The Unmarketables

Created by Justin Roiland for Acceptable.TV

VH1, 2006

I THINK ONE OF THE BIGGEST TRAGEDIES is how difficult it is to find all the various sketches from Acceptable.TV on the web. They all seem to be lying around the VH1 site, but it’s not very reliable and considering the sketches continued or not based on viewer votes, people unfamiliar with them won’t be able to tell whether they’ve seen all the sketches in a particular series as they rarely have definitive endings.

I was just reminded of “Who’s Gonna Train Me?” It’s a brilliant, ridiculous mindfuck. This is the first one. There are 3 of them. Here are links to the other 2 if you want to see the COMPLETE TRILOGY:

Acceptable.TV seriously was one of my favorite sketch shows ever. Maybe I’m NUTS but I think it might be my second-favorite after Mr. Show. One thing they had down so well was reality show parodies, and this was before reality shows had become their own ouroboros of unbelievable absurdity. But there was other great stuff too, like Mr. Sprinkles, which I’ll never stop badgering people about.

Oh, and for those of you only just catching on, DAN HARMON AND JUSTIN ROILAND MADE THIS (along with some of their good friends).

For future reference, navigating old clips on the VH1 site is really confusing, so your best bet, if you find something you like, is to just watch a video, go back to Google and look for the next one by typing, for example, “Who’s Gonna Train Me 2,” “Who’s Gonna Train Me 3.”

In my opinion, the other best sketches are Homeless James Bond (there are 2), Operation Kitten Calendar (5), “Who Farted?” (only 1), “Price of Dollars” (also 1), “Kosbees” (1), “I’m Not Racist” (2), all of the “How To” promo videos for the show (I think there are 2 or 3 of those), and 8 episodes of MR. SPRINKLES, FOREVER AND EVER 100 YEARS MR. SPRINKLES SOME THINGS.

Watch on

The animated short “Kosbees” from

I’m so dumb. I consider myself a fan of Dan Harmon and yet I had no idea he was the creator of Vh1's Acceptable.TV.

Acceptable.TV only had one season and ran for two months in 2007, but it was hysterical. Each episode contained 4 or 5 mini-shows, and viewers would go online and vote for which one they wanted to see more of. “Operation Kitten Calendar” was an instant fan favorite and went on for 5 episodes. Dan himself is featured in this.


For those of you who do not know of it you should all watch Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s “Mr. Sprinkles.” It is an extremely short animated series that was part of Harmon’s short-lived sketch show, Acceptable.TV and it is one of my favorite things of all time and the main reason I think Rick and Morty will probably be great.

I wanted to just post a link to all of them here but it is obnoxiously difficult to find them all together in one place. Some chump claims to have uploaded the series on Vimeo but he left off like 2 or 3 episodes so it’s totally worthless. Roiland’s site itself only has the first 3 episodes.

ALL EIGHT EPISODES do appear to be on and also Ebaumsworld. But searching on those sites is crap and they don’t seem to all come up through the sites themselves.

So my best advice is to Google “Mr. Sprinkles 1,” “Mr. Sprinkles 2,” and so on.

Anyway go do it if you are cool.