What the signs can't accept

Aries: Losing a fight

Taurus: Bad memories

Gemini: Not knowing the answer to anything

Cancer: Losing a family pet or family member

Leo: Hurt\ Suffering \ Inner pain

Virgo: A mistake

Libra: Losing a friend

Scorpio: Losing a lover

Sagittarius: Responsibility

Capricorn: Failure

Aquarius: Losing an argument

Pisces: That all things good come to an end

I can’t believe it took this long to try to make peace with who I am, what I want, what I need, and take deep breaths while doing so. It’s time to make peace with myself. To love myself for all that I am. To appreciate everything instead of expecting everything. To want what I already have rather than pray and wish for more, more, more.  A sincere and deep apology to all those I’ve hurt in the process of hurting myself. I’m trying to become a better me. A better me I wholeheartedly accept and love. A better me to love you.