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voldy-in-my-turban  asked:

If a prompt has already been completed, can I still submit under the same prompt?

Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. The mods have decided that we will accept multiple entries for the prompts and simply tag them with the same prompt fill number.

-Mod Rachel

It’s back! A week to appreciate and recognize the space merchant Sakamoto Tatsuma, year two.

Dates: June 20th - June 26th, 2016!

Day 1 - Childhood
Day 2 - War
Day 3 - Scar
Day 4 - Space
Day 5 - Relationships
Day 6 - Crossover/AU
Day 7 - Free Day

A few notes:

Art, manips/edits, gifs, and fanfic are all accepted!
I took off all restrictions from last year - go wild! (Please tag accordingly, however.)
Multiple submissions are accepted!
Doing themes early or late is okay! 
You don’t have to stick to canon.
Make sure to tag your posts with #sakamoto week and #sakamoto tatsuma!
Send an ask to @sakamotofromkaientai​ if you have any questions on what you can do, ideas, anything!
Reblog to spread the word!

And have fun! Hopefully Year 2 will be even better!