into his bedroom. You took a seat on his comfy bed and Yoongi closed the door behind you. He gave you a look and you felt confused. He took a box off the dresser and placed it on the bed in front of you. It was a box of chocolates that were only available in a small store in downtown Seoul and they were your favourite.

You opened your mouth to speak, but Yoongi beat you to it. “Y/N,” he started slowly, taking a deep breath and shutting his eyes tight. You knew Yoongi like the back of your hand and you could see that he was struggling with what he was about to say, so you grabbed his hand and pulled him to sit next to you. He say down beside you and you held his hand in your lap, comforting him and stopping him from fidgeting. Your touch calmed his nerves and anxiety and he began speaking again. “Y/N, i want you to know that I love you with all my heart. Yes I appear to be cold and savage in front of the boys, but for fucks sake when you’re around I’m soft like a puppy. Why do you make me feel this way? I never felt love, but you make me feel a different type of way and my heart feels warm. Your presence gives me butterflies in my stomach and I never want you to leave me. Y/N, please tell me that you love me too and be my girlfriend. Like I don’t even care if this ruins our friendship, I just love you too much.” Yoongi was rambling at this point and you grabbed his face at his cheeks and pressed your lips against his. The kiss was short, but it definitely shut Yoongi up and left him speechless.

“I love you too, Yoongi,” You whispered, leaning your forehead against Yoongi’s. “This will not ruin our friendship if I feel the same way. This is just another step forward in our friendship. Oh, and I’d love to be your girlfriend.” You pecked Yoongi’s lips again and attacked him in a hug.

You heard a thud outside the door, followed by a scream and then Taehyung yelling 'Min Yoongi just got himself a girlfriend and it’s Y/N!!’

You laughed to yourself and made a mental note to kill Taehyung later, but in this moment all that mattered was Yoongi and you two cuddling.

Well, after some long and hard deliberation, we’ve finally gotten through our first wave of casting!

We want to thank everyone again for their amazing auditions! It was very difficult for us to make the decision not to give a part to some people, but we believe we’ve made the best choices on these parts based on quality and talent.

Here are the choices for Casting Wave 1:

Kaede Akamatsu will be played by Aka!

Shuichi Saihara will be played by Joel!

Himiko Yumeno will be played by Btea!

Tsumugi Shirogane will be played by Luna!

Kirumi Tojo will be played by Arti!

Tenko Chabashira will be played by Kai!

Angie Yonaga will be played by Mei!

Korekiyo Shinguji will be played by Sekretsu!

Miu Iruma will be played by Luc!

Maki Harukawa will be played by Prima!

As you can see, we’ve got all of our female students cast. This means for the next casting wave, we need the rest of the boys to be focused on! On top of that, we need to have people audition for Monokuma and the five Monokubs! So, those of you who didn’t get cast in this wave, you still have a chance!

Those of you who’ve been cast, be sure to check your email for our responses!

Here’s a list of the characters we will be accepting auditions for in wave 2:

Kaito Momota | K1-B0/Kiibo | Kokichi Ouma | Gonta Gokuhara | Ryoma Hoshi | Rantaro Amami | Monokuma | Monotaro | Monosuke | Monophanie | Monokid | Monodam

It’s very important that, especially if you’re a cast member, you spread this project so that we can get more wonderful auditions as soon as possible! Inform your friends who might be interested, especially if they’re into voice acting! We can’t fully start this project until all the students are cast, at least.

And remember, even if you’re not cast, you still have a chance to participate and interact with us! We’ll be opening our discord server to fans once we get our entire cast situated, so look out for that!

Thanks for reading and let’s all work together to make this a fun and successful project! Casting Wave 2 starts tomorrow, September 12th!

We look forward to hearing from you all!

-V3 Voices

Hirose Tomoki W! Vol.15 Interview Part 1

With reference to the scans from @the-deadqueen

Q: This time I’m planning to ask Hirose-san various questions about the things you’ve done up till now and also questions about your personality.
Please be kind to me!

Q: When you were a child, you were a soccer player.
Soccer was the only thing I did.

Q: Did you join at your own will or did your parents recommend it to you?
I have an older brother who is 3 years older than me and he played soccer. When I was young, there were many instances where I was always chasing after him. Because he played soccer so I wanted to too and that was how I started. At that time, I was learning various things such as piano and penmanship. When I was learning how to play the piano, I hated it just a little (laughs). Thinking back on it now, it was such a waste (to quit). If I had enjoyed (playing the piano) that time, I would think that my horizons would have expanded even more (than it is now). However, I genuinely enjoyed playing soccer so I continued with it. When I was a child, I really loved being physical.

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Auditioning for the role of Ellie

Hello. This post is basically an audition call thing for the role of Ellie from kin-bot. We’re about to start a new thing where Ellie gives video updates of her search for Bailey periodically. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, don’t worry, you can ask me for any information you want.
We will only be accepting auditions from trans girls. Even if you don’t pass, it’s okay, don’t be worried. You can still get in! You also must be between the ages of 14 and 18 to be considered. You will be preferred if you have a year or more of acting experience or you live near a woods or a lake. All who audition must provide an acting portfolio and an audition tape based off of the video at the bottom. You don’t have to completely recreate the video, but try to stay along the same lines. Message all of your information to me via message. That’s all! We look forward to all auditions received, and if you could help spread this that would be great. This is a really new idea for our team and I really hope we pull it off! Audition tape example:


Sympónia Studios is now accepting voice acting auditions for The Mewberty Project. If you are interested in participating, please follow the link to our voice acting roster on Google Docs:

Thank you for reading, please spread this around!

After lots of consideration, we finally have gotten through out second casting wave!

We got, again, many wonderful auditions and it was very difficult to make a decision, especially on a few select roles! We were fortunate enough to get the rest of the students cast! 

Here are our decisions for Casting Wave 2:

Rantaro Amami will be played by: DistressClouds

Kaito Momota will be played by: C_Squint

K1-B0/Kiibo will be played by: Isa

Gonta Gokuhara will be played by: Sir Chasm

Ryoma Hoshi will be played by: Aiva

Kokichi Ouma will be played by: Atelier Kuya

Monokuma will be played by: Abe

Monophanie will be played by: Courtney

Monosuke will be played by: Tyler

Monokid will be played by: Michael

So, with these castings, we’ve covered most of our characters. We still need auditions for Monotaro and Monodam. We have people to fill in for now, but we are still accepting auditions via email or on casting call for these two roles! Let’s get them filled as soon as possible.

With so little spots to fill, we will not be holding a third casting wave. However, should anyone in our project drop out, we will be sure to reopen roles accordingly and inform you all!

And remember, even if you’re not cast, you still have a chance to participate and interact with us! We’ll still be opening our discord server to fans once we get our entire cast situated, so look out for that!

Thanks for reading and let’s all work together to make this a fun and successful project!

Thank you again, everyone, for your lovely auditions, and your support! We appreciate it!

-V3 Voices

The vigour shown by the queen, in endeavouring to resist her husband’s murderers and afterwards in hunting them down and securing their punishment, is not the only evidence that she was a woman of character. (…) Whether or not the Kingis Quair gives an historical version of the wooing or not, the marriage seems to have been of the happiest. The conjugal fidelity of the king is exceptional in early Stewart history, and he appears to have associated her with him in affairs of state. Thus, in 1428 she witnessed the documents concerned with the betrothal of Margaret and accompanied the king on his journey to Inverness. The same year the council-general required the successors of prelates and heirs of lay tenants to take oath to the queen as to the king. In January, 1435, the lords of the parliament promised to give their letters of retinence and fidelity to the queen and in the same month James refused to come to any settlement regarding the despatch of Margaret, till the queen had been consulted. More than once her mandate was accepted at the audit as warrant not only for payments but for the remission of customs.

‘James I, King of Scots’, by E.W.M. Balfour-Melville, discussing the political position of Joan Beaufort as queen and her marriage. 

This book is quite an old one, and thus it seems worthwhile to qualify some of the statements. For example, Michael Brown’s biography of Joan’s husband discusses the political dimensions of both their marriage, and of ‘stalling’ in the marriage of Margaret. Fiona Downie, meanwhile, discusses the implications for Scottish queenship of James associating Joan with his political actions- this formed a partnership but also, as with Mary of Guelders and James II, stressed that the queen consort’s authority stemmed from the king’s and that in turn her presence deeply enhanced his own power. (This was also, Downie believes, apparent in Joan’s expenditure and their shared servants and so on). There is also the clear political implications of Joan’s actions during and after James’ murder. And, as Balfour-Melville points out, there was some argument over the evidence that the Kingis Quair provides, though he personally believes that it is ‘far from improbable’ that the narrative it gives is true (and Michael Brown and several others agree).

Nevertheless I think the author’s larger point still stands. The marriage of James and Joan, whether founded on politics or personality, was close in both terms, and their partnership was an interesting aspect of his rule, especially since it seems to have been affectionate. 

(Also this book is great on the detail front- lots of records of expenditure and servats and even a theorised itinerary for the king. They don’t make them like that any more).

sugaistheloml  asked:

Do you know if Bighit will ever accept female trainees again? Because I really want to become a trainee (sadly as an international person) and Bighit seems to treat their staff and artist very well. Also, any tips for becoming a trainee?

Bighit is always accepting auditions! We tend to keep our company pretty small though -L