I made a follow forever and it’s backwards yay!

So now I have to type them out, I guess…oh well! Sorry to everyone I forgot, there were a ton of amazing blogs that aren’t on here! These are just a few of my favorites, favorites and friends are bolded:

A-F: acceptbullshit, 17brits, a-busted-heart, adhorantion, beminetoniall, broders, brdfordz, brithaz, cutenirish, couturezayn, bangniam, doncastertea, drugniam, funkystyles, basille, dolcehoran, cheshirejuggler, cheshiremint, doncraicster, fabasslou, caradelevigne, caradellies, caramour, bradick, blowsjob, assliam, bragford, carafornias, adofhitler, edsheenan, capploucino;

F-M: loushires, jaweedzain, larrystyls, lrmuns, leedsandlarry, misfithaz, hazdaisy, im-foreverfree, griffliamdor, harloud, jfcnarrry, hakunahazza, firesflys, foreignlou, ganghoran, haztopslou, hazruld, hornyforlou, jackndfinn, lou4prez, louisgap, malikkfab, mischievlous, kardahsian, haroldstagrams, homofactor, hazcasta, lifeofafanboy, hazyard, hollywhoods, jackfin, luhndun, hazpalvin, londdun

N-Z: ofchesires, stylues, smackdoncass, sodaspops, savedhaven, owlou, nialwhore, ofnials, moanschapal, ofparis, yeshoult, zenfordz, niallerlust, vnessahdgens, zynshire, noperrie, larry-tommo, platoniclarrytastytomlins0n, simonecowell, lounitedstylsamor, niallpleasee, simonsangels, zahynmaliks, unfirish, zahhyn, wolverprince, nialwhore, ofbowties, ofstyles, nightskyss, pleaselou, snughaz, nobritish, voldermort, pornialls, snogniam

sorry no links but I don’t want to type all your URL’s three times