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“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.


Stargate SG-1: Descent
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Romance for Female Characters: Why it's Not a Sign of Weakness

I’ve seen a lot of chatter about how Rey having a romantic arc diminishes her in some way. And I get it. I do. Because for an exceptionally long time, women involved with men were defined by that man. Abigail Adams was amazing, but we only know about her because she was married to John Adams.

So for pretty much all of recorded history, women were only seen when a man loved or wanted them. It’s only the women who never married that got to be their own person. Hildegard von Bingen, Elizabeth I. I’m certain that there are exceptions, but in Western History, women just didn’t matter unless their husbands did.

But it’s different now. Women are seen for what they themselves do. Is it all the way there? Hell no. However, I do think we’ve come far enough that we can allow an amazing character like Rey to both be stunning in her own right and also find love.

Because finding a person to share your life with is … well for me it’s made everything that much better. Am I less than because Mr. Downing loves me? Am I diminished because another human being sees me and accepts me completely?

Why begrudge Rey that feeling? Let her find her way and also know what it’s like to be utterly loved. It doesn’t detract from her. It gives her the belonging she so desperately wants.

Rey is a hero. And if Rey were a man, no one would think less of her for having a happily ever after with a romantic partner.

Honestly, we’d expect her to, because “getting the girl” is the “prize” for the hero.

So let’s hope for something different. Where both characters are whole people. Where neither are defined by the other. Where they come together because it is right for both of them. I don’t want Rey to save Kylo. I don’t want Kylo to save Rey. I want them to make it safe for them to save themselves.

Miracles happen when you feel wholly loved.

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to all dads, whats your favorite thing about your boyfriend dadsona?

Craig: He knows me like no-one else does sometimes he so intune with how I feel, he figures it out before I do. He’s seen me at my worst and best and still stuck by me.

Damien: That he accepted me so completely for all I am, even the boring parts, he’s definately some one I can depend on to be there when I need him.

Brian: Once we got passed all the competitaveness, he turned out to be a real sweet guy whose great with Daisy  and cares a lot and its cute how hopeless he is at fishing.

Joseph: That he really makes an effort with my children, quirks and all. It’s so difficult for them to make friends sometimes I’m so gld he’s there for them. Not to mention he stayed with me despite how we started out.

Hugo: He didn’t treat my fondness of wrestling, cheese and trivia as well, trivial. He encouraged me to be open about what I love and I’m better for it. 

Matt: He’s patient with me, you know, he’s okay to go at my pace when I need him too. I’m just comfortable around him in a way I’m not with other people.

Robert: He’s… He’s just special.

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It's officially almost christmas! are you excited?? whats your favourite christmas song?!

((OOC: I’m honestly not the biggest christmas fan out there but I do love christmas music (Im listening to it right now!) I think my favourite is Bruce Springsteen’s cover of ‘Santa Clause is coming to town’ because Springsteen can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes and I love him)) 

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Positive Ace stories: I came out to my partner of 8 years as ace (it took me a long time to figure out who I was) and he accepted me completely with a 'That makes sense!'. I cried. One year on and he said yes when I proposed <3 And we're much stronger since I came out - we communicate so much more about boundaries. I love him to pieces!

Great Story!!

Places Between Folds | Draco Malfoy [Part 2]

Hello guys, I’m extremely sorry it took me this long to post part 2 but school has been hell this past week. Anyway, the waiting is over! I hope you enjoy it. 

Character: Draco Malfoy

count: 1232.

Warning: None

Previous parts: Part 1

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I felt how the light coming from the window was hitting on my face as I heard a voice saying my name. I couldn’t understand what it was saying until the covers were abruptly taken away from me, letting a cold breeze run through my exposed body, waking me up immediately. I lazily stood up and I could hear Hermione’s voice talking to me.

“Thank god you’re up. At what time did you go to sleep last night? I went to sleep pretty late and you weren’t in bed at the time I turned the lights off.” I looked at her without saying anything, as she moved around the room gathering her things to have them ready before going to have breakfast.

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I wish you would write a fic where sherlock and john are dancing together, but sherlock's not teaching john, they just dance

also on ao3 here.

John can’t pinpoint the exact moment when it happened. The evening has been a joyful blur, takeaway, wine, Sherlock’s inane commentary on Strictly Come Dancing, and John giggling every time he swears in outrage at the judges’ decisions.

But then, another couple waltzes on stage and there’s music playing, and Sherlock turns up the volume, tugging John off the couch.

He’s taken by surprise, all those rules Sherlock had drilled into him in preparation for That Awful Day forgotten. His posture is abysmal, and he treads on Sherlock’s feet countless times.

At the fourth breathless “Sorry, Sher-”, Sherlock chuckles and pulls him close. John feels his chest vibrate with laughter. 

“Would you stop bloody apologsing?” Sherlock says. “Who cares if you’re shit? I’m not your teacher.

John elbows him gently. “I really think motivational speaking is your calling.”

Sherlock tuts. “Oh, you know I didn’t mean… I just-” He shrugs. “I just want to dance.”

John stops dancing, but keeps his arms in waltz hold. There’s a little shaky note in Sherlock’s voice, and it makes his gut twinge. “You… you actually just love dancing.”

Sherlock shrugs again. He’s looking at the floor. “Yes. Yes, I do. Actually.”

Their hug is short but fierce, John quickly resuming their dancing positions. “I’m sorry,” he says one last time, and before Sherlock can protest, he continues: “I’m sorry I didn’t realise before.”

Sherlock shifts his weight on the balls of his feet. “It’s… it’s okay. You’re here now.”

Without warning, he spins John around, and John takes Sherlock’s resuming laughter as an apology accepted.

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I was super nervous when I decided to come out to my boyfriend. He completely accepted me and told me that I was still me I just had a label to explain how I felt and he loved me. In a couple of days we've been together for a half year. He completely accepts my boundaries as well, our communication works really well, he thinks I'm beautiful, and I'm so lucky to have him.