accepted to hogwarts

  • Ravenclaw: *running* Oh no, I'm late!
  • Gryffindor: The class has already ended.
  • Ravenclaw: So... am I really late for this class, or really early for the next one?
  • Gryffindor: What?
100 Harry Potter Prompts: Part 1

This list is #$@&%*! amazing, amigos! Thanks for all the submissions. Here is part 1:

  1. Parseltongues aren’t the only ones who can talk to certain animals; There are a number of hereditary abilities that allow wizards to understand and communicate with other species. You are a young wizard who can understand birds, and it is driving you CRAZY.
  2. 10 years later, on the day of the battle of Hogwarts. George is standing in front of the mirror, looking himself in the eyes, wishing that his reflection was someone else.
  3. Harry Potter prompt: The Basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets is back! …but now it’s the size of a thread snake.
  4. A muggle angered by the fact that there are only 10 dragons in this world and 7 of them are European, sets off to find more dragons.
  5. Your entire family is full of Hufflepuffs, so during your sorting you begged the Sorting Hat to place you there. Now you’re older and definitely a Slytherin and you need to hide it.
  6. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes has an adult section in the back.
  7. after Ron picks up the wrong hairs for a polyjuice potion Hermione is making, the two find themselves in each other’s bodies.
  8. You are the new heir of Slytherin, capable of opening the Chamber of Secrets and talking to snakes. On your first visit you find the monster dead. Not that you care, you never hated muggles anyway. Instead you start giving guided tours, charging a couple of Sickles for each tour, trying your best not to make the teachers notice.
  9. You’re a muggle born sorted into Slytherin of all places. The other students warn you that the Bloody Baron hates muggles, but to your surprise, the ghost has somewhat of a different view on muggleborns like you…
  10. Harry DOES get sorted into Slytherin when he asks not to be and becomes best friends with Draco as well.
  11. No one knew Voldemort was the last line of defence against them. Now he’s gone, and they are coming.
  12. Many years after the Dark Lord Voldemort was killed, a new dark lord has come. He’s part of the ministry and the new candidate for minister of magic..
  13. When Harry Potter dies in his first year at Hogwarts, Hermoine Granger takes on the duty of defeating the dark lord and succeeds in her task in the second year. The wizarding world is safe once again. Describe how she managed this.
  14. Write about Hermiones struggles and success as Minister of Magic.
  15. The dementors may suck the souls out of their victims with their kiss, but what happens to the soul after that?
  16. As a young gifted wizard, Sirius Black once found the Mirror of Erised; but what did he see as he glanced upon its glass?
  17. Hagrid comes every year to celebrate Harry’s birthday
  18. Harry never got a letter. He goes through his day to day life as a muggle, never noticing obnoxiously weird things around him. Write a day in the life of harry the muggle
  19. You’re invited to Tom riddle’s 6th birthday party
  20. Magical patronuses are extremely rare. It’s said that only the pure or the purely evil can conjure them. You’re a Slytherin trying to prove what they say about Slytherins is wrong. In Defence against dark arts, you just found out your patronus is a Hungarian horntail.
  21. “Don’t worry, Potter,” said the Dark Lord, “killing will get easier. And as my right hand man, you’ll need to get used to it.”
  22. Au where Snape is the chosen one and Harry is the Potions master
  23. In second year, Draco writes in the diary of Tom Riddle instead, and gets some pretty sound advice.
  24. “You went to school for seven years and THIS is what you use your skills on? Just- Just tell us why THIS branch of Animagi…?”
  25. Harry’s a girl, and has to deal with all the Voldemort shit when she has cramps so she’s extra pissed off.
  26. The Nimbus 3000 just came out, you are one galleon short but you desperately want it, how will you get your hands on the new broom?
  27. You somehow stumble into Filch’s office and grab the nearest artifact before you escape.
  28. Both Harry and Neville are the ‘chosen ones’. Only together are they able to defeat the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, everyone thinks only Harry is the ‘chosen one’. Follow Neville and co. as they discover the truth.
  29. Divination has a new muggle-born teacher, who seems more intent on teaching useful life lessons than magic.
  30. “You’re a wizard, Hermione.”
  31. “How many times have I told you to leave your dragons in Romania?!”
  32. “You’re a wizard, Harry.” “No shit!”
  33. All the Harry Potter character have switch roles, so that the heroes are now the villains. Who’s who and what happens?
  34. Mcgonagall, after noticing Harry’s letter is being ignored, goes to the Dursleys to check on the young wizard.
  35. Harry wonders what the fuck kinda school this is when Dumbledore says “ The third floor corridor is out of bounds for anyone that doesn’t want to die a most painful death.”
  36. Hermione Granger is one of those kids who is in classes meant for those a few years older than her, she is a genius.
  37. You are a muggle, yet direct magic doesn’t affect you, you wander into Hogwarts, you are not harmed by the shriek of mandrake plants, a basilisk cannot petrify you, magical devices break at your touch. you are a magic null.
  38. You thought you’d made a simple mistake in potions. As you sit outside the headmaster’s office, straining to hear the grave conversation from behind the door, it dawns on you that your error couldn’t have been as simple as it seemed.
  39. Harry goes on a journey of self-love by hiking around an Arby’s parking lot at 2am.
  40. The series is entirely the same but Voldemort and Snape have swapped noses .
  41. A day in the life of Dobby.
  42. Lucius is sacrificed by Voldemort and dies in the Wizarding War leaving pregnant Narcissa disillusioned and scared. She seeks help from Dumbledore and becomes a double agent.
  43. “Hmm, courage… yes… plenty of intelligence too! Very loyal… but crafty… hmm. Tricky, very tricky. I’m sorry, but you don’t seem to belong in any specific house. Better be… HOGWARTS!!!”
  44. Harry and Ron/Hermione and Ginny become the canon ships.
  45. Hermione and Ron visit America for a family vacation. Write about their adventures.
  46. Sassy harry calling Snape and Dumbledore out on their bullshit   24/7.
  47. Ravenclaws have a chamber of secrets, but it’s just a library of infinite knowledge too nerdy to touch.
  48. Post-apocalyptic Draco and Harry, where Draco needs the help of Harry in order for both of them to survive.
  49. You thought you were a muggle-born witch/wizard and then you find one of your long before ancestors in the portraits of the school’s corridors.
  50. You can do magic without a wand. You are the second most wanted after Voldemort.
  51. Disco balls and disco and lgbt folks at Hogwarts
  52. A student is accepted into Hogwarts only to find out it was a mistake and they don’t actually have any magical abilities. Tell their story of trying to make it through Hogwarts after all these years.
  53. Remus Lupin adopts Harry.  He never lived with the Dursleys. Tell us his happy Wizarding Childhood.
  54. You’re a historian writing a critical paper on The Battle Of Hogwarts. You believe the existing discourse has ignored the significance of one woman: Mrs Norris. Write a paper discussing her much-maligned role in the Battle of Hogwarts.
  55. A story about the lonely, never-useful life of Snape’s shampoo bottle.
  56. Rumour has it the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher has already arrived and is hiding. Whoever finds them gets 500 points for their house.
  57. write the wizarding sex ed pamphlet that gets handed out to fifth years.
  58. everything’s the same except every character is a lizard.
  59. Describe the three trials in the next Triwizard Tournament.
  60. “Nobody knew about the fifth Hogwarts founder, and the secret they hid in the castle… until now”
  61. Minerva McGonagall is quite puzzled by Dumbledore’s recent hires for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and would like to have a serious talk with him about it.
  62. You decide to try flying on a broom just for shits and giggles. It works, and now you need help. A lot of help.
  63. The previous magical protection of the prime minister has been retired. You have taken their place.
  64. The Wizarding World decided it’s time to explore space.
  65. Doleres Umbridge is now the head teacher of Hogwarts and president Snow form panel is the minister for magic. They have reinvented the triwizard tournament to have aspects of the hunger games. Tell the story of this year’s tributes.
  66. “When I wished to be part of the world of Harry Potter, I was hoping for an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, not for the bridge I was crossing to be demolished by death eaters on my way home from work!”
  67. You are a squib from a long line of witches and wizards who has never made any contact with the Muggle world. Today is your first day of high school.
  68. Hermione blinked. “You’re right, Ron. I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.”
  69. Through a series of events, you land yourself in the world of Harry Potter. The catch? You’ve never read a word from the books and have absolutely no clue what’s going on.
  70. The entire series but everyone is emo as hell.
  71. You are Harry Potter’s less famous twin sibling. All you want is a quiet wizarding school life.
  72. Write the science behind magic.
  73. You are in the infamous library where no books have titles. Somehow, you pick up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You want to help in any way you can.
  74. “The wand chooses the wizard” except this time three have chosen the same master. And they’re attempting to duel each other.
  75. Re-write one of the quidditch chapters from the perspective of the snitch.
  76. Harry being raised by Sirius and Remus because they actually caught Wormtail
  77. Dumbledore reads My Immortal and thinks it’s really good.
  78. “The Death Eaters stole this from the Muggles. What is it, Hermione?” “Ron, I…I think it’s a Nuke.”  "WICKED! Dad’s gonna love this!“
  79. Draco and Ron get in a wizard’s fight; Harry has to reveal his love for Draco by protecting him.
  80. While looking through Filch’s files of rescinded objects, you find something extremely dangerous. Just as you put it in your pocket for later investigation, you get caught by Peeves the poltergeist.
  81. A deaf Ravenclaw, a disabled Slytherin, a mute Gryffindor, and a black trans Hufflepuff help together to cope with each other’s’ problems.
  82. You’ve just received a Howler in front of the whole school. What does it say and how does the school react?
  83. A very derpy Dementor who doesn’t even try and suck souls, but just wants to be friends with everyone and gets sad easily so everyone has to cheer it up.
  84. As it turns out, Neville is the strongest wizard of all.
  85. Write a love story about Dumbledore and Grindelwald.
  86. Your boggart and your reflection in the Mirror of Erised show the same thing.
  87. Who maintains the enchanted ceiling at Hogwarts? How did they get the job and what’s their life like?
  88. Finally, Hogwarts gets its Wi-Fi hotspot.
  89. After a traumatising first year at Hogwarts, Ginny Weasley has to learn to deal with the long-term psychological effects of having been possessed by a dark wizard.
  90. Someone didn’t focus enough when trying to apparate somewhere and somehow wound up on Mars.
  91. You show someone the Mirror of Erised for the first time. You ask what they see, and they just look at you strangely. “What? Did you forget how mirrors work? I just see us.”
  92. A story written from the perspective of a student who died in the battle of Hogwarts, and is now a ghost there.
  93. Hogwarts wants to open a school in another part of the world.
  94. It’s been a hundred years, or so, and you’re still stuck in this dusty, shabby place. As a wand, it would be nice if you could finally choose the perfect wizard to wield you.
  95. You hide pictures of Voldemort in most  unusual places to freak other students out
  96. AU where all spells are imaginary. They’re basically running around with sticks yelling nonsense.
  97. The DA learned their most important lesson from Hermione - always bring a gun to a wand fight.
  98. Write about the day the magical world discovered internet (and proceeded to make their own WizNet)
  99. Harry Potter where Harry’s dad survived but is left emotionally destroyed by Voldemort’s attack.
  100. Harry Potter lowers his wand at himself. He swore he would rid the world of Horcruxes. He was about to make good on that promise.

 Let’s make a new list right away. Do you have a prompt for us?

things I want in 2017:
  • self esteem
  • motivation
  • excitement for my future
  • equality and freedom 
  • hopes and dreams
  • baby animals
  • emotional stability
  • less sad tears and more happy ones
  • compliments
  • more courage 
  • more hugs and love
  • sleep 
  • concert and plane tickets
  • random acts of kindness
  • social skills
  • more positivity 
  • more racial diversity in media
  • attention 
  • ten cats
  • my hogwarts acceptance letter
  • fifty million dollars
  • motivation
  • actually useful hobbies
  • a healthier body
  • twenty dogs

imagine this:

a nonbinary hogwarts student is female presenting and doesn’t necessarily mind being housed with other girls. but it becomes increasingly apparent that because of this reason a lot of people call them by the wrong pronouns and also don’t use the gender neutral name they chose for themselves because they are living with girls and are therefore assumed to be one.

said student gets upset enough that they approach dumbledore with this issue because they know that themselves and other trans kids have trouble with the binary dorms, and they want to create a middle ground because people who don’t identify with the binary shouldn’t be forced to choose a side. albus dumbledore just nods his head and says that something will be done about it.

they wait for a couple weeks feeling like their request will never be acted upon until one day they walk into the common room and there’s a new staircase that students are all crowded around, wondering why it’s there. it seems that there were a few unlucky folks who tried climbing up and were sent right back down.

the small brass plate next to the staircase says:

‘for those who shouldn’t have to choose’

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws know where all the trick stairs are, they automatically skip them. But if they start to think about where the trick stairs are, Ravenclaws will step into every single one of them.

The interesting thing about the Hogwarts Houses personality theory, from where I’m standing, is that it seems to be based on motivation, rather than what’s strictly considered by the academic world to be personality traits. (It’s interesting because motivation is considered fairly changeable by personality researchers, while traits are more fundamental/biologically based and hard to change. Makes Dumbledore’s I sometimes think we sort too soon that more plausible. And painful.)

Anyway, let me give this a go:

Gryffindors are motivated by what they believe is Right. They’ve got a very clear idea of justice, of the way things should be, and if that isn’t the case they are willing to fight for it. Gryffindors have principles. They will go to war over the things they believe in. But this also means they might just as well become fundamentalists. As someone put it, a gryffindor will happily fuck you up if they believe they’re doing the Right Thing.

Huffepuffs are motivated by loyalty. They put personal relationships above abstract ideas. Huffelpuffs will follow you into battle not because they believe in what you’re saying, but because they are your friend. On the other hand, this may also lead to a my master right or wrong kind of situations, where they stop thinking about moral principles and just trust the person they’ve chosen as a friend. 

Ravenclaws are motivated by rationality. They value cold logic and hard facts, and are unlikely to be swept along by passionate speeches or emotional pleas. They’re the type to consider the benefits and disadvantages for all when making decisions. Again, this can be potentially scary, because -for example- Ravenclaws would kill you without any hesitation if they believed it could prevent the death of others.

And finally, Slytherins are motivated by self-interest and ambition. They’re moral relativists, who don’t believe in the great Right or Wrong (the way Gryffindors very strongly do) and wouldn’t hesitate to do things others would consider morally wrong as long as it’s in their advantage. Sounds evil, but it isn’t necessarily so: it means just as much that a Slytherin can be charming and loyal - being hated and despised isn’t exactly a good thing, is it? It all depends on what kind of ambitions they have - and how smart they are, of course.

Seen like that, Ravenclaws and Slytherin are quite close to each other, both being cold rationalists, with the difference that Ravenclaws think firstly of the good of all, while Slytherins think firstly of the good for themselves. And Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are quite close too, both led by their emotions, but while Gryffindors are loyal to ideas of right and wrong, Hufflepuffs pledge their allegiance to people they believe to be worth following.

Put shortly: Gryffindor: belief in ideas; Hufflepuffs: belief in people; Ravenclaw: belief in rationality; Slytherin: belief in themselves.

trans draco approaches a unicorn

DRACO : I don’t want to go the lesson, I heard there will be unicorns.

HARRY : Love, it’ll be ok. You might be surprised.

*at the lesson*

PROFESSOR : Malfoy, join the girls.

DRACO : But Professor…

HARRY : Draco, you don’t have to go up there.

PROFESSOR : Now Malfoy!

*Draco slowly approaches the unicorn, and eyes grow big as it backs away*

DRACO : *sniffling and smiling* HARRY IT DOESN’T LIKE ME! I REALLY AM A BOY!

HARRY : I told you Draco. Now, let’s go talk to Dumbledore about switching your dorms. 

(( A/N I love trans!draco, he’s adorable. and this is just fluff and i love it mmk bye))

Slytherin and Hufflepuff

I think one of the reasons why Slytherins like Hufflepuffs so much is because they seem to see straight through prejudices and stereotypes, especially the negative ones. I’d like to think that Hufflepuffs are the kind of people who would accept the flaws of others and help them to be better people regardless of what they’ve done. As a Slytherin sometimes I feel like a bad person or damaged goods or whatever and it’s really nice when there are Hufflepuff types around you who bring the light back to your dark world. When someone accepts you for who you are good and bad it really makes you strive to be more good than bad. Slytherins (if they’re anything like me) just want to be understood and seen for all they are and accepted for just being themselves. Sometimes Hufflepuffs accept Slytherins even more than Slytherins accept Slytherins.

I don’t know if this even makes sense but oh well.

Domrandomcy is in the middle of celebrating his eighteen birthday when an owl crashes through the window, it offers him an old and worn letter.

Seven years ago, he was accepted to Hogwarts but the owl got lost on the way, what now?

ok but can you imagine seamus ’ dad (dads a muggle, mums a witch) reacting to baby seamus’ magic?!? like one day he’s just taking care of seamus and all of a sudden a fUCKING VASE BLOWS UP AND HES LIKE “HOOOOLYYY SHITT” and it would just be at the worst times like they would be potty training seamus and all of a sudden the toilet blows up!! lol Seamus’ dad would probably be on edge 25/8 while his mum would be soooo proud like “our wittle seamus is a wizard! can you believe it?!”

and when seamus was accepted into hogwarts he hadn’t blown up something in years only to come back with both his eyebrows burnt off.

i bet sometimes his dad would joke like “one day son, you’re gonna blow up the whole bloody school”

and then imagine his reaction when he finds out that after the war seamus actually DID blow up the school (but in a good way lol) because mcgonagall told him to make everything go ‘boom’

his dad would be so relieved and proud like “that’s my boy!! that’s my son!! he blew up baldy and his friends. the whole lot of em!!”

idk why i think of these things

Maybe Tomorrow (Part 1)

Request from anon: Hey ! Can I request a Scenario where Draco fell madly in love with a muggle girl and have a hard time to accept it. Like after Hogwarts, he was punished by the ministry to work for a couple months for the muggle department and that’s how he met her, by going in the muggle world. And they are hanging out but Draco acts weird bc he know he can’t fall in love with her blablabla you are so good at writing I leave it up to you ! I just need a DracoxMuggle scenario so bad xD (and a happy ending ?💕💕)

Thank you for requesting :) I’m going to turn this into two parts to fit more story in:)

Originally posted by nellaey

Draco Malfoy was not one for falling in love. After the war had ended, and he had to pick up the mess his family had made, he found it hard to find people that actually liked him, let alone a nice enough girl to settle down with. He’d accepted his punishment for ‘aiding the dark lord’, which was of course one thing he vowed he’d never do: spend six months working with the muggle ministry. 

He’d obliged without a second word. He regretted everything he was forced to do during the war; it was the least he could do he supposed. Draco spent a few days going through what he needed to do with the supervisor before he actually ventured out into the muggle world. He had to spend time socialising with muggle so they could get to know them better. He shivered at the thought yet considered the positives; at least this way he’d get a break from everything for a while. 

The day finally came for him to be thrown into the muggle world, his first experience being nearly thrown in front of the endless stream of cars. Draco jumped back onto the pavement, reaching for his wand then remembering where he was. Letting out a long breath, he made his way down the busy London high street. Observing the ignorant muggle surrounding him, he felt bad for muggle borns; everything was so hectic and complicated - they had to actually flick buttons to get light and wait around for their vehicle to come. 

Draco eventually reached a fairly large ‘cafe’ called Starbucks. Noticing the amount of people inside, he hesitantly stepped in and made his way to the counter. He fiddled with the sleeve of his jumper, trying to act like a muggle. “Can I help you?” He heard a melodic voice ring from in front of him. He immediately looked up, staring into Y/E/C eyes. “Yes, I, uh, I guess. What is it you trade?” Draco asked as cooly as possible. He couldn’t help but notice the cashier was very pretty for a muggle. “We sell coffee.” She replies with a smile that made him melt inside. “I’ll have one then please.” Draco replied, turning slightly red from the awkwardness of the situation. He cursed himself for being embarrassed by a muggle. “Sure. Which coffee did you want?” The girl asked. 

“There’s more than one?” Draco asked, raising his eyebrows. The girl nodded her head, blushing slightly. “Uh, yeah, we have cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha–” She declared before being cut off by Draco. “I’ll have your favourite.” Draco smiled, glad to finally say something that maybe sounded relatively normal. “My favourite’s a hot chocolate with an extra shot of caramel.” The girl declared with a smile. Draco simply nodded his head, urging her on. “What’s your name?” She asked, holding up a small red cup. “Um, Draco, Draco Malfoy. What’s yours?” Draco asked. The girl chuckled. “Draco? I’ve never heard that one before. My name is Y/N.” Draco liked the way it sounded coming from Y/N; it sounded sweet, like sweet nothings first thing in the morning. 

“I like that name, Y/N.” Draco smiled, causing Y/N to blush. “Thanks. I’m not too sure if I like it.” She declared. Draco opened his mouth in protest. “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He smirked before realising what he’d said. Draco followed her along the counter as she made his drink, letting her talk about her ‘university’, whatever that was. “Anyway. That’ll be £4.” She said. Draco gulped as he quickly grabbed his wallet from his trouser pockets and staring at all of the notes he had. He had totally forgotten what it all meant in front of Y/N. “Uh, I’m kind of new here, do you mind taking it out for me?” Draco gave her his wallet as she pulled out several coins before handing it back to him. “I hope I see you again Draco.” She said with a smile. Draco chuckled. “I’ll make sure we do. Thank you, Y/N.” He picked up his cup and walked back out into the busy pavement. He looked at his cup, noticing the neat words sprawled along the side of the cup which read his name with an ‘x’ at the end. He had no idea what it meant but he was intrigued by Y/N.

Despite what he’d always been told about them, muggles weren’t bad at all. He’d been pushed and shoved a few times, and beeped at by some large machine which he identified to be a car but he kind of liked it. 

Draco had spent the night in his apartment which he shared with a colleague who had the same job as Draco. He taught him some few things that Draco didn’t know, like how to turn the television on and answer the telephone. He even showed Draco how to work his brick thing they called a mobile. 

Draco awoke the next morning, leaving the apartment building to ponder the streets of London. He walked alongside the river before deciding to return to Starbucks in the hopes of seeing Y/N again. She was so nice and made Draco feel happy for the first time in what felt like forever - he also promised to see her again. He walked through the same door he had yesterday, spotting the same Y/H/C girl behind the counter. He felt weird tingling in his stomach as he shakily walked over to the counter, smiling as she greeted him. “Hello again, Draco!” She beamed, causing Draco to smile. “Hey Y/N.” He noticed she’d left her hair down today, compared to yesterday where it was pulled up into a ponytail. 

“What can I get for you today?” She asked, tapping her pen against the countertop. “What I had yesterday was very sweet, it tasted like the pink sweets from Honeydukes.” Draco declared. She chuckled, raising her eyebrows. “What’s Honeydukes? Is it a new sweet shop?” Draco widened his eyes, telling himself off for being so careless. “Oh, no, sorry it’s just a shop from where I’m from.” Draco excused. She smiled in reply. “Maybe I’ll try a cuppacino.” Draco declared, biting his lip. “You mean a cappuccino?” Y/N asked laughing. Draco blushed, closing his eyes as he smiled. “Yeah.” 

The conversation between the two of them continued for a few minutes after she’d finished making his drink, Draco managing to pay the correct amount by himself today. “Do you maybe want to hang out some time?” Y/N asked, her cheeks turning slightly pink. Draco nodded, relieved that he may actually make a friend amidst all of this. It would be nice to know someone other than the guy he lived with. “Cool. Okay, have you got your phone on you?” Y/N asked. Draco nodded, pulling out the slender brick thing. “Wow - how did you get this phone? They only went on sale three days ago!” Draco shrugged, chuckling. She tapped away at the screen before handing the phone back to him. 

“I’ve put my number in. Text me tonight and we can plan some time to meet up.” She smiled. Draco returned the smile. “Cool. I’ll do that later. Talk to you later, then.” Draco affirmed. Y/N nodded, smiling as she handed Draco the cup. Draco had no idea what the heck was going on, but he didn’t feel queasy about it. He knew he could never have anything more than a friendship with Y/N, but even he had to admit that she was very pretty. Maybe he’d see her again tomorrow. 

#sanversweek day 4: hogwarts au

Alex is thirteen when Kara gets her letter.

It comes in the mail, glittering green ink on heavy cream-colored parchment.

It isn’t addressed like the rest of their mail to “Eliza Danvers” or “Jeremiah Danvers” or “Dr. and Dr. Danvers” or “the Danvers Family” or even “Alex and Kara Danvers.”

It’s addressed just to Kara.

They’ve never seen a letter quite like it before, with a detailed coat of arms stamped into a real purple wax seal on the back, like in the Elizabethan times.

And Kara opens it, right there at the dinner table, and their lives change forever.


Dear Ms. Kara Danvers,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

They all immediately understand what it is. They may not be wizards, but they’re one of the few families of non-wizards who know about the wizarding world. Alex’s father is a scientist and he worked with a couple of wizards to measure their power, to try to adapt their powers for the betterment of the entire world, not just the wizarding world. He worked closely with Clark Kent before Alex was born, and Clark Kent is basically the second coming of Harry Potter, the golden boy of the contemporary wizarding world, so Alex has always known about wizards.

She just never thought her little sister would be one.

None of them really know it all works, not really.

Alex wonders if her letter got stuck in the mail. She wonders if kids get them at different ages. She wonders if hers is coming next year, or for college, or something.

She wonders about Kara’s birth parents – were they wizards? Alex’s parents had adopted her when she was six, and Kara wracks her brain, after her letter comes, but she can’t remember either of her parents using a wand or doing anything magical. If they weren’t wizards, and the Danvers’ aren’t wizards, there’s a chance for Alex, right?

Alex tries not to be jealous.

But she fails when Kara goes to Diagon Alley with Clark and Jeremiah and comes back with a magic wand and goofy looking witch robes and a live owl and textbook after textbook about doing actual, real, honest-to-god magic.

And she fails when Kara pulls out a ticket for a train leaving King’s Cross Station from Platform 9 ¾ on September the first.

And she fails when Eliza and Jeremiah can’t talk about anything but how wonderful it will be to have a witch in the family.

And she fails when her letter doesn’t come.

They all go, on September the first, to take Kara to the train. The Hogwarts Express, Clark tells them it’s called. They all stand in the station, awkwardly between platforms 9 and 10, and Clark puffs out his chest and says that probably only one of them should accompany Kara through the barrier onto the platform.

And Alex hates, in that moment. Hates Clark, hates her stupid parents, hates Kara, hates Hogwarts, hates Kara’s dumb owl, hates magic. It burns in her, hotter and sadder and more lonely than anything she’s ever felt before.

Kara refuses to be separated from Alex yet, so she insists that they all come through the barrier with her. Clark is clearly frustrated but he agrees, and they all walk briskly through the wall together. Kara and Alex go first, holding hands.

They walk through a wall.

The train is scarlet and steaming, and the crowd is wild and kids are screaming and some of them are older than Alex and she wonders if she’ll get her letter next year, or maybe the one after next.

Clark is immediately swarmed with fans. He’s the second-most famous wizard with black hair and glasses, after all. Alex knows all about Harry Potter from her parents and from Kara and from sneaking Kara’s new History of Magic textbook into her own bed during the night and devouring it, cover to cover.

Clark helps Kara get her trunk onto the train, and Alex still doesn’t understand why she couldn’t have used a rolling suitcase like a normal person (because she isn’t normal, the hateful voice in her head whispers). Kara pops back out, after stowing her owl and, knowing Kara, probably making about five new friends in the process, to give them all hugs.

Kara cries when she hugs Alex goodbye and promises to write her constantly until they see each other at Christmas, but Alex doesn’t cry.

She’s too sad and jealous and hateful and lonely and miserable to cry.

That waits until she’s back home again, back in the room that now feels so completely empty.

Back an only child again.

They all wait with baited breath for Kara’s first letter. Clark tells them it’ll come by owl post, which none of them completely understand but Eliza and Jeremiah just nod knowingly, so Alex doesn’t ask.

Apparently it means that Kara’s owl will swoop in Alex’s bedroom window at 3am and wake her up by pecking the bottom of her foot, scaring the shit out of her. She knows, logically, that the bird isn’t going to peck her eyes out, but she moves cautiously anyway, telling the bird out loud that she’s going to untie the envelope from it’s legs, okay?

And she can’t wait for her parents. She opens the letter, and when she gets to the very bottom her heart shatters.

“P.S.” Kara had written, “All the new students are eleven, like me.”

It seems casual, but it’s code. She knows what Alex has been wondering – they’d talked about it before she’d left.

She knew exactly what she was saying.

Alex’s letter is never coming.

She’s too old.

She’ll never be a wizard.

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sapphickillers  asked:

Young Minerva McGonagall headcannons?

i’m super sorry this has taken so long but i’m here now n I’m ready with some young mcgonagall hcs

  • she was an early morning person
  • as a student minerva almost always plaited her hair in a long french braid because yes it was pretty but it also kept her hair out of her face while she worked
  • she wasn’t the kind of troublesome that played pranks or was especially boisterous in class but there was always something about minerva that made unnerved professors
  • she was a serial note passer in class
  • and snuck back after being in the library after curfew most nights
  • not that she ever got caught
  • she was notably one of the brightest witches in hogwarts which is probably why she got away with her slight bending of the rules
  • she was the star of gryffindor team during her time playing quidditch at hogwarts
  • she always smelt of broom polish and leather
  • following her injuries in seventh year she was forced to give up the sport
  • but she never quite left her love for quidditch behind
  • and her final months of study involved an honorary seat in the commentators box where the microphone often picked up her raging at the opposing team
  • it was not uncommon to hear her falling into a thicker Scottish accent when she got riled up
  • ‘ye bastards that’s a foul if ever I dae see one’
  • teachers were too fond of mcgonagall to tell her that her cursing under her breath was magnified by the speakers
  • meanwhile the rest of the students watching the match found it hilarious to hear such a reserved and collected head girl have a reaction so full of expletives
  • slytherins attempted to pick fights in her first and second years at hogwarts and soon found she wasn’t to be messed with
  • unless of course they wanted to be transfigured into a toad - or worse
  • she always hummed absentmindedly and her dorm mates listened especially hard when they heard her quietly singing her favourate gaelic lullaby because godric minnies voice is so pretty
  • when she was a child she was forced not to exercise her magical talent in front of her muggle father which meant that when she was accepted to hogwarts she was so eager to get there that she almost forgot to say goodbye to her parents on the platform
  • when she came back during the summer after first year she realised how much her mother envied her ability to openly do magic
  • minerva made a promise to herself that she would write to her mother every week when she returned to school and she did, for the rest of the six years she was there
  • achieving top marks in her OWLs and NEWTs and being awarded most promising newcomer in ‘transfiguration today’ was no surprise to any of her professors
  • it was difficult to get close to mcgonagall, she was an enigma to most younger (and even some of the older) students
  • the thing people agreed upon was that they respected her as a head girl
  • she was esteemed as a student who was fair and just and loyal
  • when people did manage to infiltrate her circle of trust, they were always pleasantly surprised by just how warm and kind she really was
  • she always had a stock of her favourite shortbread biscuits to hand which she offered in emergency situations
  • these ‘emergencies’ included jeremy Higgins moping over his ex-girlfriend, or georgia banning worrying over NEWT revision
  • though the first years were terrified of her - whenever they brought this up with an older student the sixth and seventh years seemed to have a collection of anecdotes about how minerva had helped them in transfiguration or given them the last packet of sugar quills on this one hogsmeade trip or even how she had hexed a bully for them secretly of course
  • she was also known for the most clever put downs in the history of hogwarts
  • “learn to take a joke”
  • “when you learn to make one, I will”
  • and
  • “you see the trouble I have with you is that you lack the power of thought but tragically for all of us, not the power of speech… its most unfair”
  • she could often be seen walking on the grounds burying her face in the chunky gryffindor scarf wrapped around her neck
  • when she moved to london during her brief stint working for the ministry, it became acutely clear to her that she was not a city girl
  • she missed the fresh air in the countryside and apparated to scotland frequently just to relieve the homesickness
  • and when she finally returned to hogwarts to teach, she was overwhelmed with nostalgia but more importantly to her, a feeling that she was finally back in a castle that she could call home