accept yourself for who you are instead of hating it

It is never truly wrong to crave love from someone. No one ever said that it was a mistake to fall in love with someone you know who won’t feel the same way towards you. They call it unconditional love when you don’t expect anything in return. Selfless. Brave. When you accept that feelings sometimes will not be mutual. Yet I hope that you should be willing to give the same kind of love to yourself. That even if you did a lot of mistakes, you resist the urge to hate yourself. Instead, I hope that you forgive yourself and learn from lessons you will meet along the way. Because that needs a lot of patience, kindness and courage my dear. Loving yourself even if the world tells you not to. Forgiving yourself even if other people say you don’t need to. Being kind to yourself even if you sometimes think you can’t. Darling, this is what you should always remember, especially when you feel like everything around you seems to kill every little piece of you. Do not ever forget that you deserve love, more especially from yourself. Do not let your light fade away. Stars are there with a purpose. And so are you. Shine brighter. Live.
—  ma.c.a // Self love
the red thing

listen I don’t give a FUCK how cliche it is the fact that karkat fucking vantas fell in love with a boy who types in bright red, constantly wears bright red, has bright red eyes under his wall of douche plastic, and oh yeah bleeds bright red fucking blood is so fucking good

like grats karkat you hated yourself for so long and here comes dave strider about to learn your ass a lesson in acceptance whether you like it or not 

the shift from this color being attached to his fear and self loathing to instead representing something special and important is so wide-lens emblematic of why I will ship this ship until the day I d i e

anonymous asked:

u wonder why people are hating on them? those cunts did not deserve to even show up, the event was all about Matt and Harry and the show, they had no fucking right to be there like what the actual fuck. hopefully if people keep hating, these whores will take the fucking hint and never show up in public ever again and burn in hell instead

First of all, this is incredibly rude, you don’t get to say who they can and can’t bring to the awards since, news flash, Matt and Harry are not Alec and Magnus, Shelby and Esther are their significant others, they are not in a relationship with men in real life, accept this, second of all, you don’t get to call them whores or cunts, you want respect show some respect yourself, they are not your friends, you don’t know them, in what moment did Shelby and Esther get up on stage and snatch the award? when did they apear on interviews? Matt and Harry did what they had to do because they are on the show and they represent an amazing couple but that’s it, because of people like you they are rarely on social media, and honestly if you have the effort to hate on those girls because of stupid reasons I am sorry that your life is that boring and you have nothing else to do 

Also, if you are going to send things like this come off anon

I never realised that I had turned into an introvert. To learn about my own self has been one of the hardest things I had to do and I am not done yet. It ain’t easy but I am proud of it. Of becoming someone new, on walking a new road.

Step by step we walk, towards a destination unknown.
Meanwhile, accept yourself even if it isn’t what you had planned to become.
Know why?
Life comes as a surprise, like surprise birthday gifts.
Don’t hate yourself of not being what you wanted to be,
Instead, just love yourself, love will give infinite power, to accept and discover your path to serve life’s purpose.
Just be who you are, because you are worth, a thousand times more than you believe yourself to be.

Interview: Nicole Blanchard

Today we’re joined by Nicole Blanchard, who is also known as nicoledraws online. Nicole is a wonderful visual artist who does quite a bit. They do a lot of sketches and drawings, as well as some fanart. They’ve recently gotten into cosplay and are currently studying Media Arts and Animation. They are obviously quite passionate about art, as you’ll soon see. My thanks to them for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

Visual Artist here who mainly dabbles in sketching and drawing. Painting is on my list as well, but is done much less often due to the fact I do not get a lot of time to sit down at home where all my supplies are.

I also double as a FanArtist. I just recently got into the cosplay game and don’t possess “professional” photos, but I have been drawing fanart for at least the last six years of my life. It’s good practice and gets your name out there.

And occasionally, I do animate. Media Arts and Animation is currently what I am in school for so there’s that as well.

What inspires you?

There is no one specific thing that gives me inspiration. It comes and goes from many different places.

The only mildly consistent aspect of it is that it usually tends to be from real life. Whether it be from long talks with one of my closest friends or experiences I’ve had.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Memories of my childhood, in all honesty, are blurry at best. So I can’t say what got me interested in art—just that it happened.

For as long as I can remember, I have always found joy and comfort in drawing. It’s not only therapeutic but I feel I am most myself when doing it.

If nothing else, the one thing I do remember was the fact that I did always have a desire to grow up and be an artist. However, thanks to career counselors and other adults, it never seemed like a realistic goal and dream to have at the time. The whole “starving artist” myth is legitimately terrifying to a child from an already struggling household.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Not really. At least, not that I have personally noticed or consciously done.

Though I am hoping to fix that. I want to get to a point talent-wise and artistically where someone can immediately identify my work as mine without having to look at my name.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

There is always going to be someone better than you in some way. However, don’t let this lead you down the road of a quitter—instead use it as a motivation to improve.

With any form of art, the only way to get better is to keep doing it. Don’t ever stop, because stopping might as well be you giving up.

Some people need to work harder to get to a certain level of mastery and that’s okay. Not every person in the world has a knack for picking things up easily. Every person learns at their own pace. At least a decade worth of drawing and I’m still learning.

Another important aspect to any form of art is constructive criticism. You, as a producer of content, need to listen to the criticism of your audience. The input they can provide can be very insightful and point flaws out that you might have never noticed on your own. And this goes for not only basic theories and principles of your art form, but potentially offensive topics.

However, also keep in mind that you cannot please every single person you meet. Simply be open-minded and kind.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

The sexual identity I am currently most comfortable with and feel fits the best is “asexual” itself — not a branch of it.

However, my romantic identity remains an oddity to even myself. I am currently coming to terms with the fact I reside somewhere on the aro-spectrum, but am also hesitant to label myself fully as “aromantic” despite never experiencing the feelings in question.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

My sexuality isn’t exactly an aspect of myself I have made common knowledge in my daily life and to the people in it. So needless to say, the answer would be an overall “no.” Very few people, even within my circle of friends and acquaintances, know about it. It just isn’t something I tend to talk about, though it’s not a fact about me that I purposely hide either.

The topic of sexuality as a whole isn’t something ever brought up at the college I attend or the places I work, so it might just be a matter of “ignorance is bliss.”

There was a misconception of “being ace means you don’t like sex” once or twice, but that’s about as far as it went.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

In person, definitely “being ace means you don’t like sex.”

On the internet, it’s been quite an ugly mix of comments. The two worst being “aroace people are just Straight People wanting in on the LGBT+ community and its resources” and “cishet aces are Straight.” Both of which mainly come from members of the LGBT+ community and enforce heteronormativity in the process.

What many LGBT+ people on the internet fail and refuse to realize is that The Straights don’t see us as straight. In their eyes, we are not one of them.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Life is too short to hate yourself. There are things about you that you can’t change; so instead of letting the world make you feel bad for it, embrace and accept it even if it is difficult to do so.

Do not change per the request of anyone (partner, family, or otherwise), because I can guarantee that you won’t be happy in the end.

And if one moment you find your ace label (whatever it may be) does not fit like it did before, don’t fret. Sexuality and gender is a spectrum. Labels are meant to help identify yourself, but are not inherently permanent. Do and use what you feel is best in that moment.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My artwork can mainly be found on Tumblr under a side-blog with the url nicoledraws.

However, I do also have a Twitter account that has some artwork that never sees the light of day on Tumblr. As a warning though: the twitter account is a lot less organized and also has a lot of non-art related topics attached to it. You can find me currently at mokamazing there.

Thank you, Nicole, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

Exclusionists fighting against ‘allo’ and say we should use ‘non-ace’ is very telling. Because it has negative connotations (think that’s the right word) when it’s used in that context. Let’s use an example. What if, instead of the various LGBT+ terms, everyone who wasn’t straight was called non-straight. For some people, that carries negative connotations (it feels as a way of distancing), and for some that carries positive connotations (if you want to distance yourself from 'straight’ or have hate for straight people). When exclusionists say we should use 'non-ace’, that carries very strong negative connotations towards us, because in this context, 'ace’ is the bad. It’s a way of distance. And this carries over even outside of exclusionists context, unfortunately. Non-ace is just not an acceptable alternative, because it’s negative towards ace and aro people. Not to mention 'non-aro’ funny enough is never mentioned, our siblings once again forgotten by the discourse.

And to anyone who would argue that 'allo’ is distancing, it’s not. It’s a word for aspec people to describe allo people. It is to be used as that alone. We’re not sexualizing you (honestly, why would we? lol ace joke), we’re not claiming you have privilege. We’re describing a different experience than our own. And we should be allowed to do that without this constant backlash because exclusionists are fighting so hard to make our language invisible.

Straights™ don’t want to be called non-gay. LGBT+ don’t want to use 'non-straight’ or 'non-gay’. Why the hell should we be ok with using 'non-ace’?

Basically, when it comes down to it, if you’re not aspec, y'all are allo. And it’s just a word.


I have nothing else to add to this.

–Mod Mercy


Today I want to rant about my favourite character of all times, Maki Harukawa. Yes, laugh at me as much as you want, but now listen. If you’re not willing to listen, don’t even bother and read this. I’m gonna defend Maki with everything I have. This will get long, so I’ll put it under cut.

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A year ago I would’ve never worn a shirt like this out in public, I would hide my body and wear baggy clothes because I honestly just hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I thought “maybe if I just lose 10 pounds I’ll be happy” but honestly, I know I’ll never have a “perfect” body by societal standards, it’s about accepting not changing yourself. I’ll always have hips and thighs that are thicker than I want them to be, and arms that aren’t too muscular or too thin, but I still love myself and accept that I am who I am and my metabolism doesn’t allow me to be stick skinny. I am all around loving myself more and taking care of myself, drinking more water and eating healthier, and appreciating my body instead of hating on myself. You should always always look for acceptance within yourself, not think about the things you should change to make yourself beautiful, that is a toxic mindset and I promise you that once you change those things you’ll only find more to change.

1. Fix your attention on yourself, be aware at every moment of what you think, feel, want and do.

2. Always finish what you started.

3. Do what you are doing as best as possible.

4. Do not be chained to anything that in the long run can destroy you.

5. Develop your generosity without witnesses.

6. Treat every person as a close relative.

7. You must order what is disordered.

8. Learn to receive and be grateful for each gift.

9. Stop defining yourself.

10. Do not lie, do not steal, for if you do, you lie and steal from yourself.

11. Help your neighbor without doing making them depend on you.

12. Do not wish to be imitated.

13. Make plans and see them through.

14. Do not take up too much space.

15. Do not make unnecessary noises or gestures.

16. If you do not have faith, act as if you do.

17. Do not be impressed by strong personalities.

18. Do not appropriate anything or anyone.

19. Distributed equally.

20. Do not seduce.

21. You must only eat and sleep as much as is necessary.

22. Do not discuss your personal problems.

23. Do not pass judgments or criticize when you do not know all the facts.

24. Do not have useless friendships.

25. Do not follow fads.

26. Do not sell yourself.

27. Respect the contracts you have signed

28. Be punctual.

29. Do not envy others’ property or goods.

30. Speak only what is necessary.

31. Do not think of the benefits that your work will bring.

32. Never threaten.

33. Follow through with your promises.

34. In an argument, put yourself in the place of the other.

35. Accept when someone is better than you.

36. Do not eliminate, transform.

37. Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged.

38. Help the other help themselves.

39. Put an end to your antipathy and get closer to people that you want to reject.

40. Do not react when they speak well or ill of you.

41. Transform your pride into dignity.

42. Turn your anger into creativity.

43. Transform your greed into respect for the beauty.

44. Transform your envy into the admiration for the values of others.

45. Transform your hate into charity.

46. Do not praise nor insult yourself.

47. Treat the things that do not belong to you as if they did.

48. Do not complain.

49. Develop your imagination.

50. Do not give orders for the pleasure of being obeyed.

51. Pay for the services you are given.

52. Do not boast about your work or ideas.

53. Do not try to arouse emotions like pity, admiration, sympathy and complicity in others.

54. Do not try to distinguish yourself by your appearance.

55. Never contradict, just be silent.

56. Do not fall in debt, buy and pay immediately.

57. If you offend someone, ask for forgiveness.

58. If you have offended publicly apologize publicly.

59. If you realize that you have said something wrong, accept your mistake and desist immediately.

60. Do not defend your old ideas simply because it was you who said them.

61. Do not keep useless objects.

62. Do not embellish yourself with the ideas of others.

63. Do not get pictures with celebrities.

64. Be your own judge.

65. Do not let your possessions define you.

66. Never talk about yourself, without allowing yourself the possibility of changing.

67. Accept that nothing is yours.

68. When you are asked what you think about something or someone, mention only their qualities.

69. When you fall ill, instead of hating this evil, consider it your teacher.

70. Do not look surreptitiously, stare steadily.

71. Do not forget the dead, but give them a limited place to prevent them from taking over your life.

72. In the place where you dwell, always consecrate a sacred place.

73. When you do a favor do not make others notice your effort.

74. If you decide to work for others, do it with pleasure

75. If in doubt between doing and not doing, take risks and do.

76. Do not try to be everything to your partner, accept that he must seek in others the things you cannot give him.

77. When someone has an audience, do not disrupt them with the purpose of stealing their audience.

78. Live with the money you have earned.

79. Do not brag about your love affairs.

80. Do not take pride in your weaknesses.

81. Never visit someone just to fill your time.

82. Obtain with the purpose of sharing.

83. If you are meditating and a devil arrives, make the devil meditate.

—  Gurdjieff
What You See In The Mirror

Jau/ne Arc has ruined other male characters in rw/by for me.

Well, isn’t that petty? Raven didn’t ruin moms in the series for me, Adam didn’t ruin Fanaus for me, Jacques didn’t ruin dads for me. So why would Jaune ruin male characters in RWBY for you unless for either petty or hidden reasons.

Because of his shit attitude, constant whining, and general unlikability - it’s nearly impossible to make him likable in a fanfiction and still keep him in-character.

People literally have to overhaul Ja//une’s character in fanfictions just to make him likable.

And because his canon personality is SO unlikable, I feel as if that caused me to psychologically make the link that is the following:

J/aune is bad. Jaun/e is male. therefore, males are bad.

Way to f*cking go, jaune arc. you RUINED other male characters for me.

1. The fanfic thing is wrong, many fanfics portray Jaune as who he is in canon. The reason why you accept it then comes latter.

2. That’s a lie: You expressed hate for Taiyang long before expressing hate for Jaune. But WHY you hate Taiyang is integral to show you why you hate Jaune.

3. You hate yourself. You hate yourself Dudeblade. This is something I’ve sensed since your fanfic Dudeblade: Where you have Deadpool and Pinkie Pie contradict and fight against you when in actuality, neither one would care that much about you because Pinkie would prioritize so many other Death Battles combatants over you and Deadpool wouldn’t care about that period. Instead, they are YOUR opinion of yourself: it’s your logic trying to break out and help you. But since you hate yourself so much you portray it as insane and irrational people.

This extents to your hatred of the characters. You hate Taiyang because he made one action that reminded you of your mom, someone you have complicated feelings towards no doubt (as do I.) So you lash out against Taiyang as you wish you could against your mother. This is also reflected in the fact that you see Yang as a n idealized version of either yourself or your partner so you feel personally offended by him.

This goes for Jaune but closer: Jaune, as the way you described him, is YOU. You are whiny, you don’t have a good attitude and are generally not a likeable person. You see yourself in Jaune because he’s the Audience Surrogate taken to it’s natural extreme: He reflects the average person with all the good and bad that entails and you don’t want to see the bad in you because subconsciously, you already know it. The only way you’ll stop hating Jaune is either getting over your self hatred and look past it with Jaune.

I know this may seem sympathetic of me but don’t be mistaken: This is what I would do for any person. And even now I question why I am doing this. Especially as I do not think this excuses your actions: I do not particularly like Blake mostly because she reminds me of myself. But I can look past that and accept she ISN’T me and that I should judge her as her own character.

4. What if someone said “I hate Adam/Blake, Adam/Blake are Fanaus ergo Fanaus are bad.” That would sound bigoted as fuck. Well, that’s what you just said but for males. You have no one to blame for that but yourself.

Good luck with this self-inflicted hell: You’ve got a long road ahead.

Britt here, reminding you to listen to autistic people and that Autism Speaks ignores actually autistic people. They continue to spread lies/fear/hate about us and they are an ablest organization. So this April, don’t light it up blue, instead walk in red!

I’m autistic and I do not need to be “fixed”.

Being positive doesn’t mean you just ignore or push away all the negative. It just means that you choose to see the negative in a different way or you don’t let it affect how you feel. Accept and move on. Attitude really makes a difference, even for someone like me who has a mental illness and has to have meds, if i don’t have the right attitude throughout the day I’ll feel like shit. And you slowly can change your attitude, just try to notice the beautiful things in life instead of the negative ones. Positive affirmations. Tell yourself that you have the power to see in rose-colored glasses, you have the power to change “i hate my house” to “i have shelter from the cold, and it really is pretty chill here”. When you stop complaining everything in life changes.(speaking about trauma, abuse, or mental issues isn’t complaining).


It’s about time aha… Hope you all like it took a while ;; A soulmate!au and Hanahaki disease… wonderful

It all started with a smile. One small smile from the cute young boy you’d come to know as your new neighbor was all it took for you to find yourself drawn to him. However it wasn’t good that after moving in and introducing yourself you’d gotten closer to him; despite your growing affection towards him you knew you couldn’t be together. Because of fate. Because of destiny. Because the world you lived in had everything planned out for you from the day you were born. And there was nothing you could do to change it.

Your soulmate was selected by ‘fate’ as soon as you were brought into the world, and you’d know when you met them. When you’re born you’re blind to a certain color, in your case yellow, and when you found your soulmate you’d be able to see that color. It was a strange concept, but you didn’t make the rules. That was your life, and you’d come to accept it.

However that didn’t help now, as you sat before the smiling boy and fidgeted with your hands. You felt uneasy, the increased heart rate and slight sweating not helping as you began to hate yourself. You began to hate fate and the way it was so cruel; how could you have fallen so helplessly in love with someone who wasn’t your soulmate? The vase on his mantlepiece proved this to you - the roses sitting inside a shade of grey to you instead of what you knew the were meant to be - yellow. The fact that you couldn’t see them in all their beauty was what had made you realise you’d fallen for the wrong person. And that made time spent together increasingly uncomfortable, as you’d become very awkward despite his efforts to lighten the mood. He’d kept quiet until then, but as you sat staring down at your lap and sighing every few minutes, he grew more and more worried. ‘Does she not like spending time with me anymore?’

“Y/N?” he finally spoke, breaking the silence that had hung between you since you entered, voice soft and careful. He seemed almost… scared. You looked up and met his concerned gaze, a lump in your throat appearing as you saw them. They were as kind as usual, warm as he moved closer and placed his hands on yours gingerly. You moved them away slowly, feeling guilty as soon as you saw his expression become hurt. “What’s wrong?”

“Chan, I-” you sighed for what seemed the hundredth time that afternoon, looking down again and avoiding his eyes. You knew you’d shatter with only one more look. He waited for you to speak, anticipation bubbling within him as his mind raced. Had he done something? Had someone else done something? ‘Does she know that I like her despite us not being soulmates?’ “It’s nothing, really, I just… “ You fell silent again, the slow ticking of the clock filling the room as silence fell once again. He was being patient and calm in spite of his growing apprehension, and he shuffled closer again. He kept his hands on his knees, not touching you and instead waiting for you to finish. “I can’t do this.” you mumbled, standing. He frowned, confused and even more afraid and stood also, grabbing your arm as you began to walk towards his door. He spun you to face him, eyes searching your face frantically as he panicked. When he saw tears brimming in your eyes, his face both softened and fell, and he looked at you with a strange mixture of concern and upset.

“Can’t do what? Please, Y/N, talk to me.” His desperate pleading hurt you further, but you couldn’t tell him how you felt. You’d grown very close since you’d moved into his apartment complex a few months ago, and you didn’t want to ruin your friendship over your seemingly idiotic affection.

“I have to go do… something… I’ll see you later, okay?” You shook your head as the tears began falling, and ignoring his shouts of your name you ran to your own apartment and let yourself in with trembling hands. You sat back against the door and let the tears stream down your cheeks, feeling incredibly helpless. You didn’t know that Chan was the same, collapsing onto his couch with whirling thoughts. ‘Should I just tell her that I love her?’

The ringing of your alarm the next morning didn’t do much, as you turned your phone off and pulled the duvet even further over your body up to your neck. You didn’t feel like waking up, the bitter cold weather and gentle rain matching your mood as you felt both guilty and dismal about leaving Chan like that. Surely he was confused, but you didn’t want to bother him when fate was obviously against you. After all your friends had found their soulmates you thought he’d be the one, and thinking about how happy they all were made you despair even more as you buried your face into your pillow and let sleep consume you again. At least when sleeping you didn’t have to think about it.

Chan hadn’t slept that night, brain unable to rest as he thought about your visit. Whilst you were usually happy to see him and told him about your problems you had appeared very conflicted, and it unsettled him that you wouldn’t tell him. He lay on his back on his bed and stared at the ceiling, a breathy sigh leaving his lips and a small, frustrated groan following. He had fallen for you after only seeing you a few times, but after being unable to see the color yellow still, he’d found himself burying his feelings deep down within and putting on a front. He didn’t want to hurt you with his feelings but as the days went by he fell deeper and deeper in love with you, however after seeing you yesterday he was now sure you didn’t feel the same way.

“Stupid boy…” he muttered to himself, sitting up and rubbing his tired eyes with another, heavier sigh. “It’s completely one sided.” He found himself with the sudden urge to cry as he made his way to the bathroom, grimacing at his sleep deprived face when he caught his reflection in the mirror. He splashed cold water on his face and rejoiced in the feeling, taking a quick shower and hoping it would clear his clouded mind. It didn’t. “Why do you like someone who isn’t even your soulmate? She’ll never love you! It’s one sided!” He was yelling to his reflection by now, hair dripping and eyes swimming as he felt something arise in his throat. He retched once, twice, before he felt as if he was going to throw up. With the tears starting to trail down his cheeks with his ever growing hopelessness, he crouched by the toilet bowl, eyes stinging and throat following as he felt his stomach emptying. However when he calmed down and opened his eyes he found his toilet to be filled with flower petals, a shade of grey the same as the roses sat in his living room. His brow creased at the sight and fresh tears fell, fear taking over him. ‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’

You hadn’t seen Chan in 3 days, and even though you were still brooding over your love you decided to go see him. You still hadn’t explained the other day to him and figured he’d still be quizzical, and so with one last pep talk you left with his favorite pastry in a brown paper bag. You felt slightly uneasy as you made your way to his apartment a few doors down, and with a hesitant knock you found the feeling growing into a sick one. Your stomach churned as you heard faint sobbing and choking sounds, eyes widening and terror setting in as you tried the handle and burst in upon finding his door unlocked.

“Chan!” you cried his name as you found him crumpled on the floor, his floor and jeans tear stained, face red and streaky, fresh tears covering their tracks and many, many grey flower petals surrounding him on the floor. You threw the paper bag onto his side table and ran over to him, crouching down next to him in a frenzy and taking his hands in yours. “Chan, what is this?” you asked quietly, shaken. He met your eyes with his glazed ones, unable to answer and instead making a choking sound again. “Chan, please, talk to me. I’m sorry about the other day.” Your voice was reduced to a whisper as you shivered, scared for him. He gripped your hands tighter and exhaled slowly.

“I love you, Y/N. I know we’re not soulmates, and I know you can’t possibly love me too, but I really, really love you.” he murmured with a sad smile, the smile soon fading into discomfort as he retched again. He felt them coming, an onslaught of petals coming again as you rubbed the back of his hands with your thumbs.

“No, you idiot! I love you too. I really do.” Your eyes searched his, your worry present, however he felt many of the petals then fade away and one spring to his mouth, him choking yet again as he coughed it out. He pulled it up and you stared at it with wide eyes, him doing the same when he realized. You both looked around you before smiling in relief, looking up at each other and laughing slightly. He set down the petal and you gave it one last look before moving closer to him, wrapping your arms around him happily. The petals fluttered slightly, for a reason you couldn’t fathom, but you were more focused on the color. A bright, satiny shade of yellow.

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30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

Words: 1057
Warnings: alcoholised driving

4th October: Cool mugs, warm drinks | feat. Captain Boomerang

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submission - assorted random AUs
  • you’re black-out drunk and yes we had a really messy break up and you’d rather cut your arm of than have me take care of you, but I hate seeing you this miserable. at least let me hold your hair back while you puke
  • you’re aromantic and don’t like kissing and I’m in a closed relationship, but we played spin the bottle and had to kiss in the closet, but instead just sit there talking about space
  • all your memories got deleted and you’re just a former shell of who you were, but I take care of you in the hopes that /something/ can make you remember yourself
  • (bonus points for person A finally accepting that the old person B just won’t return when person B suddenly does thAT. ONE. UNMISTAKEABLE. THING
  • you’re multilingual, and when we speak our common language your voice sounds kinda weird, but when you speak your native language… it’s like listening to velvet
  • you’ve been missing for five months and suddenly you turn up at my doorstep with a huge scar across your face, looking more grim than when you left and won’t talk about what happened.
Anxiety & Mental Illness

There was a time in my life where I would wake up in the morning and experience any sort of dark feeling that you could imagine. I would look at myself in the mirror and find every single possible thing wrong with me. I was always so happy on the outside, but on the inside I struggled.
I’ve gone through some pretty crazy things in life, and I felt like I had an anchor weighing me down. But see, the problem with that, is that life is short. The more time you waste hating yourself, the less time you spend enjoying every moment you have on Earth.
Slowly, slowly, I changed. I started waking up in the morning, finding at least one thing I loved about me. And, every single day after that, I continued to do so until I was finally able to accept all my flaws, and still love myself in the process. I realized that happiness is a choice. Choose to wake up every day, proud of who you are, accepting and loving, instead of negative. Don’t allow yourself to drown in your surroundings. Be happy, be positive, and most importantly, love yourself. Whatever you go through in life, stay strong. I promise you, life is beautiful when you choose to believe it.

Falling Slowly: Chapter Twelve

Summary: When Henry is kidnapped by the Evil Queen, Emma rushes to save him. Along the way, she receives the help of a ship’s captain with a shared past, though she has no idea just how deep that shared past really goes.
Rating: E
Warnings: Kidnapping, language, explicit sexual content
Beta-readers: @scapeartist, @zengoalie, @optomisticgirl, @swankkat
Cover and art: @swankkat (@snokone-lady)


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Artwork: Cover - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Um, I sent a request for #37 with Calum and I wasn't sure if you've done it already. If so, could you link me to it please? If not, could you maybe write it please? If you are tired/annoyed/bored/ or any emotion that makes you want to say no to this request, then it's fine and I am deeply sorry for wasting your time with this irrelevant message.🐢

No no sure I’ll write it lovely [tbh im a sucker for turtles so hehe] 🐢🐢🐢

“Wanna dance?” You looked up from your lap that was currently occupied with your fidgeting hands messing with the corsage on your wrist. It was the last dance of the year, also known as prom, and you didn’t have a date. Normally, you would’ve just stayed home, but your friend told you to just go stag with her. Little did you know that someone asked her last minute, and so now here you were, sitting at a table that had another couple making goo goo faces at each other. So when Calum Hood, a.k.a the school’s star footbal [soccer] player and most fawned over boy, asked you to dance, you were more than surprised. You looked around you, just checking to see if he was actually talking to you, and when you heard his familiar laugh, you couldn’t help the butterflies in your stomach.


“Well, for such a gorgeous dress and girl to go with it,” He held a hand out for you to take, and you stared at it warily, looking at the dance floor in hesitation. You were a suckish- who were you kiddin? You were a dreadful dancer, and the last thing you wanted to do was really and truly embarrass yourself. Calum noticed some hesitation, but he just gave you a reassuring smile. “I think you deserve one dance, even if it’s with me.”

“You say that as if I hate you.” You giggled, accepting Calum’s hand. You could feel some callouses on his fingertips, but instead of flinching away, you found comfort in his larger palm surrounding your smaller one. The sound emitting from the speakers was soft and sweet, but you more so focused on the fact that Calum was pulling you close to him, wrapping one arm around your waist as the his other hand held your hand tightly. You thanked god that you two were only swaying from side to side a little bit.

“Well, do you hate me?” Calum’s voice is low as he speaks to you in your ear, almost as if he’s afraid to let anyone else around him hear his question. You bit on your bottom lip, pulling away from his swaying embrace a little bit so you could look up into his big brown eyes before shaking your head ‘no.’

“Quite the opposite actually Calum.”

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I'm transgender and you are the first person I've told. :) I love yo so so much. I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders telling you and I guess everyone here. Lol any ideas how to come out to my parents and best friend I'm really worried that they won't understand and will hate me. I hate being hated.…

aww i feel so honored to be the first person you’ve told <3 means a lot honestly that you would tell me this, even anonymously, still takes a lot of strength. I’m not the best with advice and definitely not in this situation since i havent gone through this myself. but what i can say is that at the end of the day the most important thing is your happiness and that you love and accept yourself, the people that dont love and accept you should be ashamed and you just cant let them affect your happiness. dont ever worry and focus on being “hated” instead look for the people who love you, theres always going to be people that love you, like me! =]