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So… they cancelled that comic to replace it with a 125 page wedding extravaganza, right? I need at least 30 pages of Jack arguing with Gabe over the ratio of black to other colors in the interior decorating scheme before I won’t be mad at Blizzard anymore. 

Back at it again with those au’s no one asked for or wanted.

ANYWAYS, here’s a kind of shitty doodle of my HP AU ft. Shane as Remus Lupin and Ryan as Sirius Black. I was thinking of werewolf teacher Shane and then this au just popped into my head. 

feel free to steal this idea i mEAN. TBH its not super original but here we are.

the signs as animated movies

Aries: “Princess Mononoke”- passion, courage, risky, hard-hitting, exploration 

Taurus: “Ratatouille”- tasteful, dependability, ambition, down-to-earth, persistence   

Gemini: “Inside Out”- witty, enthusiastic, multi-dimensional, versatility, unpredictability 

Cancer: “Lilo & Stitch”- family, protectiveness, creativity, spontaneous, emotional

Leo: “The Lion King”- honor, pride, loyalty, friendship, warmth

Virgo: “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”- intelligence, selflessness, detailed, hard-working, moral

Libra: “Beauty and the Beast”- freedom, kindness, acceptance, sacrifice, innocence

Scorpio: “Coraline”- mystery, bravery, intuition, determination, secretive

Sagittarius: “Up”- adventure, fearless, big-hearted, devotion, acceptance 

Capricorn: “Ghost in the Shell”- caution, wisdom, mathematical, disciplined, contemplative

Aquarius: “Spirited Away”- unique, curiosity, honesty, justness, independence

Pisces: “Howl’s Moving Castle”- escapism, kindness, imagination, loving, compassion

  • me a month ago, a fool: i don't understand. who or what is rimmy tim. where did it come from. why does it have colors. is it a person??? what is happening. what is going on. please jeremy explain. save me from this torment.
  • me now, enlightened: rimothy timothy is a Legend and id die for him

The Ego is very good at judging things. Good and bad, light and dark, happiness and sadness, etc. But when we release our judgement, and become the unbiased observer of our thoughts, we understand the purpose and perfection behind all things.

Welcome to the first ever Jagen x Soldier week (aka Joldier). A week for all those who love Jagen and his nameless husband to create content about them! Want to make a fanfiction or artwork of them? Go on ahead! We accept work of all quality. The week will start on Valentine’s Day (2/14) and go on for 7 days (2/14 to 2/20). Please feel free to create content of this ship and if you want us to see it, add @joldier or put #joldierweek within the first five tags.

Prompt List:

  • Day 1: Peacetime
  • Day 2: Armor
  • Day 3: Weapons
  • Day 4: Death
  • Day 5: Date
  • Day 6: Wedding
  • Day 7: AU
Mr. Steal Yo Girl

So, at this point with Hinami we’ve seen this similiar kind of love triangle repeat three times, where one character on much more equal footing than them has a crush on another character, but that that character cannot respond to the feelings because they are so hopelessly in love with Kaneki Ken. 

Which begs the question, if Tokyo Ghoul is a manga about Kaneki Ken coming to understand the give and take of mutual love, and his intended love interest from the beginning was and always has been Touka, then what’s the point of writing it so that there is a harem around him? 

A harem plotline and a plotline about two people discovering mutual and unique love for each other are really not two things that interact well. It also might detract from Kaneki’s characterization as a person whose near constantly dealing with loneliness if there are three characters + Touka constantly tripping over themselves to prove their love for him. 

However, I am going to attempt to illustrate why Ishida chose to go this direction, and what it means for both Kaneki’s characterization, and also for the future arcs of Ayato, Urie, and Ui, who essentially repeats the same pattern as the previous two but with Arima as the center of the triangle rather than Kaneki. 

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