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I just confessed my aroace identity to my roommate since we were talking about having kids when we grow up (I'm adopting) and she acted so clueless and repulsed and demanded I explain to her how I came to that conclusion and said I shouldn't 'ward myself off' since I'm only 20 and I came to that conclusion too early on life ("you should wait until you're like fifty to make that conclusion") (even tho she accepts that you can know you're gay by 20, makes no sense) (1/2)

(2/2) and kept asking me questions in a rude way and kept calling me a plant (she couldn’t distinguish bw asexuality and asexual reproduction…) and now she thinks differently of me. I just hate that I was so attacked for what I identify as and I have to live with her for another college semester. Like how can people be so ignorant about these things. She honestly thought I made it all up and that I was wrong for labeling myself so early… I feel like shit :/ should I tell my RA?

Hi, college roommate anon again. Idk why I’m on anon sorry. Update: she just asked me if I was sexually abused or abused at all as a child -_- wtf

That really sucks. Should you tell your RA? I am not an expert on dorms but my question back would be what do you want the RA to do for you? Is it something they have the power to do? For example can they force roommate swaps? Can they mediate discussions?

Since I don’t have a very specific answer to this if anyone else has stories of what they did in this situation I’m sure it would be very helpful. Make sure to leave in the comments, thanks!