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Odd One Out Part 1 - Soulmate AU (Jughead x Reader)

Summary: Due to a secret that she hasn’t shared with anyone, the reader doesn’t think she has a soulmate, or at least that she will never find him. As the majority of people find their soulmates before they turn eighteen, the reader knows her time is running out on her eighteenth birthday. Unknown to her however, Jughead knows exactly who her soulmate is. He just never told her.

Approx. 2030 words

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In theory, everyone has a soulmate. One person who is perfectly suited to another in every possible way, someone you can spend the rest of your life with. As a means to find your other half, everyone is born with a tattoo – approximately the size of a coin –which is situated just where the collarbone meets the shoulder on everyone’s left-side. Only your soulmate holds the identical tattoo to you, your tattoos forming a matching pair that are unique from the rest of the world, just like soulmates are. The majority of people find their soulmate before the age of eighteen, some slightly later, but a very small minority never find their other half. The world is a big place after all.

This in mind, you brushed your long hair off your shoulder and stared at your soulmate tattoo in your bedroom mirror. You loved the simplistic style of it, just the outline of a grey crown that matched perfectly with your olive-toned skin. Recently however, you feared that you may not ever find the boy you shared it with; sometimes you doubted that he even existed. Now, on your eighteenth birthday your tattoo seemed like a symbol of dread rather than hope, statistically you were running out of time to find your other half and you wouldn’t be able to have anyone else. What if you married a man who had also not found his soulmate and, ten years or so later, the mysterious woman appeared and he left you? As much as it hurt, that was a chance you were willing to take if you had to, rather that than spend the rest of your life alone. You were suddenly pulled from your thoughts by the sound of a knock on your bedroom door.

“Come in” you called, quickly pulling on your cardigan to hide your tattoo. Now that you were eighteen and still without your soulmate, you suddenly felt the urge to hide your mark, like you were embarrassed of it.

“Happy Birthday Y/N!” a familiar voice chimed. You turned around, forcing a smile onto your face as your best-friend Veronica Lodge strutted into your room, gift bags hanging from her smooth arms like Christmas decorations.

“Ronnie!” you groaned, “I said no presents!”

“Yes, and you were being ridiculous and morbid” she scolded, “I won’t have you fritter away your eighteenth birthday over some boy that you might find tomorrow.”

“Easy for you to say, you’ve found your soulmate” you pointed out.

“Yes, and sometimes I wish there was a soulmate return policy. Archie was no help when it came to selecting your birthday presents!” she huffed.

“You told him it was my birthday?” you squealed, utterly horrified. Veronica just rolled her eyes at you and began unloading presents onto your bed. She didn’t understand your horror at turning eighteen, but she didn’t know that there was one extra reason why you may never find your soulmate; it was a secret that only your mum knew.

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Consider the following analogy:

9 people eat a meal in a restaurant. 5 say they’re leaving, won’t pay their bill and call the waiter a foreign prick. The 4 other people say “Don’t be an arsehole, let’s pay up, be nice.” and the other 5 people go bright red and scream “RESPECT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!”

The 5 people then loudly and publicly shit themselves, while looking the waiter in the eye and shouting “You need us more than we need you!” The waiter then says “You need to pay your bill, you ate the meal.” and the 5 people, now stinking of shit, bellow “WHAT ABOUT THE WAR?!?!”

The 4 people then have to stand there, watching their 5 angry, red-faced dinner companions as they goose-step around the restaurant and stick two fingers up at people sitting at the other tables, as the entire room steadily fills with a shitty hum so potent it’d make your eyes water.

Seventeen Reacting to You Being the Avatar

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NOTE I set this in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe, and if that is not what you wanted I am so sorry! Also, I put my headcanons for what their element would be in parentheses. SO sorry for not being active! Sister’s weddings are hard to plan for and take up a lot of your time, don’t ya know!

- Admin AR

S.Coups/Seungcheol (Fire) Well you see, he would just see you as a regular Water Tribe girl, and of course since you’re beautiful he would start talking to you, flirting as well After you got kinda annoyed with him, you firebended at him, sending him falling back in shock. see how I tied that into the gif? //so proud “Woah, what you’re the Avatar? That’s cool.” However, being the Avatar wouldn’t stop from him from asking you out, and you would eventually say yes.

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Jeonghan (Air) He would be really surprised at first, but he would then kinda brush it off like so what? He’s an airbender, so he’s really aloof. But on the inside, he would secretly be in awe and want to follow you on your adventures and see you avatar-ness, not to mention you were really pretty, so he would try to impress you. “Oh, that’s cool, Y/N, but can you do this?” //does the spinning marble trick

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Joshua/Jisoo (Air) He would be really in awe of you, like he had read up on the Avatar and he had hoped to meet them, so when you showed up at his temple, he was really surprised. He hadn’t expected his life dream to come true or that you were so pretty. He immediately walk up to you and introduce himself, hoping he could be a part of your training. “U-Uh, hello, I am Monk Jisoo, and I pretty you- I mean WELCOME you to our air temple, hope you have a pretty- I mean good stay.” Yes, he thought you were that pretty.

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Jun/Junhui (Earth) Like Jeonghan, he would put on a slick bravado, pretending like he wasn’t that surprised. But his eyes would widen, giving away his true wonder. But he would brush it away quickly, and just shake his head. “So what if you’re the Avatar? I’m still Jun, and that;s pretty great too.” He would try to prove he was just as awesome as you, even if he won or lost. At the end, he would have gained respect for you, and would show you around his town, giving you earthbending tips along the way. If you didn’t mind it, he would adamantly insist following you on your journey, saying that the great Junhui could be of some assistance.

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Hoshi/Soonyoung (Air) You two would be best air-bending buddies, gliding around and just having a ball. But as you two grew up, he would notice that the monks would pull you away for more and more ‘private training’, which he thought was ridiculous, since you were one of the best airbenders at the temple. So one day he followed you, and he saw the elders telling you that you were going to be leaving the air temple soon to complete you Avatar training elsewhere. He would be so shocked, he would just back out and wait for the meeting to be over. Then he would confront you, saying “Why didn’t you tell me you were the Avatar? Did you not trust me?” After you explained that the monks wouldn’t let you tell anyone, he would cross his arms and firmly insist that he goes with you on your journey. “Who better to protect you on your adventures than your best friend?”

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Wonwoo (Earth) His family would have gotten wind that you were coming to their town for some time, so he was sent by them to invite you to stay at their inn. He was really excited to meet you, so when he finally saw you arrive, he was rendered speechless. He certainly didn’t expect that the Avatar would be so beautiful, so all he could say was “You! Avatar! Stay! Our inn! Please!” And you got the gist so said why not, and you were very pleased by their amazing noodle soup, so you made it your custom to stop by Wonwoo’s inn regularly, and you try to make conversation with the handsome son of the innkeepers, even if he was speechless every time.

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Woozi/Jihoon (Fire) He would first meet you when you arrived in the Fire Nation, because he was sent to welcome you. He would have been lying to say that he wasn’t surprised to meet you, but he had to do his best to hide it since he was a Fire Nation soldier. That wouldn’t stop him from making sure he was ‘guarding you personally’ whule trying to make conversation. “So… Avatar Y/N, right? That’s cool…”

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DK/Seokmin (Water) He would be sooooo excited! When he heard that the Avatar was coming, he would not be able to contain himself. He would rush to meet you, and immediately introduce himself. “Hey, I’m Seokmin, and you’re really cool, Miss Avatar!” He would want to spar with you, and after you give him a sound beating, he would beg you to train him and give you tips. During the time you spent together, you would become friends, and after you left, you kept in touch with letters and the occasional visit.

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Mingyu (Water) Being the chief’s son, he would be sent to meet you and welcome you to the Water Nation, but he wouldn’t be that surprised. He would be surprised about how the Avatar was a beautiful young woman. On the way back to his home, he would try to find out more about you, and see if he could help you with your waterbending training. “Hey, you know I’m the best waterbender in the tribe, right? So, if you let me help you, you can become the best waterbender in the world, cool?”

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The8/Minghao (Fire) As the prince of the Fire Nation, he would be there to greet you, and he would also be surprised to meet a young and beautiful Avatar. He would immediately make plans to introduce you to the Fire Lord, afterwards saying how much he would be willing to train you. When his father coyly asked why, he would be met with Minghao’s blush. But you wouldn’t forget the prince’s open-mouth surprise. “You… you’re the avatar? You’re so… amazing, of course.”

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Seungkwan (Water) He would be so surprised when he found out! He would just be shopping in the bazaar for food for him and his family, and he would see you, totally out of your element (haha pun not intended), so he would pay for your food, introducing himself. He would ask where you came from, how long would you be staying, and the like. Once you revealed that you were the Avatar, he would become very flustered and apologize for talking so casually to you, and offer a free dinner as consolation. While talking casually didn’t really bother you, you wanted the free dinner, so you accepted. You were happily accepted into the Boo family, and you visited them often, teasing their son about his original awkwardness. “Oh! You’re the Avatar! Please forgive me I didn’t know I was talking to you! You’re too pretty to be the Avatar! I mean…”

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Vernon/Hansol (Fire) Kinda like Seungkwan, he would be there to help you. But instead of shopping, he would be walking around when he saw you practicing firebending. he would walk up to you and start helping you, and only after a few minutes would he notice that you weren’t wearing Fire Nation clothes. “uh… how can you firebend if you aren’t from the Fire Nation?” Then you would tell him that you were the Avatar, and then he would get very awkward. “Ah, sorry, I didn’t realize.”

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Dino/Chan (Earth) He would be so surprised when he heard the Avatar was coming to his family’s restaurant, he would try to make the entire thing look spotless, making sure he could surely impress you. But when you walked through, revealing yourself to be his best friend from childhood, he would be even more surprised. You would spend the night catching up with him, and the next day he would ask if he could go with you on your adventures. “Hey, Avatar-friend! You should have told me you were the Avatar! Now you have to pay me back by taking me with you!”

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Next episode has Stiles coming home from school all “hey dad, I’m home!” and walking into the kitchen and freezing and gaping when he sees Derek Hale sitting at the kitchen table because his dad invited him over for dinner, what the fuck, how did this happen???

And then awkward dinner alert, except it’s awkward because of Stiles and Derek because they’re tense and look at each other and UST and the Sheriff just acts unaware that Derek and Stiles can’t stop staring at each other, mhmm.
Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch: TV awards shows are just pants

“The National Television Awards’ new “best detective” category appears to have been tailor made for Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch – although he did face stiff competition from Broadchurch’s David Tennant and Olivia Colman, Luther’s Idris Elba, Scott & Bailey’s Suranne Jones and Law & Order UK’s Bradley Walsh. Viewers therefore may not have been surprised at his win – but many were gobsmacked by the end of his acceptance speech. Cumberbatch accepted the award smartly dressed in a dinner jacket by satellite link from Los Angeles, where he said he was “working”. However, he then stood up, revealing he was wearing a pair of red board shorts.” (click through link for video)