Though fairy tales end after ten pages, our lives do not. We are multi-volume sets. In our lives, even though one episode amounts to a crash and burn, there is always another episode awaiting us and then another. There are always more opportunities to get it right, to fashion our lives in the ways we deserve to have them. Don’t waste your time hating a failure. Failure is a greater teacher than success.
—  Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Becky G on Access Hollywood discusses Trini being “possibly lesbian.” 

Listen, I know next to nothing about the movie - I’ve seen like one trailer, and haven’t watched an episode of the show since like 1994 so I couldn’t be more ignorant, and I only had the television on this channel while I was trying to find something else to watch. And then I heard this. 


Host: “..the first I believe possibly lesbian power ranger?”

Becky G: “Possibly is the right word. I think what’s really awesome, I think the scene in particular that got everybody talking is a really special scene, because it’s a scene where all the characters, as Zordon would say ‘shed their mask to wear the armor’ and to me, for my character, ‘shed the mask to wear this armor’ meant you have to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are first in order to be happy and be the best version of yourself. And so, you kind of embark on this journey of self-discovery and especially, for my character, she’s figuring out who she is and confused about a lot of things.

Host 2: “I love that we’re going this way. Alright, well you’re also a singing sensation…”

‘shed the mask to wear this armor’ meant you have to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are first in order to be happy and be the best version of yourself.

This is so god damn important and basically the message I’ve been trying to share to lgbtqia folks through my videos and blog for years. I think especially this speaks to my definition of transition for trans folks. 

Transition isn’t necessarily medical, social, surgical or hormonal. The real transition is moving away from the fear, shame and guilt that cis people burden us with in their ignorance and toward viewing our selves with honesty, acceptance and love. 

I still don’t have any intention of watching the movie, but it’s absolutely refreshing that this message is in it. 

Things change all the time, even when you least expect it.
It’s all a cycle.

Remember this, change is inevitable. You can make it easier for you if you are always prepared for this.

Music inspiration:

I just wanted to draw the grey bleak sky. It felt like something has to be said from it. So I gave it a message.

Autistic Acceptance vs Autism Awareness.

The following are my thoughts on Autism Awareness vs Autistic Acceptance. None of what I am saying here is new and my fellow Autistic people have been saying this kind of thing for years. However I must say these things more because we have not been listened to yet. On that note let us begin.

So April is coming up and with it all the “Autism Awareness” bullshit that comes with it. Why is it bullshit you might ask? Let me explain.

1: Autistic people don’t want or need this type of Awareness

The type of Awareness that comes out in April does not lead to Acceptance, hell it doesn’t even lead to understanding. It creates fear and further misunderstanding of Autistic people. They treat it like a disease, something to be cured, hidden and fixed. That sort of Awareness will never ever lead to acceptance or at least the acceptance us Autistic people want and deserve.

2: Aware of what exactly?

If I told you I was aware of giraffes that wouldn’t tell you anything and it wouldn’t require anything on my part. Which is of course part of the many reasons why Awareness is bullshit. If it doesn’t require anything of people it won’t positively effect the Autistic Community. In fact its made things worse in a lot of ways. We think parents, caregivers and people who know Autistic people know more then actually Autistic people, its madness.

3: Now what about Autistic Acceptance?

Now you might be thinking if you have stayed for this long, ok dude we’ve heard your thoughts on awareness now what about Acceptance? To that I say good question let me explain. Autistic Acceptance is about embracing Autistic people aswell as Autism as a natural neurological difference and a part of Neurodiversity. Wanting Autistic people to have inclusion, tolerance, understanding, support, autonomy, acceptance and to be allowed to be different.

4: In closing.

Now this April I want you to not only think/talk about helping Autistic people, do it. Donate to Autistic Self Advocacy Network or Autism Womens Network, light it up gold for Autistic Acceptance instead of light it up blue for Autism Awareness, Talk to Autistic people about the best ways to advocate for us, support films/businesses/TVshows/restaurants/products etc made by autistic people and so much more you could do. Remember though, never talk over Autistic voices in Advocacy if your not Autistic and are a ally ask actually Autistic adcovates how best to help.

5: Terms used

Neurodiversity: Neurodiversity is a biological fact, hence ADHD, Autism, OCD, Neurotypicality and even that there is a Neuromajority in the first place.

Autism: A neurological difference

Autistic Community: A community made up of Autistic people.

Sidenote: Please ask any questions you have.

~A Autistic person from Alberta Canada

At times the same place of the unbelonging place of the difficult same builds itself to a wall. I made a mistake and let all the Shoulds chatter and clatter: The stuck of stuck should be undone by now by now strong should mean more than fragile by now shouldn’t you be Out past Out past Out past.

The now of here fights me, I cleaned the shelves and now Battles and Shaky are looking for their places. Staring me down and Fragile and I stare back. New Things are expected, I tell them. Let’s go for a walk.

Now in the ache of the mess of it is when you love her better, love her defiantly, love her stubbornly adamantly in spite of in spite of.

Reblog If Your Blog is A Safe and Welcoming Place For People of All Races, Genders, Ethnicities, Religions, and Sexual Orientations
The world isn’t filled with ‘haters’ and ‘toxic people.’ It’s filled with people who are hurting and trying, ineffectively, to give themselves some relief. So distance yourself if you must, but try to do it with empathy, not judgment. The only cure for ‘haters’ is love, so try to show them more kindness than they showed you. This is how we can slowly make the world a more loving place.
—  Lori Deschene