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(2/7) OPParty Chapter 10 Translation
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Chapter 10 “The 5 Competitions”

Luffy: “Puhaaaa!! I’m stuffed!! Sanji’s meal was delicious again today!”

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Dear Daniel, since you rebranded I no longer accept your danisnotonfire puns on the endscreens.


-Still a Lowkey Salty Phan From the Bahamas Tweet Till You Explain it to Us

It’s still Christmas in my timezone, so I’m not late!

Aaaand I accidentally made this another group picture of all the MCQ skellies, WHOOPS. It was originally going to be just the three bros, but then I felt Deccy and Fresh cuddles were necessary, and the others wormed their way in. They were also meant to be chibis, but they ended up just being smol? So, this ended up taking longer than I planned, hence the almost/kind of lateness.

I designed the sweaters for Geno, Error and Ink. I have mixed feelings about the results, but I don’t wanna mess around with them anymore.

I have more ideas for Christmas pictures, so I might draw and post them late!

I hope everyone has/had a very merry Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate, or just a great day in general!

That One Time Kara Visited Charm City

Fandom: Supergirl/Powerless
Rating: K+
Summary: What it says on the tin, folks. *points to title*
A/N: Ridiculous nonsense, as per usual. Spoilers for Powerless and Supergirl. 

Meanwhile, in scenic CHARM CITY…

Van Wayne has a brilliant idea.

“No, really,” Emily says, shortly after Van holsters his finger guns and retreats to his office. “This might actually be a great idea.”

“He stole it from Lex Corp,” Jackie says, taking a languid sip of coffee. (Black and bitter, much like her feelings for this job.) “Oh. Sorry. L-Corp.”

“So pretentious,” Teddy mutters.

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[Kelahiran dan kematian pada tarikh yang sama?]

17 April.
Mungkin tarikh kelahiran seseorang.
Mungkin juga tarikh kematian seseorang.

Buat yang menyambut kelahiran pada 17 April, Allah itu dekat dan memperkenankan permintaan.
Moga termakbul segala doa dan tercapai segala impian.
I hope, wherever we go, may people recognize that we have a beautiful heart.

Buat yang menempuh kehilangan pada 17 April, moga tabah dan redha menghadapi.
Rasulullah bersabda “Air mata boleh mengalir, hati boleh bersedih tetapi kita tidak boleh mengatakan sesuatu kecuali yang dapat membuat Allah redha. Dan kami, wahai Ibrahim, sedih kerana pemergian mu.” (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)
Some people think that to be strong is never feel pain. But in reality, the strongest people are the ones who feel, understand and accept it.

Apa pun yang berlaku walau cuma sisa-sisa rasa yang tertinggal; ia tetap wujud dalam kenangan. Manis atau pahit, yang pasti rasa itu pernah hadir dalam ingatan.

Orang dalam kenangan boleh pergi, namun kenangan yang ditinggalkan tak akan pernah hilang.Setiap budi yang memenuhi, setiap bekalan yang diisi, semuanya terpateri kukuh dalam memori.

Terima kasih untuk doa yang tak henti-henti.
Moga kalian juga dalam jagaan Ilahi.

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I miss Chat Noir's puns... On that note, keep up with the puns as much as you can.

I catnip believe it! You’re kitten me! You miss Chat Noir’s puns too?!  Well in the absence of new puns, I am happy to paawse with some puns of my own! 

I hope you aren’t feline ill as a result of my bad puns. 

I mean I would hate to be the claws of your pawful day. I know, I know. These really are tearable puns. 

I tried to be clever, but I am afraid that all of the good puns argon. I guess I should stop, after all it is meow or never.  I apawlogize for all of your thyme I have taken up, but I’m not lion when I say that I think that Chat Noir’s puns are pawsome.  I mean they really are the Chat’s meow.

Overwatch Characters but I've Never Played Overwatch
  • Reaper: Once but a humble Xbox Live gamer, whose life was changed forever when he cut himself on a radioactive metal game-of-the-year-edition Halo box and got superpowers.
  • Sombra: That one friend who keeps ~mentioning~ how good they are at lying and hasn’t figured out that everyone else is just too polite to call out their bullshit. Also tried to hold Netflix hostage probably.
  • Widowmaker: depressed purple Bayonetta
  • Soldier 76: Some are born Dad. Some have Dad thrust upon them.
  • Winston: A much less fate-tempting name for your genetically enhanced ape than Caesar lbr
  • Tracer: Sara from Dragon Age, only brunette and comfortably middle-class
  • Zarya: Born in the collision of two black holes. Her mother was strength and her father courage. Probably gay.
  • Mei: Superior chubby ice queen, accepts and embraces the puns available to her.
  • D.VA: Aggressively Feminist Gamer. Would sell you to Satan for 1 corn chip.
  • Junkrat: That one guy in your DnD group who insists on having a chaotic evil goblin PC
  • Roadhog: Token half-naked teammate, but this time, it’s a dude with a belly!
  • Zenyatta: Someone threw an Asari, Buddhism, and a golden retriever in a blender and Zenyatta hovered out.
  • Ana Amari: Everyone’s favorite tea-sipping grandMILF
  • Lucio: a nice frog who Just Wants To Dance
  • Symmetra: If you’d rather be playing Portal
  • Mercy: Angel Gabriel, lives on coffee and spite irl
  • Pharah: Life goals or wife goals? Impossible to Tell.
  • Bastion: Reformed murderbot with robo-PTSD probably. Just wants to hang out in the woods and listen to birbs.
  • Orisa: Horned centaur god. Good at traffic.
  • Trobjorn: A Gnome???? Gimli/Batman lovechild???? idfk but he sure grabs stuff a lot
  • Reinhardt: Not actually a robot, but a granDILF!
  • Hanzo: Too Pretty To Kill, which is fortunate, because his tit is hanging out and also his weapon was outmoded in the 18th century.
  • Genji: Somehow picked a weapon more outmoded than Hanji's, but it’s cool because roboninja. Was once a Real Boy.
  • McCree: At least he figured out guns okay. Dispenser of justice and smut.
Prioritizing winning over your debate crush

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headcanon: nakazawa actually announced a break that month just so he can record all of the deadly CDs that are coming out now. also, cream pie series thinks it's cheeky with the actual cream and strawberry pie on the cover lmao RIP in peace otometachi

Confirmed. You know what’s up, anon. (ゝ◡ ⚈ )

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Uhhh why are you spamming my inbox ? If this is for the pun thing I already told people I stopped accepting. The pun event thing is closed.