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For the drabble prompts, may i request #1, 60 & 81 for chanyeol and if you wanted an au likE can they be famous and you're acting in a drama with him and another guy,, whaTEVer is good for you birthday girl:))))♥️♥️

“That’s starting to get annoying.” Chanyeol’s familiar, low voice sounded behind you, causing you to nearly jump out of your skin.

You stood and turned around from the desk you were sitting at, a copy of the drama’s script still clutched tightly in your hand.

“Listen, Chanyeol, I know you’re upset about the way the director changed the script, but there isn’t anything we can do about it.”

Chanyeol remained silent as he stalked towards you, anger along with a hint of jealousy evident in his expression.

“I don’t give a damn about what the director says, you aren’t kissing Sehun.” Chanyeol’s closed the distance between you, his body only a few inches away from being pressed up against yours.

His intense, stoic glare he sent as he stared down at you caused you freeze.

“Are you going to talk to me?” His eyes shot accusatory daggers to your morale.

“T-talk to you about what?” You tried to avert your gaze, but his stare left you frozen, intimidated.

“About your feelings towards Sehun.” Chanyeol’s eyebrows furrowed, “You know he likes you, and him being casted as one of the male leads hasn’t exactly led him to forget his feelings.”

“I understand you don’t feel comfortable acting with Sehun and I in this drama, especially now that the director wants to change gears and make the female lead fall in love with him, not you, but you also need to realize that this is my job, I act. I distinguish between reality and the roles I portray, which is something you seem to be having difficulties with.”

“Something I’m having difficulties with?” Chanyeol began to raise his voice, annoyance clear in his tone. “You’re the one who’s been completely oblivious to people’s feelings! I-”

A loud knock at the door abruptly stopped Chanyeol mid-sentence.

The monotone voice of a female assistance sounded from behind it. “The director wants everyone back on set as soon as possible, he’s done rewriting this part of the script.”

“I understand.” Both you and Chanyeol said in unison.

Your gazes turned back from the door and reconvened with each other. The amount of tension within the small trailer was so thick, it could’ve been cut with a knife.

You decided to break the silence. “You need to grow up, Chanyeol,”

You pushed your way past him and headed for the door, turning the handle and opening it.

“Learn a little professionalism.” You slid through the door, closing it behind you with more force than you had intended.

Your fists clenched in frustration as you headed out of the trailer, marching through the messy, soft piles of sand that clung to every part of your body it could get its grubby, gritty hands on.

This would be the seventh time you had to reshoot the beach scene. Every time it was attempted previously, Chanyeol would break from his lines right before things would get intimate between you and Sehun. His complaintitive attitude was starting to wear on you, and you didn’t know how much longer you could put up with his childish tantrums.

You approached Sehun, who was standing in his place alongside the seashore.

“Is everything alright?” He asked, failing to hide the concern in his voice.

“Yeah, everything’s-” A loud slamming noise sounded from behind you, startling you and causing you turn around in its direction.

Chanyeol had exited the trailer, and had shut the door loud enough for the noise to resound across the entire seaside.

He stalked over to the set, pausing midway where the director was seated to talk to him.

What is he trying to pull this time?

Both the director and Chanyeol nodded, and he made his way over to his starting place several meters away from you and Sehun, ready to begin filming the scene.

“Three, two, one- action!”

Your visage morphed instantaneously, transforming you into the character you had been assigned to portray.

“Daehyun, you know I have feelings for you, but I can’t keep pretending to believe that everything is fine, that everything you’ve done to me is fine.” The emotional pain was effectively conveyed in your voice as you directed your lines towards Sehun’s character.

“I promise, I will never hurt you again,” Sehun cupped your cheek touching your forehead with his own. “Just stay with me.”

“Daehyun, I-”

A firm grip and pull on your wrist caused you to be yanked away from Sehun’s embrace.

What?! This wasn’t part of the script-

“Soomin, I’m tired of the way you continue to blatantly ignore my emotions like this, even going so far as to shack up with the likes of him of all people? After what he’s done to you?!” Chanyeol pulled you into his chest, wrapping his arms across your back tightly.

“Ch-” You stopped yourself from letting your surprise get the better of you, avoiding calling Chanyeol by his real name. “Jungsoo, what are you-”

You began to fidget under his protective grasp.

“I won’t let him hurt you anymore, Soomin, and I won’t let you lie to yourself anymore. I know you have feelings for me, I’ve seen it.” Chanyeol sounded abnormally despondent, and you wondered if the desperation in his voice was actually genuine.

“Jungsoo,” Sehun hissed through gritted teeth at Chanyeol. “Soomin has already confessed her feelings for me, feelings that you have no part interfering with.”

“Feelings that you fabricated by forcing her to be in your company, using her loans as blackmail for her to be at your beck and call.” Chanyeol was on the defensive now.

You continued to struggle against Chanyeol’s firm arms.

“Hold still,” Chanyeol pulled away slightly, placing his large hands on your shoulders.

He stared deep into your eyes, and suddenly, every aspect of the world around you seemed to become irrelevant. In that moment, your body stilled, completely calm under Chanyeol’s passionate gaze.

In one moment, you were doing your best to keep the improv alive, and in the next-

“I won’t be defeated. I won’t let you betray yourself like this.”

Chanyeol’s lips crashed into your own. He tilted his head to get a better angle, attempting to deepen the kiss. The chemicals in your brain went haywire under his influence, and without another moment’s delay, you accepted his kiss, the passion of it being emphasized as a result.

“Cut!” The director cried out across the set.

Chanyeol pulled away painstakingly slowly, his eyes never leaving yours.

Realization hit you like a bus, and before you could fully process what just happened, your cheeks grew uncomfortably hot. You turned on your heels to face where the director was standing.

You stumbled over your own words. “Sir- I can explain-”

“That was fantastic! Absolutely brilliant! Outstanding!” The director interrupted you, leaving you wide eyed, your mouth agape. He snapped his fingers, beckoning his assistant over to his side. “Edit the script again, I like it this way.”

You looked to your right at Sehun, who was still frozen in shock over what he just witnessed.

You turned back around to face Chanyeol, who bore a mischievous grin on his face.

“Still think I’m acting unprofessionally?” He took a step towards you, leaving almost no room between your chest and his.

“Extremely.” You swallowed a lump that had formed in your throat.

“Willing to accept the truth that I have feelings for you, now?”

You gulped again, trying desperately to keep yourself from trembling underneath his amused stare. This time, however, you refused to be intimidated.

“Kiss me like that again, loverboy, and I just might.”

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