accept yourself for who you are instead of hating it

It is never truly wrong to crave love from someone. No one ever said that it was a mistake to fall in love with someone you know who won’t feel the same way towards you. They call it unconditional love when you don’t expect anything in return. Selfless. Brave. When you accept that feelings sometimes will not be mutual. Yet I hope that you should be willing to give the same kind of love to yourself. That even if you did a lot of mistakes, you resist the urge to hate yourself. Instead, I hope that you forgive yourself and learn from lessons you will meet along the way. Because that needs a lot of patience, kindness and courage my dear. Loving yourself even if the world tells you not to. Forgiving yourself even if other people say you don’t need to. Being kind to yourself even if you sometimes think you can’t. Darling, this is what you should always remember, especially when you feel like everything around you seems to kill every little piece of you. Do not ever forget that you deserve love, more especially from yourself. Do not let your light fade away. Stars are there with a purpose. And so are you. Shine brighter. Live.
—  ma.c.a // Self love
the red thing

listen I don’t give a FUCK how cliche it is the fact that karkat fucking vantas fell in love with a boy who types in bright red, constantly wears bright red, has bright red eyes under his wall of douche plastic, and oh yeah bleeds bright red fucking blood is so fucking good

like grats karkat you hated yourself for so long and here comes dave strider about to learn your ass a lesson in acceptance whether you like it or not 

the shift from this color being attached to his fear and self loathing to instead representing something special and important is so wide-lens emblematic of why I will ship this ship until the day I d i e

submission - assorted random AUs
  • you’re black-out drunk and yes we had a really messy break up and you’d rather cut your arm of than have me take care of you, but I hate seeing you this miserable. at least let me hold your hair back while you puke
  • you’re aromantic and don’t like kissing and I’m in a closed relationship, but we played spin the bottle and had to kiss in the closet, but instead just sit there talking about space
  • all your memories got deleted and you’re just a former shell of who you were, but I take care of you in the hopes that /something/ can make you remember yourself
  • (bonus points for person A finally accepting that the old person B just won’t return when person B suddenly does thAT. ONE. UNMISTAKEABLE. THING
  • you’re multilingual, and when we speak our common language your voice sounds kinda weird, but when you speak your native language… it’s like listening to velvet
  • you’ve been missing for five months and suddenly you turn up at my doorstep with a huge scar across your face, looking more grim than when you left and won’t talk about what happened.
《cis scum(?)》

what is wrong with being cisgender? what is wrong with calling yourself male or female because you were born as one mentally and physically? why is it hated so much among the sjw community?

i am so sorry that you cannot accept the fact that there are still sane people who choose to not believe your far-fetched ideas about gender and stick to calling themselves male and female instead of some silly sounding thing.