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voltron, where everything is exactly the same but they have a total drama island confession booth and in the middle of a battle a galra soldier tells lance he was an ‘easy target’ then they cut to the confession booth and lance is like ‘oh he did NOT just call me an easy target’ and cuts back to lance shooting this galra guy, then back to the booth and lance is sitting there checking his nails before looking right into the camera and raises his eyebrows

Do You believe,” the disciple asked the rabbi, “that God created everything for a purpose?

“I do,” replied the rabbi.

“Well,” asked the disciple, “why did God create atheists?”

The rabbi paused before giving an answer, and when he spoke his voice was soft and intense. “Sometimes we who believe, believe too much. We see the cruelty, the suffering, the injustice in the world and we say: ‘This is the will of God.’ We accept what we should not accept. That is when God sends us atheists to remind us that what passes for religion is not always religion. Sometimes what we accept in the name of God is what we should be fighting against in the name of God.“

Chief Rabbi Emeritus [of the United Synagogues of the British Commonwealth] Jonathan Sacks


i love these two so much

please dont be mean to my gremlin daughter she does not deserve this hate


Parker, pick a fight with Hardison’s date.


What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.

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Hey, may i request a Jungkook story well I don't really have a plot tbh i just wanna read a story of jungkook like those collage au and have a hobby of photography 🙈 thanks 😊

the nudist and the prudist [m]

❛❛ i saw you naked on your porch but jesus christ is my friend so i was hoping i would never see you again but here you are go away hot person❜❜ AU

COUNT → 14.968

GENRE → smut | angst | fluff | humor

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → explicit language | virgin reader | exhibitionism | alcoholism | sEX

LINKS → TNATP 1.5 (jungkook’s pov)

note: so. this was mostly inspired by me walking by a naked man in real life this weekend. i live in a big city where one of the state universities is. lets just say i ran away screaming in terror. but ofc nothing else happened. never saw that man again. a nice butt he had. anyways. im gonna go to church now and say hello to my gOOD FRIEND JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

also send in more requests bc im a thirsty hoe

It was finally spring.

The bitter cold had lasted longer than normal and you feared that even the first day of spring would be filled with steady snowfall. Your winter had been spent wrapped in blankets, sipping on hot apple cider, and venturing outdoors with scarves nearly constricting your airflow. You thought the cold season was beautiful, but it was only beautiful superficially in your eyes. You didn’t enjoy walking around in layers upon layers of clothing and never leaving your room unless you absolutely had to. Then, one morning, you were greeted by melted snow and grass finally taking on that vibrant green color you missed so much.

As an introvert, winter was your own nightmare.

But then it became spring.

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what if lance wasnt just jealous that keith got to go to the blade of mamora base but was actually trying to protect him??? i mean lance was so against keith going and listed some very good reasons he probably shouldnt go and when they found out keith was in trouble he looked the most worried of them all like maybe he was thinking “god i was right someone else shouldve gone instead i shouldve pushed the subject harder now keiths in trouble” but not like in a malicious way its just hes willing to see keith as a human being with flaws and those flaws probably werent the best idea to send out there. now they dont show lances reaction to keith being alright which im not shocked at all about since they didnt show keith craddling him in his arms or the teams reunion but they literally refused to show a single closeup of his face afterwards and i find that rather interesting. anyways we can conclude lance was very happy and impressed that keith made it back safely because he mentions the blackholes when complimenting keith two episodes later. protective klance confirmed.


nearly witches // panic! at the disco

I live for those ‘Keith is the bad boy but he doesn’t realize that he’s the bad boy’ AUs. They are so good. So good:

Lance, waving: “Hey, bad boy, over here!”

Keith, looking over his shoulder before hesitantly approaching the group: “Me?”

Lance: “Yeah, who else would I be talking to?”

Keith, confused: “I’m not a bad boy.”




Pidge: “90% of your clothes are black.”

Keith: “So? They are always clean and have no holes in them.”

Hunk: “You drive a motorcycle.”

Keith: “I like… going fast?”

Lance: “Dude! You are always scowling and walking around with crossed arms and are like ‘nah I don’t study I’m no good at it I’ll deal with the exam when it comes’!”

Keith: “Yeah but- that doesn’t make me a bad boy?”


Pidge: [starts snickering]

Hunk: “That’s exactly what it does though…?”

Keith, scowling: “I’m not a bad boy!”

Shiro, without looking up from his phone: “2 days ago you went into the alley behind the school, climbed the wall separating us from Galra Inc. and trespassed over their grounds just to cross the block faster.” 

Keith: “That’s- I forgot to pack lunch that day! If I hadn’t done that all the other students would have gotten to the kiosk first and there’d have been no way that I’d have gotten food that day!”

i refuse to believe that voltron takes place in 2050 or later bc that implies that humanity still wears cargo shorts even though we’ve had another 30+ years to evolve