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Flower crowns

(I told you there’d be more band AU! This time it’s all marshprice and chasefield fluff. And flower crowns. Obviously. Art by colorfulcoffins aka wonderful human who puts up with all my headcanons and ends up drawing them for me. Art here. Enjoy! Please reblog this i wrote it and gave myself sever hand cramps for this)

It was a bright sunny day and Kate had suggested a picnic for lunch. Chloe had agreed enthusiastically even declaring she would barbecue them burgers. Even Victoria who normally hated the idea of eating outdoors agreed. 

So they had stopped at the nearest grocery store and picked up some drinks and frozen hamburger patties. With lunch they got back on the bus and Chloe drove until she found what she deemed and acceptable place to stop. It was a nice spot tucked away from the road with several picnic tables and grills. It was right next to a river and a wide open field with flowers gently swaying in the breeze. Kate instantly lit up at the sight of all the flowers, making Chloe laugh and kiss her cheek. 

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