Oh boy

Oh boy

I completely trust that Watanuki will make the choice to forgive Doumeki because of reasons but EVEN SO. 




I love these dorks. 

So much. 

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I'm sorry some people are assholes. Maybe this headcanon can help cheer you up? I like to think about Sam introducing music boxes to Lucifer, and Lucifer being a little amazed by them. Soon he has a collection going and Sam thinks it's adorable.

I actually love this, puddin!

I love the angel of music part of Lucifer to bits and Sam introducing him to human music, not just the hymns he hums to himself all the time, would be so amazing. And they could just sit there for hours listening to music, both content and in their own little headspace.

And Sam bringing Lucifer new CDs when he comes back from a hunt, something new for his ears, would be so lovely too.

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Do you have any tips for body positivity/acceptance? I'm bigger and it's something I've struggled with for my entire life. (Much like you said you have) im trying to become more comfortable with myself but it's a long road. Thanks lovely, love you and your blog ❤️

Wow alright this got super long and normally I’d put it under a read more but I think it’s just important and I want it to help other people who might be struggling so. <3 

I think one of the biggest things is finding people who love you no matter what. It’s hard in school because you feel like you have to be a certain size or weight to fit in. Now that I’m in my 20′s, I’m surrounded by people who love me unconditionally. They don’t love me less because I’m fat or overweight and they won’t love me more if I get in shape. They just want me to be happy and comfortable in who I am and in my own skin. 

It’s actually hardest around my family. I know they love me no matter what and that’ll never change, but my brothers, as you might have seen in the photos I linked, they’re thinner and more conventionally appealing, you know what I mean? And their other halves are slim and in shape and they hike and work out daily you know so it’s tough to be around them, especially when we go on vacation together. I’ve had to figure out a way to be okay and the only way I’ve known how so far is to remind myself that I’m a good person and that struggling with weight and body image doesn’t make me less of a person, and it doesn’t make me a bad person either. They might look the way society expects them to look, but that does not increase their value or worth, and just because I don’t look the way society expects me, a woman, to look, that doesn’t decrease my value or worth. 

Something else that’s been hard to come to terms with is shopping. Shopping at a mall sucks if you’re the least bit overweight. I now do most of my shopping online. Old Navy and Hot Topic has been a lifesaver for me. Old Navy has a plus sized section and okay some of their things are frumpy and kind of meh but you can at the very least find the basics - plain tee-shirts, jeans (I just got some black skinny jeans that are the first skinny jeans I’ve ever found to fit me comfortably), work pants, tank tops, etc. And the best part is they have FREE RETURNS. As someone plus sized, I never know what something will look like on me and every place has different standards for sizing so you can return it for free in store or mail it in – they provide the packing slip. Hot Topic has some cute ass tops and dresses. I’ve never returned anything from there so I don’t know what it’s like but anything I’ve worn from there has made me feel stylish, cute, and comfortable. 

Also; Old Navy has cute workout clothes that actually fit. Most athletic brands (ie: lululemon, nike, adidas, fabletic, ivy park etc) go up to L or XL at best, because you know, fat ladies don’t work out or go to the gym. We don’t need work out clothes, we gotta go do that shit in hoodies and yoga pants from wal-mart that while they fit and are comfortable, will have holes in them within a month or two. 

Honestly, realizing how much the world hates fat people, fat women especially, has put a fire in my belly. It makes me mad and it makes me fight and it makes me speak up because we are denied a lot of things for the sake of other people and that’s shitty as fuck. Somewhere along the way, people decided to equate fat with ugly and that is frankly untrue. I am beautiful. I am fat, but I am fucking beautiful and when I realized the two were not synonymous, it changed how I thought of myself. 

I’ve really started to try and just own it. I post more selfies and full-body shots - years ago I would have cropped my body out of those photo op photos I posted this weekend. I wear what I want to wear now, I don’t care if it doesn’t fit my “body type”. I cut my hair the way I want it now and I put makeup on the way I want it because I’m not doing it for anybody else anymore. 

Tumblr’s body positivity and body acceptance movement has been incredibly helpful. I suggest following @darlingiknow, she’s an incredible fashion and beauty blogger and has really helped me embrace my inner and outer beauty despite being bigger. 

I think it also helps to come to terms with the fact that a lot of fatphobia stems from misogyny. And I’m all about toppling the patriarchy so owning my fatness and my size is a big fuck you to the patriarchy and I love that. I reblog stuff on my personal blog so you can find stuff here

Anyway. Idk if this is helpful to you. But honestly just try and remind yourself that your worth as a human being is not determined by your weight, size, or body type

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I'm so selfish because I how everything is with Seb now and if he gets more recognition I'm afraid he won't have as much time for fans. But he's bound to get more popular with the 3 movies coming out next year and the tv show.

Tbf we say that every year and it never happens at this point I’m willing to believe he’s just gonna constantly exist in this state of “almost stardom but not quite” 

“Chou, dear?” The young Pearlcatcher looked up from the book in his hands, eyes focusing first on the hand on his shoulder, and then the Guardian the hand was connected to. He looked up at Ulli, and made a small gesture to signify that he was paying attention. “I’ve been looking into the places you’ve most wanted to visit to study. The best out of the lot were Sky Spire and Hydriop. I’ve had brief correspondences with the leaders of both Empires previous to this, and they’re both very viable and creditable kingdoms to study in.” Choufleur’s eyes lit up a bit, his floppy ears perking just slightly. He’d researched both of these options extensively, especially after learning that the clan’s falconer had come from an Empire in the Starfall Isles. More than just being pleased with his options, he was happy his mother had gone through the screening process to find the best place for him to study abroad. He knew he was a disappointment to his mother’s legacy, he knowing she still cared enough to do this for him dulled that pain just a bit. “Under normal circumstances, I would leave the choice solely up to you, and ultimately that’s still the case. However, I would strongly urge you to travel to Asha’s empire in the Sea of a Thousand Currents. As of late, Sky Spire has had very tragic events occur, and as much as I trust Sparks, I don’t want to take any chances with your life. Hydriop is your safest choice.” Chou looked back down at his book, but didn’t focus on the words written there. He sat quietly for several moments, mulling over what his mother said. It would be a lie to say he hadn’t been excited about the prospect of visiting the Isles, but he knew his mother wouldn’t warn him away from them if she didn’t have a good reason. He was still for a few moments more, before closing his book and looking back up at Ulli. “Hydriop it is, then. They have some really promising programs for scholars and mages, so it’s just as well that they’re your choice too.” Ulli smiled at him, and ruffled his hair gently, much to his chagrin. She turned to leave the room, speaking over her shoulder to him. “It’s settled, then. I’ll write Asha, and get everything worked out. We’ll have an escort ready to take you to the Sirenian Empire in a few days time, so make sure you get everything packed that you want to take with you.” Chou sat quietly for awhile after she’d left the room, staring absentmindedly at the book in his hands. He sighed gently and ran a hand through his tussled hair, the weight of his decision starting to sink in. He’d finally be leaving home. He realized that he might not be as ready for that as he thought he was.