accept critisism

It’s so incredibly stupid and rude of Marlene to say that whoever disliked the finale is transphobic.

No, Marlene, disliking the fact  that you  introduced incest twice in your show, and made it look normal, doesn’t make us transphobic.

No, Marlene, criticising your writing and the fact that you couldn’t conclude the plots of your story properly, doesn’t make us transphobic.

So please stop trying to put the blame on us, and learn how to accept critisism!

I Need Your Help, Tumblr.

Hey tumblr. I never ask for help like this, but I really need you and everyone you know. I identify as a transmale. I’m also panromantic and grey-asexual but that’s too hard to explain to my parents. Which leads me to the point of asking for help. As I write this, it’s a quarter past 10 PM on April 2, 2015. I want to come out, cut my hair the way I want (my dad dictates the way I cut my hair and makes me keep it about shoulder length but that changed tonight), and be free to dress and look as I please and keep biting my toungue everytime I go to mention it in some form or at all. If this post reaches 100,000 notes by my birthday (October 30) I will come out to my parents. Don’t worry about sending me anything or something like that. I’m not asking for that. I’m just asking for notes. I’ll show my parents just how many people support me. I also have a binder and I sneak it to school on the occassion. I really find it funny because teenagers and kids I tell say things like, “Cool man.”,”Good Luck”, and “Congrats” and literally only care that I’m doing what makes me happy. But my parents can’t accept things, and even critisize me for having friends of various sexualities and identities. So please, spread this like wildfire. I have never needed any more support than I have right now in my life. I will be waiting until my birthday so if this exceeds the notes by then it’ll be even better. Please help me get courage to come out.