accept you for who you are

How to be your own best friend

1. Treat yourself the way you would treat a person who you loved, highly valued, and cared about.

2. Always love yourself – no matter what!

3. Only say positive, compassionate, understanding and affirming things about, and to, yourself.

4. Hold your own hand in tough and stressful times. Don’t abandon yourself, or let yourself down.

5. Respect yourself, and the efforts that you’re making to be a better person, and to change and to grow.

6. Understand your limitations, be patient with yourself. Accept that it takes time to master anything at all.

7. Be kind to yourself when you feel self-critical, or you want to be judgmental and hard on yourself.

by florencegivenart

things that are acceptable (A.K.A compliments):
- you look really pretty today
- your outfit is nice.
- you have a beautiful smile
- I love your eyes
- anything non-sexual to someone you literally just met or are yelling at from a car

things that are not acceptable (A.K.A street harassment):
- anything sexual to someone you literally just met or are yelling at from a car

some people don’t mind.
some people do.
so be careful who you shout at.
(or just don’t do it at all!)

OH dear! SO.

Please keep in mind that this was yeeeears ago, actually quite awhile before I started working on the show. I was just a fan of MLP at the time.

And it actually starts with Kingdom Hearts. At the time, @kiaxet and I were doing a Let’s Play for KH2, and were recording it in my room at my parents’ place. This was our first LP, and was a fairly low-key, just for the fun of it kinda deal, especially since neither of us had really fancy recording equipment. So this one Saturday we got together and were gonna record for several hours, easy to do since I was the only one home that day. However, my really good friend who I’m going to call Kel here (she’s not on social media) also had the day off and wanted to drive up to spend time with us. She said she should arrive between 4 and 5.

And I’m all “Yeah sure you can come hang! We’re going to be recording the LP that day. So just come in the house, head on upstairs and join us whenever you get here.” Again, low-key LP where we had other friends walk in to join on occasion.

Now, keep in mind that I figured this would be fine to tell Kel, for a number of reasons. We both had our cell phones with us, and we pretty much always left our front door unlocked if at least one person was home. On top of that, the back patio door was also always left open for the dog. And all that aside, the dog we had at the time, Sophie, was a big ol’ pitbull/swiss mountain dog mix. She was 1) pretty territorial, and 2) had a BOOMING voice. Which meant if anyone approached the front door, she let the whole house know with a giant bellow of a howl. I figured with all that, Kel would have no issue getting in and we’d know when she did, too.

(Here, have a doofy picture of her) 

WELL. Four things apparently happened.

  1. Our cell phones were turned off so that they wouldn’t interfere with the microphone.
  2. The front door was, for reasons unknown, locked.
  3. So was the back patio door.
  4. Sophie apparently decided that day she was going to take a very long afternoon nap and not care about the front door at all.

So I’m sitting up on the top floor with Kiaxet merrily let’s-playing away, wondering when Kel was going to show up, when we finally took a break at 5 and I went downstairs to get snacks. And then I heard knocking.

Kel had actually arrived at 4, discovered all entrances into the house were locked, that we weren’t answering cell phones and she’d been knocking and ringing doorbells for an hour while waiting outside. I’d basically left my good friend locked outside of the house for an hour because I didn’t think to stop playing Kingdom Hearts for a bit.

And I’m just like HOLY FRIGGIN CRAP I AM THE WORST FRIEND IN EXISTENCE, I AM SO SORRY and spent all day apologizing because I am a scumbucket of a friend who locked someone outside and did not hear them knocking at all. So I was all “DUDE. I SUCK AND I’M SORRY. To make it up to you, please let me make you some original art. Absolutely anything at all you want to request, I’ll paint it and it’s yours for free.”

Kel was a total class act and accepted the offerpology. Since she was big into Star Trek and MLP was fairly new at the time, fresh and exciting and we both enjoyed it, she asked for a painting of Discord on a throne saying one of Q’s famous lines from a favorite ST:TNG episode. So, I broke out the watercolors and spent awhile painting this for her. Once done, I was ready to pass on the painting for her.

However, Kiaxet was planning to attend an upcoming Gallifrey, and knew that John de Lancie was going to be there doing autographs, so she offered to make my apology painting extra-special and get it signed by him. Kel agreed, so Kia brought that along for an autograph.

And apparently, John de Lancie really liked it?? Like, kept gushing about how much he loved the painting to Kia. Eventually asked for my phone number so he could request another, since the original still belonged to Kel. So one day a couple weeks later I’m doin’ my thing and I get a call from someone I don’t recognize, aaand yeah, it’s John de Lancie.

“Hey, I really liked that painting you made that I signed at Gallifrey! I’m doing signings at another con real soon and I wanted to have something I could pass out for autographs if people didn’t have something. Can I commission you to do another painting like that?”


SO. I DID. Another watercolor of Discord saying one of Q’s lines. Trying to make sure I spent as much time on that as I did the first, even if there was some slight variation! Since I was giving him the original to make copies of and he was going to pay me in cash, we agreed to meet up in person for the exchange.

Sooo we meet up at a nearby Johnny Rocket and we get some fries and milkshakes, do the commission payment, and get to chatting. And he’s all “So…I keep getting all these emails from guys who apparently really like ponies and the voice I did for that show? Can you please explain this “My Little Pony” fan thing to me?”

And I’m just sitting here with my oreo milkshake like

Ho boy here we go

So that’s how I ended up explaining the concept of Bronies to John de Lancie because I accidentally locked my friend out of the house.


Here it is!

I’m officially started commission!! WOWOOO!!

I think there is here all the information that you need ;) Feel free to ask me some question if you need ;)

I accept OC or already existent character!
Those who are following me knows I love DC and all the batman universe, so I would be very happy to animate some of them if you want ;)

See you soon ;)

Version Française:

Je commence officiellement les commissions!!

Je refuse d’animer du NSFW ou tout contenu avec lequel je ne suis pas à l’aise ou quelque chose trop loin de mon style.

Pour me demander une commission:
Envoyer moi un message (pas en Anon pour que je puisse vous contacter plus tard ;) )
On en parle.
Je calcule le prix.
Je me met au travail après que vous m’ayez payé par Paypal (je sais que ça fait parano, mais on entend pas mal d’histoire d’arnaque et je ne peux pas prendre le risque)
Environ une semaine après que j’ai accepté votre commande (si tout va bien, sinon, je vous tiens au courant évidemment) je vous envoie un fichier gif et un fichier avi.

J’accepte les personnages originaux comme ceux qui sont déjà existant ;)
Ceux qui me suivent depuis un moment savent que j’aime énormément DC et les personnages de l’univers Batman en général. Et je serais donc très contente d’en animer pour vous si vous le souhaitez.

A bientôt ;)

You meet on a dating site | headcanon

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You meet on a dating site:

- ok so, one day Harrison and Harry subscribed Tom on a dating website;

- at first Tom hated this idea, because these sites are just for desperate people but then, scrolling, he found your page;

- There weren’t pictures, but he loved your nickname and your bio;

- So he decided to write you;

- “Hello, I’m @spideyboy96 but you can call me Tom”


- That’s how it all started;

- You chatted all the time;

- “Who are you talking to, Tom?” Haz asked him;

- “And why are you smiling?” Harry continued;


- Harrison and Harry stole his phone and then Tom had to confess the story of his new ‘friend’;

- They would ask him soooo many questions about you;

- “Yeah but you haven’t seen her. What if she’s ugly?”

- “What if she’s pretty” Harry corrected Harrison “Tom won’t have chances to date a pretty and clever girl he met online”;

- “Uhm, you are right”;

- “GUYS I’M HERE! I CAN HEAR YOU” Tom yelled;

- In the followings day, the boys would insist on asking you out;

- “Dude, you’re both living in London. This is a sign from God”;

- “But… What if she’s disappointed?”

- Homeboy would be so cute;

- I mean… who would be disappointed?;

- After a few days of rethinks, he finally asked you to meet;

- “Heyy Y/N, since we’re both in London and we have been talking for nearly four months I was wondering if we could meet?”

- After two second he would add “Just if you want I mean… you don’t have to”;

- When you accepted he jumped on his chair;

- I think Harrison and Harry would regret suggesting him to meet you;

- Tom would be so stressed about it;

- “Do I look good?”

- “Sure Tom, you are a flower” Harry would mock him;

- “Yes but a pretty flower or an ugly flower?”;

- And then “Do you think I should bring her flowers?”;

- You met in front of the London Eye;

- You told him you had a yellow umbrella (just like ‘How I met your mother’);

- When Tom spotted you in the crowd he was just… wow;

- You were so, so, beautiful;

- More than he expected;

- Before coming to you he would send a message to Haz and Harry;


- “Hey… Y/N, that’s me. Tom”

- Blushing a lot;

- You were as surprised as him because… Well, do I have to explain this point?

- You went to the nearest cafeteria to get a drink;

- It was weird talking face to face but you both enjoyed each other company;

- Tom loved your eyes and the way you blushed;

- But also your smile, your hair, your clothes, your perfume…;

- Then how had a walk in Westminster area;

- Also taking a picture with the Big Bang in the background;

- “Do you mind if I walk you home?” he asked you;

- Oh boy, he would be so happy when you accepted;

- He also tried to hold your hand but he was timid so you interlaced your fingers;

- “Well, that’s where I live” you said pointing at the building behind you “I had a lovely time with you”;

- “Yeah, we can do it again sometime”;

- “Bye, Tom” you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and entered your house;

- Tom was in heaven;

- Thanks for reading it!

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Ghost pepper tho... If you can handle ghost pepper I'll accept that you really are a hardcore spice-lover and not just some kid who can handle habanero so that's all he'll brag about 😈

Ghost pepper/B’hut Jolokia is something we Pakistanis tend to put in our curries a lot, it’s extremely spicy even for my level, however, it’s soooooo delicious! But eating it raw or roasted is not something I’d be capable of taking on, I’ll be honest…

But for the curry, it’s sometimes worth the bread and milk… 

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So I’m gonna unfollow a bunch of ghost blogs and follow ines that post about things I am interested in!

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Don’t reblog if:

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Think cringe culture is acceptable or funny

Think people who use comfort characters/kin for stability are laughable


I post a lot of those things n reblog funny posts and things related to mental health/gay shit TM so if you see this n wanna also check out my blog go ahead


Summary: “DESPERATE NEED: BASSIST. NO SHIT TASTE IN MUSIC. PLUS: BE HOT.” That was all the flyer had said along with a location. Eddie would usually never go to some random club to try out for a band full of people he didn’t know, but his therapist DID tell him to take some more risks.

Read Ch 1 HERE, Ch 2 HERE

Pairings: Reddie, slight Mike/Stan/Bill

Warnings: internalized homophobia, vomit, hints to sexual content. (please remember that these characters are all over the ages of 21)

Thank you AGAIN @losvcr so much for being my beta for this. What would I do without you??

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The warm skin that Eddie had felt in his hands was replaced with cold porcelain. His knuckles went white as he lurched forward, his stomach emptying once again. Eddie tried to remember what had lead up to this; he had downed some vodka and now he was here. At least the hand on his back let Eddie know he wasn’t alone.

“Damn Eds, you gonna make it?” Richie snorted, continuing to rub circles into his back.

Maybe he would rather be alone. This was so embarrassing. Eddie groaned as his memories rushed back.

Eddie and Richie’s heavy breathing synced together as the music stopped, Richie pressing his forehead to the smaller man’s.

“Holy shit, Eds. Didn’t peg you for the dancing type.” He rested his hands on Eddie’s waist, rubbing exposed skin with his thumbs.

“Me neither.” Eddie let out a breathy laugh, lightly pressing back against Richie’s forehead. He had never felt this free before. His head was spinning. His fingers were tingling. He felt a bit nauseous. Richie pulled back with a concerned look on his face.

“You alright, Eddie? You don’t look so good.” He smoothed back Eddie’s hair before pressing a hand to his forehead.

“R-Richie…I don’t feel so hot..” Before Richie had the chance to back away Eddie was hurling onto his shirt.

“Oh, gross! Alright okay, everyone make some space!” Richie had dealt with puke before, he was in a band after all. Richie ushered Eddie upstairs and to the bathroom.

Eddie groaned, his dread being realized has he looked over Richie’s vomit covered shirt.

“Oh god, Richie, I’m sorry.” He mumbled out, resting his forehead in his hand.

“Don’t worry about it Eds, you were really cool.” Richie kept his hand on Eddie’s back.

“I puked on you, that’s not cool.” He wanted to die right there.

“Eddie, listen. You drank like a champ and were the best dance partner I’ve probably ever had.” Richie flashed him a huge grin and Eddie felt his heart squeeze.

“Really?” Eddie couldn’t help but smile. Richie nodded, scooting closer to him and moving his hand from Eddie’s back to rest on his shoulder. He couldn’t help his gaze from landing on Eddie’s lips. Richie had just watched this guy puke his guts out, why’d he want to kiss him so bad?

There was a knock on the doorframe and both their heads whipped up.

Mike stood in the doorway a glass of water in hand.

“Am I interrupting?” He smirked at Richie who was shaking his head furiously.

“Nah. Han my man, what’s up?” He slowly stood, resting his hand gently on top of Eddie’s head.

“Just wanted to bring this poor kid some water.” Mike’s gaze shifted to Eddie with a soft smile as he walked over to crouch down next to the poor man still kneeling next to the toilet. He held out the glass of water.

“You feeling any better?”

Eddie’s shaky hands took the glass, pressing it to his lips lightly.

“Yeah, thank you.” He nodded before realization struck, he hadn’t just puked on Richie but on the floor as well. “I have to go clean that up!”

Mike shook his head. “It’s alright, I already took care of it.” Eddie’s cheeks went red.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry. That must have been so gross.” He took a small sip of water as Mike laughed.

“It’s alright, I used to work on a farm. I’ve seen a lot worse than a little puke.” Mike smiled wider as Eddie continued with the apologizes.

Richie gently curled his fingers in Eddie’s soft hair, sending chills down his spine. He was about to thank Mike again for about the hundredth time when their attention was brought to a door opening across the hall.

Eddie’s face nearly turned beet red watching what was happening in front of them. Bill had Stan pinned against the open door, trailing kisses down his neck. Both the men’s hands were trying to remove the other person’s shirt as fast as they could. Bill only pulled away to pull his shirt over his head, moving back into what Eddie could only guess was their bedroom.

Stan watched the other man with a look that made Eddie’s insides tighten.

Should I be watching this?

Suddenly, Stan turned his attention over to them; more specifically Mike. A grin broke out over Stan’s face as he pointed to the now blushing Mike, making a calling motion with his finger. Mike stood quickly, brushing his hands over his pants.

“Well have a good night you two. Feel better Eddie!” He quickly made his way to Stan and Eddie could barely make out what the curly-haired man said as Mike closed the door behind him, but he heard it.

“Did you really think we’d start without you?”

Eddie stared into his glass of water, his cheeks still flushed while Richie sat on the edge of the bathtub and watched Eddie squirm.

“Does that stuff make you uncomfortable?” Richie stared him down.

“Sex? I’m not a kid, Richie.” Eddie couldn’t look up from the glass.

“No I mean- does it make you uncomfortable ‘cause they’re all guys?” Eddie shrunk in on himself, trying to ignore his mother’s words bouncing around in his head.

Faggots! Disgusting! Eddie you’re not like them! You’re not gay Eddie, we’ll get you help!

Eddie shook his head before downing the rest of his water.

“It doesn’t bother me.” He didn’t sound very convincing. His eyes shot to Richie who was just frowning, and Eddie let out a sigh.

“I wasn’t brought up by the most accepting person.” His eyes were back to the now empty glass.

As Richie stoop up, Eddie’s stomach dropped. He was sure Richie was going for the door. How could he have already fucked this whole situation up? Richie had to hate him now.

Stupid, so stupid, Eddie.

His thoughts stopped dead when he felt Richie’s hand on the top of his head again. It was just as gentle as the time before.

“Let’s get you to bed alright, Ed’s?” Eddie looked up to the taller man who had nothing but love in his eyes. It made Eddie’s stomach flip.

“A-Alright.” He slowly stood and Richie placed a hand on his arm to steady him before they made their way to Richie’s bedroom.

It looked exactly how Eddie would have imagined it; posters lining every inch of the walls, clothes strewn all over the floor, and a desk covered in pages of music and lyrics.

“Sorry it’s a mess.” Richie apologized, rubbing the back of his neck. Eddie just kept taking in all the stuff that Richie had; most of it looked like junk, but cool junk. He walked over to Richie’s desk, smiling fondly as he picked up a Magic 8Ball and sat down onto Richie’s bed.

“Are you twelve?” He looked up to the taller man who was now blushing.

“Hey! That thing has helped me write a lot of songs, alright?” A grin formed on his face as he kicked off his shoes and sat down next to Eddie.

“You do know they’re completely random, right?” Eddie went to shake the 8ball but Richie took it from his hands.

“I’m telling you these things really work, Ed’s” Richie shook it in his hands. “Is Eddie going to be a good addition to the Losers’ Club?” Eddie blushed as Richie asked the question. The answer showed: Very Likely.

“See! It’s magic!” Richie had the biggest smile on his face as Eddie took the 8Ball back.

“Is Richie a total nerd?” Eddie beamed back at the curly-haired man as the answer showed: Yes.

“Woah Richie you might actually be right!” Eddie laughed, and made Richie’s heart squeeze.

“Alright smart guy, give me that!” Richie playfully tried to wrestle the 8Ball from Eddie’s hands.

“No! I’m not done!” They continued the struggle before they both fell back onto the bed, Richie holding himself up over Eddie on shaky arms. The room went silent as Eddie stared up at Richie, their faces only inches apart. Eddie’s hand went limp, the 8ball rolling onto the floor.

After a moment, Richie finally broke the silence. “Do you like the left or the right side?” Eddie’s cheeks flushed while Richie slowly stood up. “Or I could take the floor, I don’t mind.”

Eddie shook his head.

“I-It’s fine. I don’t mind sharing.” Eddie sat up again, pushing off his shoes and scooting onto the left side of the bed. He watched as Richie opened his closet and sifted through a pile of clothes before pulling out a clean shirt. Eddie’s cheeks warmed again as he remembered why Richie had to change.

Richie pulled the dirty shirt off and Eddie couldn’t help but stare. Richie was tall and skinny, but his arms and back had enough definition to show from all the playing and lifting of equipment he did. Eddie felt a dryness in his throat as he watched Richie’s bare back flex, but Richie frowned as he caught a look of himself in a standing mirror he had next to his closet.

Fuck, I look like shit.

After Richie pulled on the shirt and ran his fingers through his hair, Eddie was quick to lay down and pretend he hadn’t been staring when the curly-haired man turned his attention back to the bed. Without warning, Richie flung himself onto the side next to Eddie, a grin on his face while Eddie tried his hardest not to look. A a blush was still creeping up his neck.

Why was I staring? That’s so creepy.

Richie leaned over Eddie to place his glasses on the nightstand. Eddie’s heart was beating like crazy.

“Night, Eds” Richie laid on his back, closing his eyes. Eddie studied Richie’s face for a moment before turning to face the taller man and closing his eyes tight.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink anymore

It had been about an hour until Richie was sure Eddie was asleep. He could hear soft snores over the muffled music still playing from downstairs. Richie turned to face the man sleeping next to him and he carefully reached out to gently push a few strands of hair from Eddie’s face. Eddie may not have understood, but Richie wasn’t a stranger to these kinds of feelings. If only Eddie Kaspbrak was gay was all Richie could think to himself.

I’m so fucked.

You know…

For someone who goes on and on about the Sun and all that, Rika has a really black and white world.

You’re either her friend or her enemy.

You either completely believe in what she believes or you completely doesn’t understand her.

You either accept her darkness or you’re too bright.

You’re either a devil or an angel.

Rika cannot see (probably refuses to) all the colours between black and white, she can’t even see the shades of gray that exist!

If you tell her she needs therapy, she’ll say “So you really think I’m a bad person…”

Like, no, needing therapy does not make you a bad person.

Rika choose her “Devil”, ignoring her “Angel”, and that’s not good. She can’t choose just one part of her because without the “Light” part there’s no “Dark” part, that’s probably one of the reasons she starts crying and begging, saying things like “It was love!” and “You promised! To be with me!”, it’s her “Light” side trying to be heard. But Rika cannot understand because, in her mind, she’s either a devil or an angel.

This is (probably) why Saeran has two personas (in addition to, you know, brainwashing and shit): Ray and Unknown. Ray says that “The savior says to not talk about him [his aggressive side]”. Rika is teaching him (and probably everyone in Mint Eye) to ignore the parts they hate in their personalities.

This is not good.

The first kind of love you should have is self love, ‘cause there’s no way you’ll be able to love something/someone properly if you can’t even love yourself, and the first step to self love is recognize the pieces that make you be you, they being good or not.

The next it’s accepting them. Then working with them, not around them, but with them.

V’s route is not only about V finally loving himself, is about accepting all pieces that make you. Being able to see your “bad” and “good” side and, instead of running away, facing them so that you can grow as a person.

Does any of this make sense?

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Author’s Note: I am so sorry if you find any writing mistakes, also, who do you predict will end up with the main character? 

Plot: You are secretly in love with your best friend and ashamed to admit it. You have known Jungkook for many years, the both of you grew up in the same neighborhood. You know everything about him, from his small quirks to strange humor. He gradually became your medicine and laughter – you fell in love with him during the last couple months of high school and could not stop thinking about him since. The both of you get accepted to the same university and you are unable to handle the tension.  

Pairing: Jungkook | Female Reader or Jimin | Reader

Word Count: 1389

Chapters Link

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What To Do if Your Writing is Rejected

If your forced to scrap a project for a class. If the publishing house sent your manuscript back. If the journal sent an e-mail saying your story wasn’t going to be published. If your essay was given a C. 

  • Take a deep breath. Remember writing is a process. Sometimes you fail. Take a day off from writing to clear your head. 
  • Get a bowl of pasta when your ready to write again. Or other comfort food. Something that’ll give you energy and won’t make you feel sluggish.
  • Get some water. It’s always important to stay hydrated, and we sometimes forget to drink when we’re in the zone.
  • Watch some Netlfix to relax while you eat. 
  • Pick up the rejected writing. Read any notes if you were given any. Make your own notes. Look at what you could have done better (side step: try talking to the person who rejected it if possible).
  • Start writing again. You can’t get better if you accept rejection as the last step of the writing process.

just wtf how the hell does someone ‘accidentally’ kill all their fellow students plus their school (and no, he never helped anyone in his life let only the people he freaking killed on purpose not accidentally)


If you don’t get how Iris can understand why Barry did what he did but also feel hurt at being left behind then I can’t tell if I should be sad for you or annoyed.

How can you deal in absolutes like that? How can you as a person who is capable of experiencing more than one emotion at a time not realise that she can understand his decision and even accept his decision to save the city but still feel hurt at being left behind?

Still grieve her loss. You know when you lose someone suddenly? At one point you’re gonna to be angry with them for leaving you.

Yes, I can’t help but see the race bias here. Even if it isn’t that? If you insist it’s purely because Iris is “selfish” then I actually applaud you for just taking whatever life gives you and allowing it to dictate how you feel.


People can leave you for all the RIGHT and honourable reasons and you can still be mad at them. And then worse, if you’re like Iris who understands why it needed to be done- you wrestle with the guilt of being upset. You wrestle with the feeling that you shouldn’t be mad at that person but you know what? You have EVERY RIGHT to be.

Especially in the wake of what happened. Of a pattern of Barry making decisions on his own (not out of malice,yes I know) but sorry y'all - you can’t do everything on your own in a partnership and that was her point.

Not that Barry did horrible things but he took everything on himself to decide for everyone (he did that before, one act of understandable selfishness and I AM AWARE that this unilateral decision was so different so calm down) and that once she said YES, she officially took on what he had to deal with too. That he isn’t alone and he doesn’t carry the weight of his decisions alone.

(Before you come at me, you should know that Barry too is my fave and this is not a post bashing him Nor will I take bashing him lightly. They both had their reasons and it was about them realising stuff together.)


They needed that conversation, that blow out because she as a victim of his decisions (well intentioned as they might have been) gets to have a say. You don’t get to decide how other people feel about the decisions you make.

You hear them out, they hear you out, you see what happens next.


Unlike some others on the show- Barry actually has to deal with the consequences of his actions and the hurt he could have caused (more severely than any other character in the DCTV universe and sometimes just plain ridiculous)and to see him and Iris talk it through, to see his rationale and her response and then talk maturely about it, see how it all comes from great love of the other and those around them?

That was great.

To accept that neither is alone and together they can do so much. That she can know why he did it and still feel hurt at being left behind. That it’s okay that she needs reassurance that it wasn’t easy for him to do that to her (fucking natural to want reassurance people come on).

That he can process how she feels about it and also know that she knows he made the right choice. That he does not have to go it alone. That he doesn’t have to protect Iris from all the pain of life. She agrees to walk with him and she means it. Like HE said - “no flash without Iris West”.

That they can talk about all these things and be okay. Be even better than okay. Learn and grow. TOGETHER.

THAT IS ADULT. That is important. That is healthy. That is the way to do things.

Why wouldn’t people want that? Why would you want your characters to not be multi-layered?

How could you not understand that Iris can understand why Barry as the flash had to do what he did but still feel left behind by Barry the man who loves her so much and who she loves just as much. They’re also best friends who have known each other forever. So come on! The stakes are so high!!

It was 6 hard months of having to explain and lie about the unexplainable.

Barry had to know. Not telling him would have presented a false narrative.

Just like future Barry had his way of dealing with losing the love of his life, present Iris had to find her way.

(I do want to see Barry eventually tell Iris what he experienced in the speedforce (not just good bits- although I am truly so damn happy he was allowed to let go of the pain and guilt because seriously the kid has suffered so much- but once he remembers, the scary bits too. I feel like his inability to remember has something to do with the thinker so that’s gonna be interesting).

Gosh. I just rambled but it bugs me that people can’t understand that you are allowed to feel more than one emotion at the same time. That that’s okay.

That makes us HUMAN.

anonymous asked:

Thank you for being so willing to post up your timeline photos. My initially "accepting" mother tried to come at me with some "but you won't pass" bull, and your addition to that string of posts shut her right the fuck up. She actually sulked, it was kind of weird.

I’m glad if I was able to be a good illustration in that particular argument.  That being said, being unable or unwilling to conform to cisnormative standards of presentation and appearance doesn’t invalidate anyone’s experience.  In the future you might advise her that someone’s ability or inability to “pass” won’t change who they are, and being trans isn’t something that goes away–regardless of any steps taken to avoid it.  If I’m an example of anything, it’s that.  

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Ye but seriously, who has the time to repeatedly put the kid back on the step multiple times? Barely anyone, ave seen kids who aren't disciplined and theyre right little shits not even in a shitty kid way but actually cuntish. Tho you know I get it its like getting the cane in school, its an outdated form of punishment. Maybe itd be best to just not do anything you know like try explaining why somethings wrong and if they dont care or cant understand then oh well lets try again when grown up.

I don’t think there’s any other area of society where beating someone is an acceptable form of discipline.

Beating a kid doesn’t teach them a kid not to do something, it teaches them that when they are older they can beat people to get what they want.

“Lol the world isn’t going to be a safe space”

Like, I think everyone who does experience trauma triggers knows that that’s true. In fact, in my opinion, that makes it even more important for safe spaces to exist. No, the world isn’t going to be a safe space for someone who’s a survivor. You could be triggered at any moment.

So if it’s a place offered where you know you’re not going to be triggered, why wouldn’t you accept it?

Someone: There’s no reviewer bias against Sonic, you’re just a butthurt fanboy who can’t accept them criticising bad games.

Me: Yeah, maybe you’re right. I guess the professional critics publicly exchanging banter about us wanting to fuck Big the Cat was a figment of my imagination.

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I think the thing that really bothers me the most about romione is the fact that he NEVER stood up to his mother when she a complete bitch to Hermione during GoF and the fact that he was a dick to Hermione like ALL THE TIME

Oh, I’m no Ron fan. If a friend of mine told me she was madly in love with a guy who treated her the way Ron (and his mother) treated Hermione I’d make those awkward hmmmmming noises you make when what you mean is, ‘have you lost your mind’?

I mean, yes, Draco is shitty to her in school but they are not friends. (Though, tbh, in real life I’d make the same hmmmming noise about Draco, followed by an out loud, ‘the one who was such an asshole you slapped him that time and almost broke his nose?’)

But, I admit with sighing dreariness that if I can allow for the maturation of Draco into an acceptable partner I should similarly allow for Ron.

Not his mother though. Molly would be the mother-in-law from hell.

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@bleusarcelle​ wrote angst even though she claimed to be the Fluff Queen and I have the tendency to not accept a lot of things so here’s a collab! yay!

here’s the ao3 link

There are three words that will make Keith’s heart to skip a beat, every time without fail. Three words that would be either be: mumbled, shouted or whispered against his skin and lips.

Three words that would be full of fondness, love, and promise.

“Who are you?”

These are not them.

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