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Ratchet and Clank universe aesthetic:

~ infinite numbers of languages + cultures to discover and learn about
~ countries being at war with other countries across the galaxy
~ the diversity in media
~ bands doing universe wide tours that take years to complete, releasing new music on the go
~ long distance relationships + being separated by galaxies
~ school trips around the solar system
~ going to university three galaxies over but promising to come home on weekends anyway
~ lessons on the humans who killed themselves off but dreamed of the stars and could only begin to imagine what was out there

Ratchet and Clank universe aesthetic c:

nyxnight24  asked:

My headcanon is that when the twins first came to the autobots, they hated medics because of the way the medics treated them when they were gladiators. Ratchet was the first person to break through the shells they created around themselves and help them trust medics again. Despite this, they're still touchy around any medic but Ratchet.


Ratchet being the only able to really connect with them. And he’s so angry about how past medics have hurt them. They trust him so much. and it goes both ways. 

And the twins only accepting Ratchet as their medic! I love that. After a battle and Ratchets busy, another medic tries to help them and they refuse. That only makes the medic lose their temper, which helps nothing, and later gets a harsh yelling from Ratchet. 

My Ratchet and Clank Headcanons #1 (Movie!verse)

-Clank is afraid of lightning

-Ratchet enjoys his alone time every once in awhile

-Clank sleeps on the workbench in Ratchet’s loft

-Ratchet sometimes makes excuses to go to the Hall of Heroes so he doesn’t have to work at the garage

-Ratchet can’t handle emotional situations well

-Clank is ashamed about coming from Nefarious’s warbot factory and doesn’t like talking about it

-Despite embracing being one, Clank does get offended when someone calls him “defect”

-Clank has some knowledge in playing the piano

-Ratchet still blames himself for the destruction of Novalis and feels guilty about it when it’s mentioned

-Ratchet and Clank have a morning routine where when one wakes up, they have to wake the other one

-Ratchet snores in his sleep, but Clank is never really bothered by it

-Clank likes being patted on the head

-When grocery shopping, Clank will ride in the grocery cart while Ratchet pushes it

-Ratchet will attempt to sneak snacks in the middle of the night

-Ratchet sometimes lets Clank wear his aviator cap for fun

-Clank has a hard time understanding gestures, like fist bumps and high-fives.

-Ratchet likes to sit up on the garage roof and think

-Ratchet enjoys messing around in the rain

-Clank hates being tickled

-Even though he seems bored by it, Ratchet likes Clank’s logical and nerd talk.

-Ratchet likes to ride his hoverboard around after working all day at the garage

-Ratchet refuses to dismantle and salvage parts of Clank’s crashed ship because it reminds him of when they first met

-Clank doesn’t know how to fix himself when one of his parts breaks

-Ratchet accepted “Razz” as his last name

-Clank sometimes likes to think that his last name is “Razz” as well