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Accepting Acceptance

By Mod Rose

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been struggling…. here’s why.

Acceptance was not a principle I’d worried too much about, or even thought too much about. I felt like Honesty had been a challenge but in a good way, and meditation was finally starting to feel like a process I could embrace and so I flicked to Acceptance without trepidation only to hit a wall. A big one.

It wasn’t a specific exercise that didn’t click or a sentence that stopped me in my tracks but a much more fundamental realisation; I couldn’t slip easily into acceptance without first dealing with my resistance to the very idea of being accepting. Somehow, without ever really meaning to, I’d built my personality around an eternal, theoretical struggle, my sense of self strengthened and formed by my constant outrage and battle against the things I deemed unacceptable in my world.

Unlike honesty, which I’d been striving for with varying levels of success my whole life, I had reached adulthood believing that acceptance made me weak. “Acceptance”, that angry little voice inside me yelled, “is for the stupid and the powerless. Look at the world. Look how unfair it is. Think what you could change, resist this, rail against that, fight every day against the universal unfairness of things, for that is what you have to do to be a success.”

And so I had fought, against opponents big and small, real and imagined, movable and immovable. Where I saw a roadblock, be it an opinion I disagreed with, a dumb sexist joke or a multinational company that refused to see their flaws as damaging, I stood up, raised my hand and set my shoulder to the fight. I had never stopped to consider that not all of these fights were mine, let alone that in strapping on armour and wading in I might be doing more damage to myself than I was doing good to the situation. Often, when things didn’t go my way I’d heap blame on myself for not being able to change things and internalise both the anger, the sense of failure, all of which contributed to my overall sense of frustration It built. Like scar tissue

Honesty forced me to admit that I was unhappy. Acceptance has forced me to admit I am not a superhero, and that my anger and frustration, however righteous, more often strikes a blow against me than my perceived enemy. I am not going to win any sort of war for “good” whether on a personal or a wider level, by throwing myself blindly into every battle I pass, just to satisfy my need to participate.

So, before I can begin to practice acceptance, I need to give myself permission to accept it as a valid action, an alternative approach to challenges. I need to overwrite the idea in my head that acceptance is passive and therefore weak. To truly engage with acceptance, I need to reprogram my mind to analyse injustices as I come across them. I need to integrate the serenity prayer into my decision making process, to use my intelligence  to distinguish the truly unacceptable from the irritating and impossible. And then I must actively choose to accept those battles that I cannot win, reminding myself that sometimes choosing not to engage makes the strongest statement and knowing when to wait until a difference is possible is the smartest move.

The world is still unfair, and I’m now beginning to realise that acceptance isn’t endorsing an unacceptable thing or saying “that’s okay” to injustice, it’s about accepting that on a universal scale, I can’t fix it. I’m just one woman, and by letting go of the unchangeable, I free up energy and strength to focus on the things I can change. Acceptance isn’t defeat, it’s just good strategy for the long term. After all, nobody ever moved a mountain by just standing alone at the bottom and pushing.

How to Deal with Disappointment

1. Accept the reality of what has happened.

2. Accept and experience the full negative emotional impact. For example, it’s likely to damage your self-confidence and undermine your self-esteem. You are also likely to experience loss.

3. Talk about it with people who understand and care. This will help you to process the negative emotions so you can start to heal and move on with your life.

4. Change the way you think about yourself and the negative experience. See it as something you can learn and grow from – and not as something that destroys your life.

5. “When one door closes another opens” so get back in the game and embrace life again. Set yourself new goals, and embrace a dream again. Something even better may be waiting for you!

She never leaves the house without putting something on her face. But today, she looked at the mirror, bare-faced. Nothing but blemishes, pimple marks, freckles and moles. Raw. Not good enough to be posted on any social media sites, but then she remembered him. She remembered the person who loves her imperfections and the person who helped her loved those imperfections. But more than that, she learned that life works the same. We aren’t always dolled-up, groomed, neat and clean. So is life. There are times that not even a good filter can cover reality. Sometimes not even a high brand of concealer can hide away our flaws, our imperfections. Sometimes, a good lighting and a good angle cannot cast out dark times and the parts we don’t want the world to know. And this is what we need to accept. This is what we should learn to do everyday, to love ourselves, forgive those decisions that turned out to be a mistake and wait, no matter how long the post-process is. Reminding ourselves that we should love and embrace the parts we hate more than the parts we adore and flaunt. Because those are the things that make us, us. those are the things that make us real and worthy and wonderful. We need to remind ourselves that there are times where we won’t be proud of ourselves and the things we did, and that’s okay. Not even worthy to be posted on our blogs, or feeds, or timelines but it’s what makes us human, very human.
—  //Life without make-ups.
Understanding Shadow Work: Pt. II

What is Shadow Work? 

Shadow work is the practice of consciously identifying, accepting and healing the subconscious aspects of ourselves that comprise the Shadow.

  • Identifying the Shadow is the process of shining the light of our awareness upon these repressed parts of ourselves that we deem unlovable or otherwise objectionable. 
  • Accepting the Shadow is the process of releasing judgement of and resistance to these aspects of ourselves by consciously observing and analyzing them for what they are– in short, we must acknowledge what created them and why we have suppressed them. 
  • Healing the Shadow is the process of reintegrating these pieces of ourselves by becoming acquainted with them through understanding and embrace– we begin turning inward, transforming our weaknesses into strengths, reclaiming the projections we place on others, developing deeper compassion for ourselves as well as for others and improving our overall perspective of the world and all facets of it. 

Shadow work can be done through a variety of exercises that vary in intensity and therefore should be practiced gradually. Patience is a key virtue when pursuing this practice. There are endless ways and opportunities to engage in shadow work on a regular basis (which I will address in a subsequent post); all one needs to do is seek them. 

For Understanding Shadow Work: Part I, visit:

At this point, I think Witch!Sam, Bi!Dean, Human!Cas and even destiel are almost inevitable in some form or another. Now the only problem is how long it will take the show to get to each of those milestones. I see Witch!Sam coming first.

I absolutely love the idea of Witch!Sam and him comfortably embracing his supernatural elements on his own terms. It’s something I’ve been waiting to see for a long time and it encompasses a lot of how I view the show allegorically. It seems like the start of the process since the show started with Sam being afraid of himself. It will be interesting to see how Dean reacts to it.. it may still take awhile to accept it but I’ll be happy if they introduce the concept in text.


I want you to think of the most picture perfect cock you can. The perfect size…Girth…Length …Skin tone..

Now do the following:


All those numbers…Why process any of them when you can just picture that perfect cock in your mind. Wanting to be worshipped..Sucked..Stroked.. so easy to forget about numbers and problems.. and by giving up on this math problem you are aspiring to be less, you are embracing your lack of real intellect and logic.

Just trying to remember the order in which you do math is so confusing isn’t it? Just think of that cock love, it’s so much easier to accept your natural state.

I saw Alex Danvers go from complete self denial about her sexuality to starting to understand and process it, to finally accepting and completely embracing it. And I went through all of that and all those emotions alongside of and thanks to her character, and I can honestly say I would not be as comfortable and happy with myself as I am now if it hadn’t been for Alex and her coming out story. ‘I get me’ was, to me, the single most powerful line in her story because nothing has ever resonated with me so strongly and I’m just so happy to have been blessed with Alex Danvers.
Never underestimate the power and the importance of representation.

Twice Reaction To Realizing They Like Girls

Mina: She would feel lost and a little scared at first cause it’s a totally new “world” for her. She wouldn’t really know how to react over it and would feel a little weird over girls for quite some time.

Originally posted by nayeoh

Momo: I think she would be a little confused. But she wouldn’t care with the hate at all. She wouldn’t be someone that she’s not just to make some people happy.

Originally posted by 0ncelovestwice

Dahyun: She would be happy that she discovered herself. She would feel more free and liking girls would explain a lot of things that ran through her mind. She would be really proud of herself for it.

Originally posted by kimnatozaki

Jungyeon: I think she would try to deal with it cause there’s no way she can deny it. So she would think a lot about telling people she would think about the backlash and how that could affect her idol career.

Originally posted by jeongyeon

Tzuyu: She would be reaaally shocked at first. She would try to convince herself otherwise and would fail. Then after that she would start to accept that she can’t change it and accepting herself would be a really slow process.

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Chaeyoung: I don’t think she would have a problem with it. She would embrace herself and would feel good and would be really proud that she finally discovered who she really is.

Originally posted by kyuteu-k

Sana: I think she would accept it pretty well but she would be kind of afraid of the fans or the members don’t accept it. She would probably hide herself from her members for a long time.

Originally posted by misamo

Jihyo: I think that she would be afraid that the fans and the midia have a negative reaction. So she would think twice before coming out or something. But apart from that I think she would be glad that she finally realized it.

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Nayeon: She would be really scared of all the hate she could get for that. She would think through it and would try to accept it cause it’s who she is and she can’t run from it even if she’s scared of the hate.

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Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Words: 1381

Requested by anon: Hey can I request a Lucifer x soulmate!Reader where she and castiel are close friends and are working on something together (like she helps him with a case/hunt or something human) and they work late so she ends up staying over at Castiels. And Lucifer is super jealous/protective cause she’s his mate? You can decide whether he has told her she’s his mate yet or not! Thanks x

A/N: I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Warning: none

Grabbing your key, you quickly walked towards the door. You were going to turn the knob when you heard a familiar voice behind you.

“Where are you going?” Lucifer asked you, leaning against the wall of the hall, arms crossed on his chest. You couldn’t help but smile at his voice. You slowly turn to face him. He looked serious but soon enough a smirk appeared on his lips. You walked towards him and he instantly wrapped his arms around you.

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Half Life

Author’s Note: I recently had an anon ask me to re-post some of my older fics. I started writing for the fandom before I had tumblr, so some of my stuff isn’t on here (though it can all be found on AO3). Anyway, this is the very first fic I ever wrote for OB. I wrote it during the hiatus between seasons one and two. You can check it out on AO3 here if you’re interested.

“I’m sick, Delphine.”

She hadn’t meant to say it.

She’d been so careful to conceal it from Felix earlier and the thought of telling her sisters hadn’t even crossed her mind. Alison was finally starting to piece her family back together and Sarah… well, she was fighting to hold on to hers. The last thing either of them needed to hear was that whatever disease that seemed to be afflicting them had finally grabbed hold of her.

There would be panic.

Worse than that, there would be pity.

She couldn’t stand the thought of either.

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Second, the initial stages of learning a skill invariably involve tedium. Yet rather than avoiding this inevitable tedium, you must accept and embrace it. The pain and boredom we experience in the initial stages of learning a skill toughens our minds, much like physical exercise. Too many people believe that everything must be pleasurable in life, which makes them constantly search for distractions and short-circuit the learning process. The pain is a kind of challenge your mind presents - will you learn how to focus and move past the boredom, or like a child will you succumb to the need for immediate pleasure and distraction? Much as with physical exercise, you can even get a kind of perverse pleasure out of this pain, knowing the benefits it will bring you. In any event, you must meet any boredom head-on and not try to avoid or repress it. Throughout you life you will encounter tedious situations, and you must cultivate the ability to handle them with discipline.
—  Robert Greene, Mastery
We Hit 1,000 Followers!

From our utter core, we cannot thank you all enough for this. It still blows our minds that this blog has gotten so much support, we honestly would’ve never have thought we’d get to this point!!

This blog started off as something so small and now it’s at 1,000+ followers!? Thank you! We cannot say it enough, thank you all!

We truly love working on this blog, seeing so many new faces and see your creative process flow! We want to give our girls support, see their stories, the art, all the work you put into it and hopefully inspire you more to keep going!

Also with that being said, from the beginning we’ve wanted this blog to be a safe space for all, accepting and welcoming. We want to see the disabled wastelanders, the girls in the LGBT+, the strong WOC characters, no one is left out! Even characters that have turned a darker path, we want to see you! We want to see it all and celebrate it! Embrace it! Plus, we want to promote the creators, the artists and owners behind the character, behind the stories. We see you and want to put you out there! Everyone deserves the love and support!

Just, this blog does mean a whole lot and we never could’ve got to this point if it wasn’t for all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Keep creating! We always accept asks, submissions, or confessions! We’ll be around for a long time!

We’ll think of something to give as a big thank you so you’ll hear from us again!

With so much love and even more thanks,

-Admins Rae & Maddy xoxoxoxo

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Soulmate AU: The First Thing Your Soulmate Says to You Is Written on Your Skin II

When she was a little girl, Rey adored the words etched into the skin of her waist. “You’re finally here!” It radiated with all sorts of good implications: eagerness, excitement, patience long rewarded, and, what Rey thought about the most, the acknowledgement that somebody out there couldn’t wait to see her. Even with the harshness of Jakku, it gave the brunette some form of comfort that eventually, she would be connected with someone who desired her presence. 

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I just want to let you know that you've made me ship Sidlink...I don't even fucking like the Zelda games & you've made me ship these two!!! Now, the real reason I've come into you ask box is to give you a HC. What if Sidon fucks Link(destroying Link's ass in the process)& immediately after Link passes out & Sidon is like "OMG LINK ARE YOU OKAY?!?! DID I HURT YOU??! I'M SO SORRY!!!" when he finally gets Link to wake up & Link is just like "Nah, I'm good. Just never been fucked like that before!"

:D yes, come to the filthy* shark fucker side of Tumblr! Give in, embrace it, roll around in the (honestly) amazikng art it has spawned.

Headcanon accepted. Sidon wrecks Link so good he passes the hell out, leavi bg the poor Prince convinced he just fucked his friend to death. He told Link it was a bad idea, the size difference was just too big-

But Link is fine. Well fucked, tired, gonna be sure, but oh so fine. He lets Sidon cuddle and spoil him excessively anyway though.

*Filthy because it’s literal monster porn, not because it’s gay, before anyone comes for me. *squints*

Starlight: Bucky Barnes

Originally posted by wonderingimagination

Title: You Are My Starlight

Prompt: I found this really cool picture of a girl made out of stars and before I knew it my fingers were typing before my mind could process.  Oops

Characters: Bucky Barnes

Warnings: cuteness overload

Word Count: 1055

Notes: You are all wonderful people and you all deserve the world.  Or the stars.  See what I did there?  Haha!  No? Okay

It had been a month since you had become friends with the newest, most disheveled member of the avengers.  How you met him was a whole nother story- one of joy, pain, and redemption.  One of stolen glances and strong embraces.  One of an overwhelming kindness and acceptance that Bucky had never experienced before.

It was no wonder that you two became best friends- there really was nothing to it.  You were easily one of, if not the most, most open hearted, accepting person to walk the earth, and he was a lost soul in a desperate need of a friend.  

So here you two were: in the middle of Central Park on a warm Wednesday night, sprawled out on a white and blue checkered blanket.  A woven picnic basket laid between your feet, filled with discarded napkins and a few juice boxes.  You were lying on his right, his human hand grasping yours firmly as if you’d disappear if he let go.  You kicked your shoes off and willed your feet to move off of the edge of the blanket, feeling the cool and soft grassy ground.  The delicate blades of grass tickle your toes, causing a sense of perpetual happiness to come over you.

“Hey Buck?”


“Aren’t the stars beautiful tonight?”  You pointed to the sky, at all the clusters of stars dusted across the horizon.

“Yeah, they really are.”  He paused for a moment, taking in the beauty of it all.  “Do you know any of the constellations?  I was never very good at that growing up.”

“Oh, of course.  Over there is the Ursa Minor, otherwise known as the Little Dipper, followed by Ursa Major, otherwise known as the Big Dipper over there…”  You pointed to different parts of the sky, your index finger outlining the shapes of the stars.  Each one twinkled behind your hand, and you let out a tiny sigh as you took in the gorgeous night sky.

“Then there’s Aquarius off to the left, and Cassiopeia a little bit to the right.”  In all honesty, Bucky could care less about which stars made up with constellation, but there was such a bright twinkle in your eyes as you looked up, such passion in your voice that he wouldn’t dare interrupt.

You two continued to talk for hours as the sky only got darker and your eyes became heavier.  At this point you two were talking about anything and everything- from how he felt about teaming with the Avengers, to your friends, to your average work life.  You comforted him when his anxieties about relapsing threatened to bubble over, and his hand tightened over yours as you told him about how you were having a some bad days at work.  You, of course, didn’t tell him that he was the reason that everything seemed to be okay in the end- you didn’t want to make a complete fool of yourself.  

You turned your head into a comfortable position, with a perfect view of Bucky’s face.  “Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if we never met?”  You squeezed his hand, pushing all your love for him into one simple movement.  “Sometimes I try to wonder, but I just can’t imagine any other life without you.”

He propped his head up in his hand as he faced you, his brows furrowed in confusion.  “What’s got you thinking like this, doll?  Are you alright?”  His concerned tone was endearing, but your ponderings had been confusing you for quite some time.  What was it about this man that captivated you so?  What about him made you think that he played such an important role in your life?

“It’s nothing, really, I swear.  It’s just, whenever I try to imagine the future, I can’t see one without you in it.”  This much you knew was true.  Bucky was more than your best friend; he was your companion, your confidant, the rock grounding you.  Whether you were envisioning yourself old and wrinkled, or just older and retired, you saw Bucky right by your side.

“Hey Buck?”

“What’s up?”

“You ever notice how when you look up at the stars, nothing else seems to matter anymore?”  All your thoughts, worries, and anxieties seemed to wash away as your eyes traced the patterns up above; only love shined through in your thoughts.  Oh, how you loved the stars.  Their beauty never ceased to amaze you, but that wasn’t the only thing that ceased to amaze you.  Lying there right beside you was the strongest man you had ever met- and somehow, through fate, you had been able to befriend him.

“Hey Bucky?”


“I think you’re the bestest friend I’ve ever had.”  Something about the way you said those words, with a longing tone, made him feel as though you meant more than you were letting on.  Your thoughts were clearly reciprocated as he gave you a small side hug as he sighed in content.

“I’m pretty great, aren’t I?”

“Buck, I’m serious!”  You whined, pulling on his sleeve.

“Okay, okay.  You’re my bestest friend too, doll.”

There was something about the night air that made you feel invincible.  Maybe it was the slight sound of crickets in the distance that calmed you, or maybe it was the light breeze that made you hyper aware of your senses- something in that night made you feel like you could do anything.  You felt more capable than you ever had in your life, and you couldn’t help but wonder whether you should have tested that theory.



“Don’t freak out, alright?”

“Come on, out with it!”

“Bucky,”  You paused, praying to a higher force that the universe would be on your side.  “I think I’m in love with you.”

The only thing worse than his rejection was his silence.  Nothing had ever been so loud in your life- nothing had ever embarrassed you more in your life than this.  You blew it, that much you knew.  You but had to fall in love with him, didn’t you?  You just had to tell him, didn’t you?

“Y/n?”  For a moment you could have sworn his voice wavered vulnerably, but you figured that you were just hearing things.  “Don’t freak out, alright?  But I think I am falling in love with you too.”

anonymous asked:

ive always seen regina more as a ravenclaw. Could you explain your choice :)? Also snow as slytherin is so real tbh

i don’t really see regina as a ravenclaw, just because for me, a ravenclaw’s defining trait is that they’re motivated (not exclusively, but i’d say at least primarily) by a thirst for knowledge. hermione is a pretty good example of this; she’s canonically recognized as “the brightest witch of her age”; she thrives on learning, and devours every book she can get her hands on–but the hat chose to sort her into gryffindor because knowledge-seeking is not hermione’s ultimate priority. 

in the same sense, i agree that regina is very smart, but that intelligence is only a means to an end. regina is an extremely single-minded person; she’s someone with a clear end-goal, and that end-goal (throughout much of her history, especially during her time in the enchanted forest) was revenge against snow white. for an example, off-hand: regina didn’t pursue magic because she found it fascinating, or wanted to learn more about it; she wanted magic specifically to escape an arranged marriage (and eventually, to target snow). magic is a tool to her, rather than a source of intellectual exploration and discovery. in other words, she doesn’t delight in the study of the art of magic, she only anticipates what it can do for her on a less theoretical, more practical level. regina will gladly learn all there is to know about a subject if she feels it will help her cause in the long run, but she isn’t after knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

i don’t think a ravenclaw sorting strongly contradicts regina’s true character, but i don’t feel it suits her especially well either, for the reasons i mentioned. but honestly, when it comes to regina’s sorting, my knee-jerk reaction is pretty much “not slytherin,” since (while she does have the cunning and resourcefulness typical of slytherins) i think that “ambition” and “self-preservation” are literally the antithesis of regina’s personality and motivations. one of my biggest arguments against the slytherin sorting is that regina (as she says herself) never wanted power; even when regina had accepted and embraced her role as queen, power for power’s sake was never a motivation for her. instead, (similar to her magical abilities) it’s a means to an end. and it’s important to keep in mind that the reason she’s seeking revenge in the first place is because she was denied her true happiness–a quiet, unassuming life with a penniless stable boy. regina is unambitious to the point that she fought her mother tooth and nail to avoid a marriage to a wealthy and powerful king, even knowing that this union would make her queen; the process that secured regina’s power also simultaneously robbed her of her agency, which is probably a big part of why the slytherin sorting makes me cringe so much. 

as far as self-preservation is concerned, she has none–whatsoever. whereas i would argue that a slytherin knows how to play their cards right in order to protect their interests (and their lives, if need be), regina is constantly overstepping, pushing boundaries, instigating fights, and running her mouth to the point of self-endangerment. when regina is about to be executed, she would rather get the last word in than apologize for her actions, even knowing (as i’m sure she did) that snow would be waiting for any sign that regina was worth saving. regina has a “savior complex” to the point that she’s constantly offering to sacrifice her life (in the cave in “and straight on ‘til morning,” in emma’s bug in “darkness on the edge of town,” in the alternate universe in “operation mongoose, part two,” i could go on). this is not the behavior of a slytherin. 

i strongly agree with this sorting of her that points out, “she’s not all that cunning. regina generally favors brute force over all other approaches.” that same sorting singles out her defining characteristic as sheer nerve, and i’m inclined to agree with that as well. i think, given the reputation regina tries to project (as someone smooth, cold, calm and confident) that people tend to give her credit for being all of those things when she really isn’t. in actuality, regina is reckless, emotion-driven, and extremely heavy-handed; she has a legendary temper, and she allows it to dictate her decisions to an extent that i doubt a slytherin ever would. she doesn’t strategize her way to victory, she bulldozes everyone in her path, and this is why she so often fails. just to contrast her with a true slytherin here: rumplestiltskin knows how to play the long game; he plans to manipulate regina into casting the curse for him from the moment of her birth (and arguably before even then, since he was angling for cora’s first born long before regina was even a thought). as for regina, she has no idea what the curse even is until rumple “casually” suggests it to her on the day of snow and charming’s wedding–and she immediately latches onto the idea and shows up at the wedding that day to threaten them with it, because she’s impetuous and excels at forethought about as much as your average gryffindor which is to say…not at all. regina leaps headfirst into everything she does, based solely on her feelings, and inevitably gets burned; honestly, beneath the layers of faux-aloofness, i think she’s every bit the archetypal gryffindor, and that’s much easier to see in the few flashbacks we’re given of her youth, where it becomes very clear where her priorities lie. 

The Signs- The Six Axes

Axis signs are the two signs most in opposition, making six axes in total of the twelve signs. These opposite signs have a very special relationship and are actually very similar in some ways. Here are there explanations! Can you relate? 

Aries-Libra: “Warrior”

Both use detachment as a way to preserve their true selves and keep their freedom. Have strength in balancing independence and relationships with others. Can be seen as egotistical at times but use their attractiveness for success and power. They usually get what they want but their victory can turn into a victory for everyone else too. 

Taurus- Scorpio: “True Being” 

Extremely stable people. Very determined on self-acceptance and having time alone to process everything that’s happening around them. Typically peaceful creatures but can have trouble embracing their true emotions. 

Gemini-Sagittarius: “Innocent Play”

One word that can describe these two: Fun. Their playful, spirited, social personalities enable them to get along with almost everyone and be open-minded to basically everything. They can lack maturity and focus however and this can affect their self-esteem. Their minds are constantly all over the place and sometimes learning new things all the time can be too much for them to handle. 

Cancer-Capricorn: “Responsibility” 

They are very talented at keeping on task and being very effective/productive in the workplace. They are very, very sensitive to criticism and even a slight amount of change can make them very stressed and overwhelmed. They are extremely nurturing beings and crave self-expression. 

Leo-Aquarius: “Social Awareness” 

Charismatic and creative, these two love to socialize and create order. They inspire others with their skill in both having independence but also contributing to their own community. They are known to be selfish and lack the ability to stay humble and compassionate. 

Virgo-Pisces: “Enlightened Service”

While in a crisis, these two are the ones you want to stand by. Selflessly they provide for others and are always in their time of need. However they don’t know what it’s like to take time to yourself. They are constantly consumed with other peoples problems and feel like no one cares about them. 


@boo2dalu thanks so much for elaborating!!  i know it’s difficult to verbalize stuff like this so thanks just for making the effort! 

i feel like my work just looks so messy so it’s interesting to hear how other ppl perceive it.. i actually used to do really painstakingly clean lineart but i don’t have the hand or patience to do that often so i decided to embrace the messy lines @@ i’m not sure how to describe my process since it is kind of just natural and spontaneous..

i think one thing that has helped me find lines and draw in general is doing life drawing in pen/sharpie; by doing this, i was forced to only use lines that i wanted because i couldn’t take any back.  being unable to erase or edit forces you to be more accurate quicker and forces you to accept your mistakes

having trouble with your art is 100% normal though, and any artist will tell you the same.  :)  every artist ever has felt like they’re stagnating or regressing (and if someone says they haven’t felt like this, they’re either lying or very inexperienced)  drawing new subjects or practicing a medium you’re not used to can help, but sometimes it’s just a wednesday and all you can do is wait

thanks again!